Senshi: The Merchandising
Revised Edition

A humorous supplement for the White Wolf Storyteller system, at least in some loose sense :)

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Sailor Moon and company are copyrighted/trademarked, etc by some Japanese people (I don't know who, other than whoever published the manga and did the anime) and I believe DIC has the US rights.

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Part I: Rationalization

A new force has arisen in the world of Darkness. Some think it a light of hope. Others see it as the greatest evil since the corruption of the Wyrm. It started in Japan, then spread to America.... Children and teenagers who fight for Love and Justice and sometimes in the name of the Moon. This has lead some Garou to claim them as fellow servants of Gaia, or at least of Luna. The women identify themselves with planets, the men can't seem to keep their own names straight... They are children, wielding the power of gods. The world trembles...well, okay, they have magic powers and sometimes even don't abuse them for fun and profit.

Since 1992, the show Sailor Moon has been running on Japanese Television, both in our world and in the World of Darkness. But in the World of Darkness, reality relys on belief. And Children tend to believe what they see...Sailor Moon has been wildly popular. You can buy toys. You can buy books. You can buy costumes. You can BE Sailor Moon. And thus...the awakenings have begun. Children weilding the powers they have seen on TV... Or to be more precise, teenagers weilding the power....Not that this hasn't stopped a plethora of younger children from taking Chibi Moon as a model. SHUDDER.

To make matters worse, other shows are also inspiring young folk to awaken.  The Techocracy is STILL trying to cover up the 'Tokyo-3' disaster.  Splinter groups and factions have arisen, creating several different groups of Senshi, from the Sailor Warriors to the Espers to the Wedding Warriors (be very, very afraid).

The New World Order is very angry about this whole phenomenon, but the Syndicate is making so much money off of merchandising the show that they refuse tolet it be suppressed entirely.. Despite stories of their products developing mystical powers. Despite stories of Men in Black being hurled through walls by kids in Sailor Jupiter costumes. Despite that incident with the eight year old hypnotizing three hit marks with an umbrella and having a tea party with them. Despite...well, you get the picture. The Void Engineers were busy at a Star Trek convention and refused comment, while the Progenitors have been contemplating selling clones of the major characters.

The Traditions have found the Senshi to be useful allies, especially against the Nephandi, if not always the most reliable of allies. The Garou are on good terms with most of them, except the Red Talons, who don't watch television and thus don't understand what these silly monkeys are up to. Most Wraiths find them to be excellent sources of pathos, since most of them are rather emotional. The Faery get a big laugh out of the whole thing. The vampires, on the other hand, hate them. The Senshi tend to walk up to vampires, start babbling about the DARK KINGDOM and then cut them in half with tiaras. This wears thin after the first six or eight times.

Pentex denies offering Queen Beryl a seat on their board of directors. They also continue to deny rumors that they actually now work for Lord Zed. However, Queen Beryl was seen at a New York dance club with the Defiler Wyrm recently... Still, it does seem likely that all these youmas and other energy vampires that the Senshi are noted for fighting probably do have some connection to the Wyrm. It is possible that Queen Beryl is/was actually a powerful umbrood or Maejlin serving the Consuming Wyrm, who seems most likely to be behind all of this energy consumption. But then again, everyone seems to work for the Wyrm, so maybe the Wyrm is actually just another Youma working for Queen Beyrl. Wouldn't that be different...


Well, the real theme of this is that this is a parody, an exercise in making fun of the World of Darkness in a friendly way.  I love it, but it takes itself a little too seriously at times, and so this is my way of combining two things I both love, and love to make fun of.  This revised edition encompasses a wider range of 'magical girl' and 'kids with powers' shows; I'm not sure how well they all fit together, but it gives me more targets to take potshots at.

But if this was to be a serious work, and if anyone (like myself) is crazy enough to try actually playing this, the theme is in many ways a combination of the themes of Changeling and Mage.  It's about believing in dreams and fighting for them, whether it's the hope of a peaceful future, the urge to create beauty, or the righting of wrongs.  It's also about the potential of youth, and how to channel that youthful energy constructively without either running wild in stupid activities, or becoming a cynical, burnt out adult.  The theme monsters, the Youma and all their successors, reveal how various aspects of our everyday lives can become something that pointlessly saps our energy and consumes our souls.  Horror can lurk beneath anything, no matter how apparently innocent, yet we must live our lives as if that potential was not there if we are to retain hope, faith, and love.  One must fight for what one believes in, whether it be with words, art, or huge explosions.

All cynics may feel free to depart and go play Vampire and Wraith now :)


Parody at various levels of sophistication, really.  I hope you laugh a lot while you read this.

Should you actually try to play...Bright, shiny colors which sometimes hide deep, dismal darkness.

The world where one lives one's normal life is a bright and cheerful place, marred only by the normal sadnesses of youth, from dropping ice cream to being dumped.  But everything has the potential to have a nightmare lurking under it.  The main difference between it and the standard World of Darkness is that normal life is much brighter and cheerier...which makes the monsters, horror, and death that much darker when they happen.  Especially as the average Senshi has much closer ties to the normal people around him than the average Vampire/Garou/Mage/Wraith/Changeling.

But at the same time, there is hope.  The Senshi are not fighting Ragnarok, they're fighting a battle they believe they CAN win, to make a peaceful future.  Their victory is not foreordained, evil can triumph...but good can win, and that, for them, makes all the difference.


The Senshi community is divided into several major factions known as 'Cliques'.  These cliques have different origins (mostly delusional since none of these groups existed more than a few years ago, yet, some of them claim to have histories going back more than 25,000 years.  Then again, if the Mages are right and reality is consensual, possibly they've changed the past through their belief so that these origins are true)

The major Cliques are:

The Sailor Warriors (Sailor Moon)
25,000 or 1,000 years ago, depending on who you ask, there was a Kingdom on the Moon (Ya know, the WOD Moon gets pretty crowded sometimes), during an age of peace and prosperity.  Its royal family was guarded by nine magical warriors, the Senshi.  Unfortunately, Evil Queen Beryl, having already conquered the Earth (I bet the Technocracy had a fun time when they eventually had to cover all the evidence of that up), set out to destroy the Moon Kingdom, and brought it to ruin.  However, Queen Serenity successfully used the Maguffin Stone...I mean, the Silver Moon Crystal, to destroy Beryl's army and send all the souls of the fallen to the future to be reborn in another age of peace and prosperity.  This being the World of Darkness, they got stuck settling for the prosperity part, and have been reborn in the twentieth century as the Sailor Warriors, so called because their royal uniforms bears a suspicious resemblance to the school girl uniform style known as the 'Sailor Fuku' because it bears some resemblance to old British naval uniforms (in the same way that a red corvette bears some resemblence to a red fire truck).

The Sailor Warriors are all either female, or turn into women when they transform, and work closely with the Tuxedos.  Each of them draws their power from a celestial body (no, that doesn't mean they have to have a high Appearance), and typically has a theme to their powers, such as fire, light, water, or crying a lot.  Some take on the persona of a character from the TV show and manga, while others, sometimes derided as 'fanfic Senshi', retain their original identity to a greater extent and have a non-standard celestial body as a patron, such as Sailor Ooort Cloud or Sailor Dust Particle 556473-B.

They are further torn by intellectual strife often referred to as the 'inner' and 'outer' Senshi split.  The Inners try to lead normal lives, although Sailor Business always seems to come looking for them, and they will do their duty at that time, and the Outers, who seem themselves as having a mission to rid the World of Darkness of Evil and focus much more heavily on the monster-stomping side of their life.  The two groups have yet to actively split, but it keeps the many Sailor Moons busy trying to prevent such disunion.

Clique Merit: Sailor Teleport: By joining hands, a group of Sailor Warriors can go anywhere they've ever heard of by each spending one willpower point, and rolling a number of dice equal to the amount of willpower spent (a small group can spend extra willpower to get extra dice) at difficulty six. The number of successes needed is the same as if one was using the Mage Correspondence Table. They can transport one non-sailor in addition for every point of willpower that was spent on the teleport.

Clique Flaw: Must Pose and Shout Command Words to Use Powers

The Espers and Miracle Girls (KOR, Miracle Girls)

This faction believes themselves to be part of a vast international family of psychics which maintains its own Masquerade in order to have ordinary lives.  However, they seem to constantly find themselves in situations which require them to break their 'no powers in public' rules, ranging from basketball games they just have to win to fighting off efforts by the Sabbat to recruit their siblings.  Unlike some of the other factions, they try very much to lead normal lives, or as normal a life as a telepathic telekinetic can have in the World of Darkness.  Yeah, right.

Clique Merit: Your family already knows you have powers, which means you don't have to try to hide it from your family and they may be able to come save your butt when you get in over your head.

Clique Flaw: Must eat a lot to refuel their powers.

The Wedding Warriors (Wedding Peach)

If there's any group of Senshi which even other Senshi can't quite believe are real, the Wedding Warriors are it.  Many a member of the Sabbat, Nephandi, Youma, or Black Spiral Dancers has had his last thought be 'Okay, I've finally fallen screaming over the edge into total insanity.  This can't be real.  I'm not about to be killed by some kid in a wedding dress.  I should have listened to my mother and become a dentist'.  Malkavians, on the other hand, love them.  Yes, these are young women who wear armored wedding dresses into battle and smite evil with bouquets, garters, wedding cakes, and other items typically not associated with battle, even by Changelings in Bedlam.  They are all female, although they often cooperate with the Tuxedos as well.

Clique Merit: Their Wedding Armor cannot be stolen or permanently destroyed, and provides three extra soak dice (against Aggravated Damage too)

Clique Flaw: -1 die to all Dex actions while wearing their combat garb. Fighting in a wedding dress just isn't easy.

The Tuxedos (or Guardians) (Sailor Moon)

Every heroic female warrior needs a male sidekick/boyfriend, and these guys fit the bill. (Well, unless they'd rather have a female sidekick/girlfriend, of course). Dressed in snazzy evening wear and armed with unusual weapons like roses, they prove that by any other name, a rose can be a weapon of destruction. Unlike other Cliques, they rarely come in groups, but rather join a Team from another Clique and act as someone's token boyfriend, sometime rescuer, and frequent victim of mind-control.

Clique Merit: By throwing a rose or other flower of their choice, they can dispel any Magick, Power, Arcanos, Art, Discipline, Gift, or whatever. They spend one point of willpower and make a willpower check at difficulty six. Each success destroys one success from the effect in question.

Clique Flaw: Loses three dice off any effort to resist mind control, unless that mind control is intended to cause them to injure or kill their true love..

The Idol Angels (Too many shows to list, really...Creamy Mami and Fancy Lala are fairly archetypical)

One of the earliest Cliques to form, the history of this group is less delusionary than that of many of the others, as there have been those inspired to become Idol Angels for decades, following in the path of such icons as Creamy Mami (no, not an ecchi show, but it sure sounds like it) and Fancy Lala. Rather than smiting evil, they use their powers to turn into adults and gain beautiful singing voices, which then leverages them a successful career in show business and a boyfriend who is too old for them. Still, while they have been known to occassionaly abuse their powers, they bring joy and happiness wherever they go. Don't take them to the big fight against the Sabbat, though.

Clique Merit: Calming Voice. Their performances can soothe the savage beast. Each success on a Charisma + Performance roll (difficulty of six) will strip all listening Garou of one rage point per success and give all listening vampires one automatic success on any effort to resist frenzy as long as they sustain the performance. They can force people to be calm by opposing their Manipulation + Performance vs. the target's Willpower. If they get more successes, the target must remain peaceful as long as someone else doesn't attack them first.

Clique Flaw: -1 die from any use of their powers in combat.

The Holy Thieves (Mysterious Saint Tail)

In the World of Darkness, some criminals believe themselves to be above the law...usually because they can eat cops for breakfast and wash them down with the blood of a SWAT team. There are those who won't stand for this (or sit for it either), the Holy Thieves, who steal from the forces of Evil in the name of the Lord (or Kami-sama, or Buddha, or Odin, or...) Led by the Mysterious Saint Tail, they rob from the rich to give to the poor, recover stolen items, and generally annoy powerful elders in every supernatural society who don't want to admit some thirteen year old girl made off with their collection of Rembrandt paintings...especially not the one with pages from the Book of Nod hidden in the frame...

Clique Merit: Holy Thieves double their stealth and streetwise dice while conscious and have the Background 'Contacts' at a level equal to their Intelligence automatically.

Clique Flaw: Every Holy Thief starts play with a enemy equivalent to the Enemy flaw at level 3, to reflect someone they've already hacked off.

The Fairy Princesses(Minki Momo)

Even in the World of Darkness, some people are truly innocent. Which probably means they're doomed. But they'll be bright and perky when that Mokole eats them. The Fairy Princesses believe they've been sent from the Land of Dreams to help people's dreams come true. They work to make the World of Darkness the World of Bright, Shiny, Pink Things. As long as they stay away from reckless drivers, perhaps they'll succeed...

Clique Merit: Fairy Princesses can assess what a person's dreams and hopes are just by looking at them and making a Perception + Empathy roll at a difficulty equal to their willpower.   They can interact with chimera and fae fact, they have to :)

Clique Flaw: Vehicle-inflicted wounds triple their dice pool to do damage before soaking.  Like Faeries, they have a vulnerability to Cold Iron.

The Card Captors (Card Captor Sakura)

In the early 1400s, a cabal known as the 'Sons of Hoyle' of House Verdititus tried to get around the rising strength of the Scourge by enchanting special packs of cards so that each card would have a spirit bound into it. If you held the card, you could then command the spirit to use its Charms to perform magical feats, thus dodging the Scourge. This would have worked if they hadn't made a few mistakes like failing to ward their Chantry against scrying. The Sons of Hoyle were defeated by the Order of Reason and largely killed, and the decks became scattered through Enlightened and Sleeper society and largely forgotten...until now.

As a result of a series of suspiciously simultaneous accidents, various children found and accidentally released most of the spirits...who are not amused. Now, those children, known as the Card Captors, must hunt down and recapture all of the spirits before they can wreak too much havoc. As they capture more cards, they grow in power, and as a result, have begun to attract attention from the many other forces in the World of Darkness who would like to get their hands on some paradox free Magick...

Clique Merit: All Card Captors get a free animal companion at level 3, a Clow Stick (Difficulty 4, Damage Strength + 1, does Willpower damage to spirits), and an extra three dice to resist Spirit Charms, Spirit Magick, Arcanos, Chimera Redes, and anything else powered by spirits.

Clique Flaw: Roll dice equal to the level of the most powerful Clow card they possess each story at difficulty six. The more successes, the more powerful the rival or enemy who shows up in the story and tries to either take their Clow Cards or make off with the one they're after. On a failure, nothing happens. If the roll botches, someone shows up and gives them a new Clow Card of a level equal to the number of ones rolled or in some other way, gives them aid.

The Magical Knights of Arcadia (Magical Knights Rayearth.  One can, in some ways, stretch Hime-chan no Ribbon into this category)

The Magical Knights of Arcadia are similar to the Senshi, except for not claiming any connection to the Moon Kingdom. They possess magical weapons and armor supposedly given to them by the Queen of Arcadia, which tends to send Changelings into shock, as they'd like to know how these kids got to Arcadia to get them. Their weapons and armor grow and evolve with them.

Clique Merit: They can interact with chimera and fae seemings as if they were completely real, but are immune to Banality.

Clique Flaw: They take real damage from chimerical weapons and creatures.

The Good Witches and Warlocks (Mahou Tsukai Tai, Azukin Chacha)

These Senshi are reminiscent of what one would get by cross-pollinating the Verbena and the Order of Hermes, calling themselves Witches and Warlocks, hugging trees, and casting spells that are a strange mix of Hermetic and Verbena rituals. While most Senshi Cliques are entirely female or female dominated, this group has a fairly even mix of both genders. Pointed hats are, of course, obligatory.

Clique Merit: They can use brooms to fly at a speed of their willpower times ten miles per hour, and they can learn Hedge Magick. (But NOT True Magick)

Clique Flaw: Cannot use their powers unless they wear their special witch/warlock garb, which takes three rounds to put on, and are vulnerable to traditional defenses against witches, such as dunking, lines of salt, wearing clothing inside out, etc. Anyone using a traditional ward against them can use opposed willpower to keep them out of a place, and gains three extra dice to resist any magic they use on them.

Senshi Society and Agendas

Senshi come in three major flavors.  One group are magical warriors and thieves who use their powers to do battle with evil.  A second group largely uses their powers to try to live an enhanced normal life.  The third group focuses on helping people to find their dreams and live them and on protecting the Dreaming; this group usually allies with Changelings.

The Warrior Cliques deal extensively with the Supernatural World, fighting Youma, Vampires, Banes, and other threats, either directly (Sailors, Wedding Warriors, Tuxedos) or through stealth, cunning, and less directly explosive magick (Holy Thieves, Good Witches and Warlocks and Card Captors).  They are usually organized into Teams, an alliance of Senshi with a common supernatural target or targets.  They tend to have the highest casualty rate.

The 'Normals' try to use their powers to help out their families and friends in normal activities, and to lead a normal life.  But oddness just seems to come looking for them.  The Idol Angels and Espers and Miracle Girls fall into this category.  They usually operate alone, or with a small circle of Relatives.

Finally, the Guardians of Dreams are sometimes to be found alone, working with ordinary people (Fairy Princesses) or in teams, fighting the enemies of Dreams (Magical Knights of Arcadia), often in conjunction with Changelings.  Good for crosssover Chronicles, or taunting the local faeries with immunity to Banality.

Senshi society as a whole is very disorganized, with no real umbrella organizations, only loose bonds of friendship and family, and some degree of organization into Cliques.  Of course, given they've all only existed a few years, give them time, and soon they'll be as tightly organized and bureaucratized as the Garou...okay, not the best example.


The primary purpose of the Senshi is to battle the Youmas. American Youmas serve the Negaverse. Japanese Youmas come in a variety of shapes and forms (Youmas, Yumas, Cardians, Droids, Daemons, Daimons, people named Damon, Newt Gingrich, etc, etc) and work for many different masters. No one is quite sure why Japanese Youmas are so disorganized. Many theorize the Negaverse is sort of a Union for Youmas, and American Unions are stronger than Japanese ones...

Be that as it may, Youmas are typically created by some evil mastermind. They impersonate humans and use some kind of trick to suck energy from them. They are Thaumivores, stealing the Quintessence/ life-energy from other beings who participate in some activity the Youma has designed.  Many among the Changeling community have noticed the similarity between their actions and ravaging and believe them to be Prodigals as a result.

Past Youma traps have included

Typically once the youma's plot is exposed, they transform to monster form and use the stored energy to kick butt. Dead youmas usually explode or disintegrate or otherwise fail to leave evidence of themselves behind.

Youmas are often lead by subsidiary masterminds, known as Generals, Seargants, Left Lieutenants, Bosses, and you over there. They often have extra abilities and a lot more brains than the average bear. Or Youma. Notable Generals include Zoisite, Nephrite, Budlite, Flashlite, WEROEURWIRIEite, and QWERTYite. Why their names all end in ite is probably some mystic thing that we're just not hip enough to understand. It's a youma thing.

Ultimately, Youmas serve various evil Masterminds, from Queen Beryl to Lord Zed. These evil masterminds have a variety of goals, from changing history to "AFTER 10,000 years I'm FREE! TIME TO CONQUER...EARTH!" to just not getting enough to ever really relax. An evil mastermind is usually the focus of an entire chronicle, with the ultimate goal to defeat, reimprison, kill or get the evil mastermind laid. These evil masterminds are vastly powerful, able to level heroes with ease, usually, though some just have billions of minions.

Teen Angst:

All teenagers suffer from some degree of teen angst. This is not quite so vicious as the Angst suffered by Wraiths, but then again, what is? Teen angst exists by the same forces of nature that force every group of supernaturals to struggle with their own inner stupidity. In the case of Senshi and Tuxedos, this force represents the inherent tendency of teenagers to do dumb things. Not because they are dumb, but because they are old enough to do incredibly foolish things and not old enough to know better. As the level of teen angst builds, the pressure builds to do something incredibly stupid to relieve your angst. This can range from drooling over the New Kids on the Block, to tatooing your girlfriend's name on your butt to getting drunk to cutting class and driving your dad's car into the Pacific Ocean. Once released, you are free of it, until it begins to mount again...

Part II:

See Page XX.


Character Generation:

Primary 6, Secondary 4, Tertiary 3

Senshi have attributes as ordinary humans...They're not even adults yet, ya know :) They get one free pip in all attributes, but must choose 1 in which they have a base of zero (their flaw attribute, usually), and they get two free pips in Appearance (name one ugly Senshi or Tuxedo. You can't. So there. Senshi can have 6 pips in appearance, and a maximum of five in all other Attributes.  However, see the Transformation Standard Power, which effects one's physical statistics in one's magical form.

Primary 11 Secondary 7 Tertiary 4

They're not exactly mega-skilled, either. A Senshi cannot take Knowledges as her primary area unless their Intelligence is 3 or higher, or they have the Know-it-all merit...They're not even out of high school yet :)

Backgrounds: 5
Base WP: 3
Powers: 5
You get five pips to distribute among powers. You can choose one elemental power, and as many of the other powers as you can find the pips for.
Power-Up: 1
Virtues:  All Virtues start at a base of 1, you get 9 points to distribute among them.
Purity:  Sum of your Credo Virtues

Freebie Costs:

You get 21 freebies.

You can also spend Freebies on Merits, or get more with Flaws.  Most standard Merits and flaws from the Mage/Wraith/Vampire, etc players' guides work that aren't specific to those creatures (Like you can't take Sphere Inept :)). There are several that are special to SENSHI.



Hold Breath even after you turn blue (M1)

You can hold your breath for a really long time. Double time you can go without air and lower difficulty of use of the Crybaby talent by 2.



You have one pip or one extra pip in ALL Knowledges, because you've been reading since Age 3 and aren't afraid to show it. You know a little of everything. You have +1 to all social difficulties when dealing with anyone who has less than Intelligence 4, because all the words you use are so big that most people don't understand you. Yes, Ami does have this merit.


Skilled at Flirting (M1)
You are skilled at being flirtatious.  You get three bonus dice to any effort to flirt or attract someone's romantic attentions.

Mean Parents(F1)

You have mean parents who just don't understand. This functions in reverse of the Parental Coolness background, causing you to lose three dice in dealing with your parents.

Crybaby (F2)

While this does give you one bonus pip in the crybaby skill, it also means you tend to whine and pule so much that you drive people nuts. A lot. Any Garou must make a frenzy check after spending more than five minutes in your presence. The same applies to vampires. Under stress, you must make a difficulty 7 willpower check or start crying for a number of rounds equal to the number of dice you got a six or less on.

Annoying Girl-friend/Boy-friend wannabe (F2)

Some annoying person wants to date you, who you can't stand! They pop up all the time and make your life difficult, get taken hostage and have to be saved, etc.


Instant Transformation (M5)
You can snap your fingers and transform.  This does not require an action.  You could even do it while tied up at the bottom of a lake; you just need to be awake to do it.  A Good Witch or Warlock with this merit can transform in one round, as with most other Senshi Cliques.

Vulnerable to Mind Control (F3)
A typical boyfriend flaw.  Target suffers from the Tuxedos Clique Weakness, losing three dice to resist mind control.

New Abilities:



This is the art of getting your way through pouting, crying, whining, pitching a fit and holding your breath until you turn blue. Usually used with Manipulation+Crybaby vs. Willpower.


This is the fine art of attracting the attention of the opposite sex, from finding out the sort of person your target likes to smiles to touches to sexy poses to efforts at mind-control.  Well, maybe not the last part.  It's also the art of using one's sex appeal to get people to do things without making sexual promises you don't intend to keep.

Make Speeches:

This is the fine art of announcing who you are, why you've come, and how much monster butt you're going to kick, done with such style that even a raging humanity 0 frenzied Assamite will stand there and listen to you talk until you finish.   It can also be used to try and inspire your allies.  It is often used in conjunction with the Skill, Pose Impressively.

Shift Blame:

This is the fine art of putting the blame on someone else. Usually your little brother uses this on you when he breaks something.



This is the fine art of using makeup to improve your Appearance, rather than making yourself look like an explosion in a paint factory.

Pose Impressively

This is the skill of showing off. It helps you strike dramatic poses and say things like, "I, Sailor Moon, shall punish you in the name of the moon!" without looking silly. Done properly, you can inspire people, strike fear into your enemies, and look cool.

Skip School

This reflects how good you are at cutting class without getting in trouble. Ferris Beuller had a five. It helps you fake illness, forge parental notes, spread plausible rumors, and find something fun to do while you are out of class.

Thrown Unusual Weapons

This skill is the art of throwing things as weapons that one wouldn't normally think to use as a thrown weapon, such as tiaras, top hats, roses, pencils, pizzas, monofilament frisbees, etc.


Clique Lore

You know all about the other Cliques of Senshi, or at least you THINK you do....

Merchandising Lore

She who fights with the most toys wins.  You know all about Merchandising:  where it comes from, what you can do with it, and how best to use it.

Youma Lore

You know all there is to know about Youmas. What they like and dislike. Why they listen to Michael Bolton. Who they work for. Their powers. Their cologne. Their shirt size. You know it all.



This is like the normal Contacts background.


Animal Companion Familial Resources:
The income given is in terms of yen, the money used in Japan.  To convert to dollars, consult your local paper's financial section, or you can use the rough conversion factor of 100 yen equalling one dollar. Groupies:

You have a collection of mindless fans of your Senshi/Tuxedo identity who hang on your every heroic deed. They are easy to manipulate (-3 to all social difficulties with them), but tend to mob you :)


You have a helpful animal companion or a more experienced Senshi who has taken you under her "wing". Your mentor can teach you skills and powers and offer helpful advice. Whenever you spend XP on a new skill or power, roll dice = your mentor rating at difficulty 6 and reduce the XP cost by the number of successes.


Some Senshi have Merchandise--Items with neat built-in powers that can also be copied and sold to small children for several times its original value by various toy companies.  Each dot gets you one level of merchandise (listed later).

Parental Coolness Level:

This reflects how much freedom your parents give you. Each level gives you a free success at trying to talk your parents into letting you stay out late, borrow the car, not ground you for vanishing for a week, etc.


As the WW standard, but you can only buy Resources if you have enough points in the Age background.


For every point, you get one sidekick. A sidekick has 5/3/3 for Attributes and 9/6/3 for Abilities, with 15 freebies and 3 background points. They are your non-powered pals you hang out with.


Listed as:

Item (Merchandising level): Game effects

Glitterator (1): This lets you put glitter all over something. Anyone looking at the item is dazzled and suffers +1 to all difficulties for the next five turns. After ten uses, you have to buy more glitter (Y500 cost). It can also be used to jazz up the cheap plastic fake jewelry that comes with it.

Makeup Kit (1 per daily use): This makeup kit gives you +3 to your Makeup skill when you use it.

Mesmerism Umbrella (3): You have a hypnotic umbrella you can use to try to mesmerize people and plant simple suggestions. This takes two combat rounds, and requires a roll on Manipulation + 4 vs. Their willpower. You can use it as often as you like. The target has to make a difficulty 8 WP roll the first round, or spend the second round just watching you finish the process of mesmerism.

Mood Ring (1): This ring changes colors indicating what mood you are in. You can also try to use it to read other people's moods, but you have to touch them with the hand holding the ring, then get at least one success on Perception + Empathy + 4 vs. their Manipulation + Subterfuge if they are trying to hide their mood at diff. 6. The ring will turn Black if you touch a youma.

My Little Pony (2): You have a magical little pony figurine. Once per day for up to four hours, it can become a magical full sized pony, which can run tirelessly or fly at up to 60 MPH. It has a name, talks, and a sweet personality.

(Your Planet or Moon) Rod (2): This is an ornately decorated rod which augments one of your powers. You gain +3 dice in that power while carrying it. For every 2 levels of merchandising, you can add another power it effects.

Portable Super Computer (4): You have a wrist computer with a display screen that either pops up from it or slides down from your tiara. It can hold up to five dice of abilities that you can use to augment your own. You can try to reprogram it to have different abilities-- Intelligence + Computers, Difficulty 7, 1 success per point changed. It takes one hour per success desired to do this. It can also be used to play computer games or to aid in the use of other computers (add 3 dice to computer rolls on other computers while you have it.) For one extra level of merchandising you can have a built-in youma tracker installed in it.

Stuffed Animal companion: (1+): You have a talking stuffed animal friend. He/She/It starts with the base ability of Talking, all physical attributes at 1, mental and social at 2 and 7/5/3 for abilities. And Three health Levels: Ok, Crippled, Incapacitated For every additional point you invest, he/she/it gets one of the following: --5 ability pips --2 attribute pips --One extra Health Level (Moving up from Crippled) --The ability to move when no one but you is looking at him --(requires the previous ^) The ability to move at any time

Super Transformation Pen (1 or 3):  Not only can you turn into various human forms, you can turn into 1 (level 1) or any animal form (level 3) with your pen, gaining appropriate physical abilities. The special transformation can be done 3 times per day, then it has to recharge.

Weapon Tiara (1+): Your tiara can function as a weapon. It does Str + Level damage and comes back to you like a boomerang. This is aggravated damage.

Umbrella of Mary Poppins (X + 2):  This grants the Flight Power at Level X while held, although it works a lot better if the wind is blowing.  You need at least a strength of 2, or you won't be able to keep your grip.

Vitamins (2): These are magical vitamins. When taken, they boost your physical attributes by 1 for one hour. You can benefit from them a number of times per day = your Stamina, but the effects are not culmulative.

Special Senshi Attributes

The Senshi Virtues

There are four virtues which form the basis of the various Senshi Credos, the codes of behavior they live by.  Like the Virtues of Vampire, they reflect how spiritually pure the Senshi is, which is reflected in their 'Purity' rating, which is similar to Humanity, but not the same, since where would we be without more mechanics incompatible with the other games in every new one?

This statistic reflects how strongly the fires of love are burning within your heart.

  1. Apathetic:  You've been burned by love too many times.
  2. Average:  It takes some effort to arouse you to care a lot, but you're not burnt out either.
  3. Friendly:  You easily build emotional bonds to people, and come to love strongly with time.
  4. Compassionate:  You feel a strong tie to people soon after meeting them, and when you love, it consumes you.
  5. Passionate:  Your love burns strong enough to do aggravated damage.
You must make a check against your Love Virtue when tempted to show hatred, rage, and anger to someone, and in order to offer forgiveness to a foe who seeks it.  In a situation where you are trying to foster love and compassion, you can add your rating in the Love virtue to social die rolls.  You can also use it to inspire yourself to protect those you love, by rolling it at difficulty 6.  Each success recovers a point of temporary Purity if it is one of your Credo Virtues.  However, if you fail the roll, you sink into depression, and lose a point of temporary Purity.  Botching any Love roll causes you to get a derangement and lose one point off the virtue.

This reflects how strongly you believe in justice and fairness.

  1. Bitter:  You have little faith in the law, courts, or humanity.  You expect people to lie, cheat, and steal, and can't work up the energy to care if they do.
  2. Average:  You know the system is sometimes corrupt, but you know it works well enough to get by.  You're reasonably just, if you're not tempted too much.
  3. Just:  You do your best to be fair, and you expect it of others.
  4. Impassioned: You are willing to make sacrifices in the cause of justice.
  5. Fanatical:  You're a prime candidate to become a vigilante or a supreme court judge.
You must make a check against your Justice Virtue when tempted to cheat, lie, or steal, and when you are faced with a miscarriage of justice.  If you are trying to persuade someone to act justly, you can add your rating in the Justice virtue to social die rolls.  You can also use it to inspire yourself to punish the injust, by rolling it at difficulty 6.  Each success recovers a point of temporary Purity if it is one of your Credo Virtues.  However, if you fail the roll, you sink into depression, and lose lose a point of temporary Purity.  Botching any Justice roll causes you to get a derangement and lose one point off the virtue.

Hope measures how much you believe in a better future.

  1. Cynical:  This isn't the World of Darkness, it's the World of Futility.
  2. Average:  You fear everything is going to go to hell in a handbasket, but most of the time, you act as if life was going to go on as normal.
  3. Hopeful:  You think you can make a positive impact on the world, and that some degree of reform is possible.
  4. Optimist: This is the best of all possible worlds, and we can make it even better.
  5. Dreamer:  What World of Darkness?  Can't you see that everyone's dreams can come true if they would just believe?
You must make a check against your Hope Virtue when faced by despair, misery, and shattered dreams.  If you are trying to help someone regain their hope, you can add your rating in the Hope virtue to social die rolls.  You can also use it to inspire yourself to punish the injust, by rolling it at difficulty 6.  Each success recovers a point of temporary Purity if it is one of your Credo Virtues.  However, if you fail the roll, you sink into depression, and lose a point of temporary Purity.  Botching any Hope roll causes you to get a derangement and lose one point off the virtue.

This one, as you've probably guessed, is a measure of how brave you are.  Let's face it, the Senshi are all pretty young, except for Pluto, and I know that when I was fourteen, if some youma had attacked me, I'd have collapsed into a puddle of fear.  Now that my confession is over, here comes the roster...

  1. Fearful:  The creatures on Pokemon scare you.
  2. Average:  You can handle horror movies, but real life danger is still pretty scary, and the average monster will make you run for your life.
  3. Brave:  You can handle a fair fight with a supernatural being as long as it isn't too creepy, like Nexus Crawlers and Shoggoths.
  4. Courageous:  "Let's see how that Methusalah likes my Mars Flame Sniper attack!"
  5. Fearless:  "Five frenzied Garou, twelve Youma, a Nexus Crawler, eight Nephandi, and a Dauntain with a flamethrower?  Leave the Nexus Crawler and the Garou to me."
You must make a check against your Courage Virtue when faced by scary stuff.  You can add your Courage rating to any Willpower check to resist magical fear.  You can also use it to inspire yourself to face something terrifying.  Each success recovers a point of temporary Purity if it is one of your Credo Virtues.  However, if you fail the roll, you run for your life until you can no longer see anything scary.  If it is one of your Credo virtues, you also lose a point of temporary Purity.  Botching any Courage roll causes you to develop an appropriate Phobia and lose one point off the virtue.

Your purity is rated from one to ten and is the sum of two other virtues, which vary according to the Credo you follow.  You have both temporary and permanent Purity ratings.  Every time you succeed in a check against one of your Credo virtues or act in a way particularly in accord with your Credo (Storyteller's discretion), you gain a point of temporary Purity, up to a maximum of your permanent Purity rating.  Purity can be spent in several ways:

A senshi whose permanent Purity falls below five shows up on Sense Wyrm.  A senshi with an eight or higher Purity radiates an aura of purity that can be sensed even by mundanes on a successful Perception + Alertness check at difficulty six or Per. + Awareness at difficulty 6.  Your Power-Up stat can never be higher than your Purity.  A senshi who loses all permanent Purity turns into an ordinary human.  An ordinary, very depressed and bitter human.

The Senshi Credos


A Senshi's Power-Up Stat reflects how powerful they can potentially become.  Raising one's 'Power-Up' stat is like raising one's Arete in Mage; it requires achieving some sort of special task which reflects a growth in maturity and spiritual power.  Or possibly just bribing the Storyteller with donuts, but that's out of our hands.

No Power can reach a higher level than one's Power-Up level, and each level of Power-Up comes with an appropriate title within your Clique, which you'll have to wait for the appropriate Cliquebook to find out.  However, here's an example for the Sailors:

  1. Chibi-Sailor (Like Chibi-Moon)
  2. Sailor
  3. Sailor with Fries
  4. Super Sailor
  5. Eternal Sailor
Your Power-Up stat can never be higher than your Purity.

Standard Senshi Powers:

The Disguise:

Some strange mystic force protects a fully garbed Senshi or Tuxedo from being recognized by anyone who has not been told they are also their mundane self. This force is referred to as the Disguise, or by the more cinematic among them as "Dramatic Necessity". To some extent, the Disguise springs from the aura of glory and power that is unleashed by the transformation, and to some extent by the fact that you just don't expect the crybaby who lives next door to be cutting youmas in half with a tiara in her spare time.

The degree of vulnerability to the disguise is called Gullibility. The base of Gullibility is equal to the viewer's perception, with the following modifiers:

It is notable that one actually becomes less gullible as your gullibility rating increases. This is one of the great paradoxes of this world...

Gullibility table:


All Senshi  have two forms: The mundane form and the magical form.  To transform between the two, they need a foci(magic sword, ribbon, gem, transformation pen, whatever) unique to themselves and they have to be able to speak their mystic transformation phrase: Moon Power Make Up! (or whatever).

The process of transformation takes an entire combat round and consumes all your actions, unless you use speed.  A foe who wins initiative on you can try to interrupt the transformation by knocking away your foci, preventing you finishing your transformation phrase, or beating you unconscious.  Once you begin transforming, any foe who wants to attack you must make a willpower check at difficulty of 10, or just stand there and stare at you, probably because you briefly become naked during this process.  However, you are rather defenseless while this is going on.

The character's Powers are all possessed by the magical form unless the Power indicates otherwise. In magical form, all physical attributes are boosted by 1 (max 6), as is Appearance (no max). The transformation foci is clearly magical to those who can sense such things, as is the magical form. The mundane form appears quite non-magical, although use of Aura Sight or Spirit magick will reveal an odd rune on the character's forehead, unique to themselves, as will use of the Fateweaving Arcanos.

For several cliques, there are variations on this.  Espers and Miracle Girls are considered to be in their magical form all the time, which looks perfectly normal.  They must, however, eat twice as much as an ordinary person to maintain this, and more if they actually use their powers.  Card Captors do not have to transform, but all of their powers come from their Clow Cards and other magical items.  They do not recieve any of the benefits of a magical form (enhanced statistics).  Good Witches and Warlocks have to spend time changing into their costume, which takes longer, unless they have the Instant Transformation merit.  Idol Angels typically have a young (8-12) normal form, and an adult magical form.

Healing and soaking:

Senshi can take three kinds of damage. Non-lethal bruising damage, aka Annoying Damage, can be soaked with Stamina + Toughness, as can Lethal Damage (caused by nasty sharp pointy things). Senshi take aggravated damage from fire, electricity, supernatural critters that do agg. damage, and Pauly Shore. It can only be soaked with Toughness.

Even in their mundane form, Senshi recover with remarkable speed, healing one annoying wound per round, one lethal wound an hour, or one aggravated wound a day, no matter how hurt they are. A senshi who reaches Mauled or worse must swathe themselves in bandages to recieve this benefit, regardless of whether actual blood loss occured. Aggravated damage can only be healed by swathing yourself in bandages, regardless of how hurt you are.

Last Ditch Effort:

The Senshi are noted for pulling themselves together at the last moment and overcoming a foe when all seems lost. When a Senshi has her back to the wall, so to speak, she can try for a last ditch effort. Spend 1 WP and make a WP roll at difficulty 6. If you fail, you collapse in despair. If you botch, you lose 1 WP permanently and collapse in despair. If you succeed, you get to make a five minute speech on Truth and Justice, then unleash one flurry of action, ignoring all wound penalties. You can add your WP successes to your successes on all actions that round, and any resistance rolls by your enemies lose successes = your WP successes. They also have to pose in some expression of contempt just before you cut them in half.

Power Descriptions:

Elemental Powers:


Earth: Fire: Illusions:
  1. Ball of Light:  You can create a shiny ball of light that will follow you around and help you see.  You can pretty much do this at will.
  2. Single Sense Illusions:  You can create a single sense illusion.  The more successes on Wits + Illusions, the larger and more detailed it can be.  You have to maintain concentration or it fades away after a number of rounds equal to your Illusions.
  3. Multi-Sensory Illusions:  As per level 2, but you can add a number of senses equal to your Wits
  4. Programmed Illusion:  By spending a point of temporary Purity, you can create a single-sense programmed illusion which lasts for days equal to your successes on a Stamina + Illusions check.  It can either perform a loop of actions over and over, or it can be static, but responds with some change to a number of contingencies equal to your Wits.
  5. Programmed Multi-Sensory Illusion:  As Level 4, but it can encompass a number of senses equal to your Wits.
Lightning: Purification:
  1. Sense Spark of Goodness:  By rolling Perception + Empathy at a difficulty of six, you can discover a person's best feature, and the best avenue by which to try to redeem them.
  2. Evoke Virtue:  By spending a Purity point, you can try to bring someone out of a frenzy or cause them to pause and reconsider some evil action.  If used on another Senshi, they get to make a Virtue check on the appropriate virtue.  If used on a Vampire, they can check against the appropriate virtue to come out of the frenzy, gaining one automatic success to start with.  If used on a frenzied Garou, they make another Frenzy check with plus two to difficulty to see if the Frenzy continues.
  3. Cast Out Possessor:  By opposing your Purity to the possessing being's Willpower, you can try to cast them out.  If you botch, you open yourself to possession.
  4. Cleansing:  Spend a point of Purity and Willpower.  You can attempt to drive out every possessing being within line of sight simultaneously, as per 3.  Each being resists seperately.
  5. Redemption:  This is largely a plot device power, enabling one to turn Vampires back into mortals or help them increase their humanity, break oaths sworn to Malfeans/Nephandic Lords/the Wyrm/Etc, and to generally turn the fallen back to the path of righteousness.  There is no dice mechanic because this would have to come as the climax of a story or chronicle, and would probably involve heavy Purity and Willpower expenditure, plus much roleplaying.
Water: Non-Elemental Powers:

As per the Mage Background.  Pluto has a five, and if I could find her, she'd confirm that for me. [Subtract one die per level of Arcane from any Perception or Investigation pools used against you, basically]


You must have the Age Background at 1 to buy this power. You command the incredible powers of Coolness. You can add your Cool dice to any social skill use when dealing with Youmas or teenagers. Oddly, adults seem uneffected by cool. Also, you get one "bonus die" per level of cool, that can be used once per session to add to a dice do things better if you are cool.   This power functions in both forms.


You must either sprout wings or ride something to use this power.  You move at Dex + Flight * 10 miles per hour.  Use Dex + Athletics to manuever.  Rather obviously, this only works in your magical form if you do it by sprouting wings.


Inspiration is the power to bring new hope and energy to your allies by making an inspiring speech.  You go beyond normal speechmaking into the realm of magical speeches, which can accomplish nigh impossible feats like causing Ronald Reagan to think.  You must spend one point of temporary Purity to use this power.  This power functions in both forms, but you lose three dice if you try to do it while in your normal form.

Look Good at All times:

This power gives you extra dice to resist any attack that would make you look bad. It can prevent your hair from getting snarled, your hat from blowing away, your makeup from getting mussed, etc.   This power functions in both forms.


You are stronger than you look. You get 1 automatic success at any strength action for every level of Might.

Sense Annoying Being:

Used with Perception + Sense Annoying Being to spot really annoying people before they spot you. Difficulty is usually 6. It also lets you tell that someone is about to be annoying, at difficulty 7.   This power functions in both forms.

Sense Youma:

This power is used with a Perception + Awareness roll to sense youmas and other spiritually corrupt beings (like low humanity vampires). Vampires with Obfuscate or mages with Arcane higher than your Sense Youma are immune. Bullies also are immune, but they probably aren't that much of a threat, either.    This power functions in both forms, if you possess the Occult knowledge.  You must spend one point of Purity to use this power if the target is shielded from detection in some manner.

Show up when most needed:

This power enables you to always show up when you are most needed. The more pips, the better you are at it. Usually Perception + Show up when most needed at difficulty 7 to realize in time you will be needed and show up.


You are capable of bursts of speed at moments of extreme danger. You get a number of extra actions per scene equal to your Speed power. You can also spend temporary Purity to get an extra action whenever you want, with a maximum # of actions in a turn = your speed power.

Spirit Wards:

You have the power to make spirit wards. These can be affixed to a door to bar passage or to a spirit/demon/youma to harm it. Attached to a door, they force a WP roll with success = your level in this power and a difficulty = your wp to pass the door. Attached to a evil spirit being, they inflict aggravated damage on it with dice equal to your level +3.  This power functions in both forms, if you possess the Occult knowledge.  You must invest one point of temporary Purity into the ward.


You are superhumanly good at making fun of people. You can roll Manipulation + Taunt vs. a target's willpower. Each success causes them to lose dice = your successes for turns = your taunt rating. If you get three or more successes, they also start crying in a really loud and annoying manner. This power can be used culmulatively to send the victim into a pathetic crying jag.    This power functions in both forms.


You can send and recieve thoughts with a range equal to your Telepathy rating in miles.  Make a Perception + Telepathy roll to successfully contact someone.  You can try to use this power to read minds, but the target gets an automatic willpower roll to resist.


Move objects with a strength = your level in TK. Can also deliver a TK punch that does damage dice =Level +2. You can move objects = your level. You have a range equal to 100 feet * your level in TK.  It can only be done via line-of-sight or if you can see the target location in some othe way.


Your Senshi form can take a lot of punishment. Get one extra soak dice for every level of Toughness that you have. These dice can soak aggravated wounds.

Teen Angst:

Normally, you have NO permanent Teen Angst. As you experience frustrations, or exhibit abnormal self-control, your teen angst builds up until you must release it.  Most frustrating situations give you one point of Teen Angst, but really heavy things like flunking a class, being dumped by a long term boyfriend, or having your family turned into youmas can be worth two or three points.  Once your teen angst = your willpower, you must make a WP check every time you get teen angst, or release it in a incredibly foolish display of behavior. If you fail the check, you must release it all at once. If you botch the check, you release it all at once, and gain one permanent Teen Angst point which can only be gotten rid of by grovelling really hard and buying your Storyteller something he wants, or however else he choses to make you jump through hoops to be rid of it.  You can also choose to release your angst earlier, but must release at least half of it.

Angst release examples:


I recommend totally arbitrary assignment of XP as fits your taste and how much food the players give to the storyteller. Creative Whining and successfully conning the parents one more time into not realizing you spent the afternoon fighting a giant monster that looks like a Donut with glitter should be rewarded also.

Spending XP:

Systems for Common Situations

Evil Stomping-Related Systems

You can find most combat related stuff in one of the official Storyteller games, but here's a few things that I bet you won't find in them...

The Big Introduction
No magical girl combat is complete without everyone making a grand entrance speech.  This effectively takes place between combat rounds, because everyone else MUST stop what they're doing and listen. Even if they're an Oracle, an Antediluvian, or Mark Rein*Hagen, they just can't help it.

This has two parts.  The posing part of it requires using Dex + Pose Impressively, difficulty 6 usually.  If you get more successes than your target's willpower, they will either run in fear (Vampires and Werewolves must check for a fear frenzy) or worship your awesomeness (-3 to social difficulties) as appropriate for your intent and their personality.  The speech making is covered by Charisma + Make Speeches (difficulty 6).  Those with the Inspiration power can use it here.  Without Inspiration, you just sound cool.

The Hong Kong Style Combat Option
The Storyteller may choose to require, in the style of Kung Fu flicks and much anime, that no more than one person can attack any given other person per round, unless the attackers are faceless minions.  And even then, they probably will come one at a time.

Last Ditch Efforts
See the Standard Senshi Powers Section

School-Related Systems


There are, of course, a million ways to cheat in class, from writing answers on your hand to using your Telepathy to read the answers from the mind of other students.  Here's systems for a few of the common ways.


The systems for doing your homework are going to vary greatly by subject, but here's some guidelines to difficulties and modifiers:

Skipping School Without Getting In Trouble

Test Taking

Teen Life-Related Systems

Dating and other Romance stuff

Dating is not the same thing as Seduction, although it can often end up with the same results, over a much longer period of time.  Here's a few dating related systems:

Appendix I:



Everyone has faced these beings before. They usually have 5/4/3 for attributes and 9/6/3 for abilities with an emphasis on Physical attributes and on Talents and Skills for beating people up.

A Typical Bully:
Attributes:  Strength: 3  Dex: 2 Stamina: 3 Perception: 2  Intelligence: 1  Wits: 3  Charisma: 1  Manipulation: 4 (Being Scary)  Appearance: 2
Talents:  Alertness 2,  Brawling: 2, Dodge: 1, Empathy: 1 (They use it to sense who is vulnerable to their bullying) Intimidation: 2, Shift Blame: 1
Skills:  Melee 2, Skip School 2, Stealth 2
Knowledges:  Area Knowledge (Hometown): 1, Sports Trivia: 2
Virtues:  Love 1, Justice 1, Hope 3, Courage: Varies greatly; unfortunately, not all bullies are really cowards.  Typical Bully has a 2.
Purity: (Base on Hope + Courage)
Willpower: 3
Powers:  None, thankfully.

Faceless Minions:

These are your basic, generic faceless minions. They typically have all physicals at 3, mentals at 1 and socials at 1 if they can talk or 0 if they can't. Classic example is the putties from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. They have 5-8 pips for Abilites, usually Brawl 2, Dodge 1, Melee 1, Athletics 1. They have the same health levels as a mortal.

A Typical Faceless Minion:
Attributes:  Strength: 3  Dex: 3 Stamina: 3 Perception: 1  Intelligence: 1  Wits: 1  Charisma: 1  Manipulation: 1  Appearance: 1
Talents:  Alertness 1,  Athletics 1, Brawling: 2, Dodge: 1
Skills:  Melee 1, Stealth 1
Virtues:  Love 2, Justice 1, Hope 2, Courage: 5 (They're mindlessly fanatical beyond common sense)
Purity: (Base on Hope + Courage) 7 (Purity of service...)
Willpower: 2
Powers:  3 points distributed among Might, Speed, and Toughness, possibly also 1-3 points in an Elemental Power.

Giant Monsters:

Gotta hate these. Giant Monsters come in three sizes: Big (8-12 feet), Real Big (13-50 feet), and HUGE (50+) They typically have little to no brains, but Physical stats of 8+ and 10 health levels if Big, 20 if Real Big, and 30+ if Huge. Many have some kind of weakness that helps make it possible to hurt them or drive them off, such as fear of bathing or a desire to eat Rutabagas.


Joe Youma has 3 pips in mental/4 in Social/7 in Physical. Some Youma, which trick their prey, will switch those priorities.  Abilities are 11/7/4. They normally have health levels like an ordinary human and 3-8 levels worth of powers or merchandise. They also can suck life force from people. They must first trick the human into accepting some cursed merchandise or engaging in some long, monotonous, or stupid activity. They can then absorb one point of energy a day. This energy can be used by the youma to heal his wounds (spend one point per wound, three points if wound is aggravated) or fuel the use of his or her powers. It can also be used to fire energy blasts, doing 1 die damage per point used. They use this pool whenever they would normally have to spend purity.  They can also try to do a rapid drain with Willpower vs. Willpower. For every point of life energy a normal human loses, they lose one die from all die pool.  Mages lose Quintessence, Garou lose Gnosis, Vampires feel their blood turn to ash and lose a Blood Point, Wraiths lose Pathos, and Changelings lose Glamour.  Senshi lose one point of temporary Purity. If they lose more than 7, ordinary humans pass out. Supernaturals normally pass out when they have lost all the dice from their highest pool.

Most Youma are fairly unique; every monster of the week needs a special concept, although I've provided a generic soldier youma for times when you need a semi-faceless horde more powerful than faceless minions.

A few Youma Concepts

A Typical Youma: (Standard Soldier Youma)
Attributes:  Strength: 4 (Strong arms)  Dex: 3  Stamina: 3 Perception: 2  Intelligence: 2  Wits: 2  Charisma: 2  Manipulation: 3  Appearance: 2
Talents:  Alertness 2,  Athletics 1, Brawling: 2, Dodge: 2,  Intimidation: 2, Subterfuge: 2
Skills:  Etiquette: 1, Melee 2, Stealth 2, Thrown Weapons: 2
Knowledges:  Occult: 2, Youma Lore: 2
Virtues:  Love 1, Justice 1, Hope 3, Courage: 3.
Stolen Energy Pool: Usually 5 points when encountered.
Willpower: 3
Merchandising: Weapon that does Strength + 4 damage.
Powers:  Might 2, Speed 1, Toughness 2.  Probably can shapechange between a human and youma form by spending one SEP, and may have an Elemental Power at 3.

Youma Generals

Youma Generals usually have 15/13/11 for Attributes, and Abilities 25/21/17 or so. They are ancient and snooty, but often fall in love with innocent people. A flaw in their construction perhaps. They have 15-25 pips worth of powers and merchandise. They also have the ability to create new youmas and are usually called on by their master to do so. Youma Generals who fail too often tend to be vaporized by their masters...

A Typical General: (Major Rhodolite)
Attributes:  Strength: 4 (Pound Flat)  Dex: 5 (Nimble)  Stamina: 7  (Take a massive beating)  Perception: 7  (See through tricks) Intelligence: 4  Wits: 7 (Lightning Reflexes)  Charisma: 5 (Lead Youma)  Manipulation: 5 (Browbeat)  Appearance: 4 (Impressive)
Talents:  Acting: 2, Alertness 2,  Awareness 3, Brawling: 4 (Dirty Tricks), Dodge: 3, Expression: 1, Intimidation: 4 (Threaten to Vaporize), Style: 3, Subterfuge: 3
Skills:  Etiquette: 2, High Ritual: 2, Melee 5 (Kill Own Subordinates), Set Elaborate Traps With A Fatal Flaw: 4 (Forget to Stick Around and Watch), Stealth 3, Thrown Weapons: 5 (Kill Own Subordinates)
Knowledges:  Bureaucracy: 2 Clique Lore: 1, Cosmology: 2, Enigmas: 2, Investigation: 2, Occult: 3, Tactics: 1, Youma Lore: 4 (Youma Politics)
Virtues:  Love 1, Justice 1, Hope 4 (They don't hope to do GOOD, but they do think they can win), Courage: 4.  Some generals have a higher love rating, and fall in love with some mortal, leading to their redemption...and usually their death.
Stolen Energy Pool: Usually 10-30 points when encountered, possibly more.
Willpower: 8
Merchandising: 5-8 points worth, most of which will be designed to steal people's energy.
Powers:  Might 4, Speed 5, Toughness 4.  Has one Elemental Power at Five, and another one at Three.  Usually has Arcane 4, Show Up When Least Wanted at 4, and can teleport or step into other dimensions by spending 1 SEP point.  They can create new Youma by spending 7 SEP to transform a normal human, or 15 to create one from scratch.  They can typically summon a servitor of theirs by spending 3 SEP.

The Hidden Masters:

These are the evil masterminds who unleash Youmas on the Universe. They seek human life force for evil unknowable purposes, like reviving ancient evils or just because it tastes good. Some Ventrue suspect perhaps it was they who Ventrue himself saw as the hidden threat against which he must prepare. Most Ventrue think the Ventrue who believe that must actually be Malkavians in disguise. They have no stats, since you normally never fight them directly, just thier minions. In mage terms, they would be Umbrood, on a level with a Preceptor or Lord. For most purposes, you can just note that anyone who can vaporize a Youma General with one shot is pretty SCARY...

Appendix 2: Crossover Rules

Changeling:  The Dreaming

The average Senshi has a Banality between 3 and 5, depending on age, Clique, personality, etc.  Faery Princesses have a 1 Banality, and Knights of Arcadia have a 3.  Most others have a 4 unless they are very small.  Most must be enchanted to percieve the Dreaming, but each point of Glamour spent on enchanting one lasts for an entire week.  Changelings can use any Merchandising that doesn't require the expenditure of Purity points.

Because their dreams burn brightly, Senshi make good targets for reverie, ravaging, and rhapsody.  Although before you try the latter two, the likelihood of painful retaliation should be taken into account.  Any successful use of any of those methods of gaining Glamour from a Senshi gains one extra point, two if it is in sync with their Virtues.

If you don't possess Changeling:  The Dreaming, go buy it!  If your local gaming store caught fire, fell over, and sank into the swamp, you can use the following stuff to try to portray them in your Senshi:  The Merchandising games, until someone builds a new gaming store, bringing your town out of the Dark Ages.

Changelings are creatures of dreams, reflecting the hopes and fears of various cultures.  They are divided into two courts: Stuck Up Egotistical Snobs, and Out of Control Self-Centered Punks.  Those aren't the official names, but what the heck does 'Seelie' and 'Unseelie' mean, anyway?  That's like having the Republicans named the 'UnDemocrats'...on the other hand, that makes a lot of sense.

Changelings are vulnerable to Banality, which is roughly equivalent to: anything the Storyteller dislikes.  In my own games, the Backstreet Boys, the New Kids on the Block, atheists, Republicans, Bill Gates, businessmen, Mexican Food, and Barbie are all major sources of Banality.  But really, it's up to you.  If you hate it, then obviously it's a source of Banality.  Changelings are also vulnerable to Cold Iron, but fortunately, they can't play Cold Iron on the radio.  Yet.

Like Senshi, Changelings have a magical and a normal form, but no one can see their magical form as it truly is unless they enchant them first by infusing something with Glamour, such as a marujuana brownie, and giving it to the person or feeding it to them.  Stuffing it down the person's throat counts too.

Changeling's powers are fueled by Glamour which can be acquired by reverie (hanging around creative people) or ravaging (being a bastard and breaking someone's heart).  Many ravaging techniques bear a suspicious resemblence to how Youma drain energy...hmmm...

The Changelings are led by the Noble Sidhe, who tend to be of the Stuck Up Egotistical Snobs persuasion, backed up by the Trolls.  They have a feudal society (trying to count the number of vendettas would strain a super computer) which centers around Freeholds, which are places where Fae don't have to worry about dropping dead from accidentally hearing the Backstreet Boys.  No one ages within Freeholds, and their faerie magics are easier there.  They follow a code of honor similar for obvious reasons to the Credo of Arcadian Chivalry.

A Typical Sidhe Noble:
Attributes:  Strength: 3  Dex: 4 (Lithe)  Stamina: 3 Perception: 2  Intelligence: 2 Wits: 3  Charisma: 4 (Regal)  Manipulation: 3  Appearance: 5
Talents:  Act Snooty 4 (Ramble on about one's bloodline), Alertness 2,  Brawling: 2, Dodge: 2, Empathy: 1   Kenning 2  Live in the Past: 4 (Talk about the good old days)  Make Speeches 3
Skills:  Etiquette 3, High Ritual 2, Leadership 4 (Inspire Retainers), Melee 4 (Sword), Music 2, Pose Impressively 3
Knowledges:  Changeling Lore 2, Changeling Politics 2, History 1
Virtues:  Love 4, Justice 3, Hope 3, Courage: 4
Purity: 7 (Credo of Arcadian Chivalry)
Willpower: 7
Merchandising: Chimerical Enchanted Bronze Sword (can only effect people who have been enchanted) Strength + 5 damage, Chimerical Black Stallion,  Magic Hair Gel (10 uses, grants +3 dice to any Look Good At All Times check)
Powers:  Cool 4, Inspiration 3, Look Good At All Times 5, Sense Annoying Being 2, Speed 3, 1 Elemental Power at 3

A Typical Phooka Trickster:
Attributes:  Strength: 2  Dex: 4 (Run For Your Life)  Stamina: 3 Perception: 2  Intelligence: 3 Wits: 3  Charisma: 2  Manipulation: 4 (Set people up for trouble)  Appearance: 3
Talents:  Acting 2, Alertness 2,  Athletics 2, Brawling: 2, Dodge: 2, Empathy: 4 (Figure out best jokes to play on them),   Kenning 2, Shift Blame 2, Stage Elaborate Practical Jokes: 3
Skills:  Animal Ken 3, Etiquette 1, Leadership 3, Music 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledges:  Changeling Lore 2, Comedian Lore 4 (Practical Jokers), Prank Lore 3
Virtues:  Love 4, Justice 1 (reflects Phooka inability to tell the Truth, their Kith Hindrance), Hope 3, Courage: 3
Purity: 7 (Credo of being a pain in the butt)
Willpower: 5
Merchandising: Joy Buzzer (does no damage, but sure startles people), Idential salt and sugar containers, Spray Can of paint, Groucho Marx mask, Eight Track Player
Powers:  The Phooka Transformation power turns them into an animal form; it only works when no one is looking.  Cool 2, Sense Anal Being 2, Show up when least wanted 3, Speed 4, Taunt 3, Elemental:  Illusions: 3, Gain Trust 3

A Typical psychotic Unseelie Redcap to be chopped into tiny bits before he has you for a snack:
Attributes:  Strength: 5 (Pop heads like a zit)  Dex: 2  Stamina: 4 (Can't spell Pain)  Perception: 2  Intelligence: 1 Wits: 3  Charisma: 1  Manipulation: 4 (Scary)  Appearance: 1
Talents:  Alertness 3,  Athletics 3, Brawling: 4 (Rip off Arms), Dodge: 2, Intimidation: 4 (Look at you funny)
Skills:  Firearms 2, Melee 4 (Weapons with spikes), Stealth 2, Torture 3
Knowledges:  Nightmare Realms Lore 2
Virtues:  Love 1, Justice 1, Hope 3 (They have a rather twisted view of what a better place would be, though), Courage: 5 (Mostly due to stupidity)
Purity: 6 (They have the 'be a suicidal, homocidal maniac' part of the Chivalric code down...)
Willpower: 6
Merchandising: Blood stained cap (adds +3 to any roll to induce nausea or look thuggish), Nasty Sharp Pointy Thing (Does Strength + 5 damage, difficulty 6), half of a hubcap (being kept as a snack), 'Vote Buchanan in '96) Campaign button
Powers:  Might 2, Show up when least wanted 4, Speed 2, Taunt 2, Toughness 3, Elemental:  Earth: 1 (All Redcaps can eat anything)

Mage:  The Ascension

Mages can countermagick Senshi powers using the appropriate spheres.  Only Good Witches and Warlocks can try to countermagick Mage magick, but in some cases, Senshi can use their virtues to help resist them.  Senshi do not get Paradox because they are pure of heart.  So there.  Maybe if you people didn't have NO Humanity, the universe wouldn't want to kick you in the head, eh?

If you don't possess Mage:  The Ascension, go buy it!  If your local gaming store has been turned into a Technocracy front, you can use the following stuff to try to portray them in your Senshi:  The Merchandising games, until someone builds a new gaming store, bringing your town closer to Ascension.

There are four major factions of mages:  The Traditions, the Technocracy, the Marauders, and the Nephandi.  The Traditions are the usual protagonists of the game, seeking to restore the Mythic Age of the past so they can run wild with their magic, using peasants for experiments, using princes and cities as pawns in their games, and letting people suffer while they find the Buddha hiding in their navel.  I mean, they want to free up the paradigm to enable humanity to ascend and the Mythic creatures to survive.  The Technocracy, their opponents, are a bunch of jackbooted fascists (or noble self-sacrificing scientists, depending on who you ask and which Convention you encounter), who, like Banality, should be blamed for everything you don't like, whether or not it makes sense to blame them.  They have taken up the unreformed Traditions' practices of experimenting on the peasants, manipulating society to their profit, and hiding in their Horizon Constructs and seeking the Buddha locked inside their navels' DNA.  Or, if you can't stomach the idea that people might actually abuse science and that a conspiratorial organization which answers to no democratic control and believes itself driven by a higher good, might actually become corrupt, you can make them a shining beacon of order and reason against those nasty, evil Tradition mages, a group of heroic nice guys in black who would never ever do anything bad, because after all, everyone knows scientists are the nicest people in the world and would never develop anything like atomic weapons, mustard gas, the Nazi concentration camp ovens, or biological weapons.  Certainly, the power of human rationality has never been used for purposes such as genocide, slavery, systematic oppression, and totalitarian dictatorship.  No, under the banner of science we will march into the bright shiny future!  Well, ehough sarcasm for one paragraph.  The Marauders are simply insane mages who are fighting to bring back the Mythic Age by making a huge mess and refusing to take any responsibility for it.  Imagine if Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck could squeeze reality like clay and reshape it.  Finally, you have the Nephandi, who are EEEEVVVIIILLLL with a capital E.  They've sold themselves to the forces of Darkness, and now they seek to sow corruption and destruction everywhere.  In other words, they've all tattooed a big bullseye on their forehead and put on a shirt that says 'Shoot me'.

Tradition mages will typically see Senshi as allies, Technocracy will see them as people to be either recruited or elimnated (or merchandised if the Syndicate finds you), Marauders will declare themselves Sailor Pallas and try to join you or call themselves Dark King Potato and try to join in as the bad guy, and Nephandi will try to turn them to the Dark Side.

Each group of mages operates according to what is called a 'Paradigm', which guides how they think Magick works.  In some ineffable way, despite all these paradigms being irreconcilable, they all work anyway.  Some mages argue the universe is therefore subjective, and the laws of nature can be rewritten by human will.  Those Senshi who have failed tests despite their best wishes to get an A may find this a dubious concept.  Still, it's hard to argue philosophy with someone who can conclude their arguement with a lightning bolt.

Mage Magick, like Senshi Powers, often involves various kinds of jumping about, posing, chanting, and using Merchandising as a aid to concentration or a source of power, although it is said that the more powerful mages eventually reach the point where they can just wiggle their brains and make things happen.  Mages tend to have very broad powers, able to invoke every kind of energy, or control matter, or bend time, or do a variety of other things that in many gaming systems would make them mega-twinks.  However, their enemies can twink right back at them, so it works out in the end.

Some cosmic force known as Zeno's Parodox punishes Mages whose powers are too blatant, but apparently it is too much of a wussy force to mess with the Senshi, who are blissfully immune to it.  Showing off this immunity is a good way to drive Mages nuts, as their efforts to emulate you will result in an amusing disaster.  Still, Mages try to keep their effects 'coincidental', so that Zeno can't find them and kick their butt.

Mages acknowledge several ranks:  Acolyte (Flunky), Apprentice (Flunky/Student Dual Class Character), Initiate (Student), Disciple (Weak Mage), Adept (Skillfull mage), Master (Scary Powerful Mage, except for blowing up periodically).  These roughly correspond to Power-Up levels for Senshi. (0/1/2/3/4/5 respectively)

The Good Witches and Warlocks have ties to the Order of Hermes (Gandalf wannabes) and the Verbena (Neo-Pagan Treehuggers), and sometimes work together with them.

Young Verbena Coven member (Disciple):
Attributes:  Strength: 2  Dex: 3  Stamina: 3   Perception: 2  Intelligence: 2  Wits: 2  Charisma: 3  Manipulation: 3  Appearance: 4 (Sexy)
Talents:  Athletics 1, Awareness 3, Brawling: 1, Dodge: 1, Empathy 2, Expression 1, Make Speeches 1, Subterfuge 1
Skills:  Etiquette 1, Firearms 1, High Ritual 2, Leadership 2, Makeup 2, Melee 2, Pose Impressively 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2, Tree-Hugging 3
Knowledges:  Clique Lore 1, Mage Lore 3, Occult 2
Virtues:  Love 3, Justice 3, Hope 3, Courage: 3
Purity: 6
Willpower: 6
Backgrounds:  Animal Companion in the 2-4 range
Merchandising: Greenpeace pamphlets, Sacred Knife (Strength +1 damage), Kettle used for magical rites and cooking, Blood Donor T-shirt
Power-Up: 3
Powers:  Life Magick 3 [Used to heal, inflict wounds coincidentally (heart attack, well-placed blows, pulled tendons) or blatantly (head falls off), can simulate Might and Toughness up to # of successes on a Life Roll at difficulty 6, can create plants and invertebrates at a cost of one purity point each], Prime Magick 2 [Used in conjunction with Life to create living things, also used to spend a purity point and make a weapon inflict aggravated damage for a scene, or to try to stun someone; oppose Power-Up vs. target's Stamina, difficulty six, each culmulative success stuns for one round], Spirit Magick 1 [Treat as Sense Youma 1 and Elemental:  Purification 1], Cool 2, Look Good at All Times 1   [Verbena typically play around with blood, living things, sex, jogging, holistic medicine, health food, pointy hats, and running about naked as the 'Foci' for their powers]

Arrogant old Order of Hermes Master:
Attributes:  Strength: 1  Dex: 2  Stamina: 2   Perception: 3  Intelligence: 4 (Knowledgeable)  Wits: 3  Charisma: 2  Manipulation: 4 (Overbearing)  Appearance: 1
Talents:  Alertness 1, Awareness 3, Blame the Technocracy for Everything Bad 3, Dodge: 1, Empathy 1, Expression 2, Make Speeches 4 (Talk Forever), Ramble On About the Good Old Days 5 (Talk about how impudent the young are), Subterfuge 3
Skills:  Etiquette 4 (Avoid Hacking Off Other Cranky Old Coots), High Ritual 3, Leadership 2, Melee 1, Pose Impressively 3
Knowledges:  Cosmology 3, Enigmas 3, History 2 (Mostly due to living through it), Mage Lore 4 (Hermetic Houses), Occult 3, Politics 3
Virtues:  Love 1, Justice 1, Hope 2, Courage: 5 (Delusions of Grandeur at Work)
Purity: 3 (Justice + Hope.  Old and bitter he is, but still able to turn you to dust)
Willpower: 9
Backgrounds:  Resources 5 (He can MAKE his own money if he has to)
Merchandising: More Wands than you can shake a Rod at, Pointy Hat and Sparkly Robes, Ceremonial Silver Sword (only Strength + 2 damage, after which it bends, but adds +3 dice to any spirit summoning rite
Power-Up: 5+
Powers:  Huge wadges of power; just have him do things and succeed, but fairly quickly, Zeno comes and kicks his butt.

Evil Jack-Booted Fascist Technocrat #1 (Or Honest, Open-Minded Libertarian Scientist.  Your call)--Middle Management Member of the Syndicate (Money Mages)
Attributes:  Strength: 2  Dex: 2  Stamina: 2   Perception: 3  Intelligence: 2  Wits: 3  Charisma: 3  Manipulation: 4 (Sell Ice to an Inuit)  Appearance: 3
Talents:  Alertness 2, Awareness 2, Empathy 2, Expression 3, Subterfuge 4 (Cover up flaws of products)
Skills:  Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Firearms 2, Leadership 3, Propaganda 3, Technology 1
Knowledges:  Business 4 (Finance), Bureaucracy 2, Clique Lore 1, Computers 2, Investigation 2, Law 2, Politics 3, Science 1
Virtues:  Love 2, Justice 1, Hope 4, Courage: 2
Purity: 6 (Hope + Courage)
Willpower: 8
Backgrounds:  Acquaintances:  Yes, Groupies 3, Resources 6+, Sidekicks 5 (Usually bodyguards)
Merchandising: Scads and Scads.  You name it, he either has it or can get it.  Typically carries: Armored Suit (+3 dice to soak rolls), Briefcase that only he can open, Cellular Phone that can't be traced, Power Tie (adds 3 dice to any social action), Spectre Limousine (okay, technically, he doesn't carry this)
Power-Up: 4
Powers: Mind Magick 4 [Equvalent to Telepathy 4 and Taunt 4], Prime Magick 3 [Used in conjunction with Life to create living things, also used to spend a purity point and make a weapon inflict aggravated damage for a scene, or to try to stun someone; oppose Power-Up vs. target's Stamina, difficulty six, each culmulative success stuns for one round, can also be used to suck out your Purity points as if he was a Youma], Time 3 [Used to try to predict the future or see the past, also functions as Show Up When Most Needed 3, and Speed 3]  Cool 3, Look Good At All Times 3, Sense Annoying Being 2

Vampire:  The Masquerade

In a crossover game, vampires are advised to use high levels of Obfuscate and hide until the Senshi go away.  Auspex will penetrate the Arcane power as if it was Obfuscate, and aura-reading a Senshi will get you a face full of bright pretty colors.  Certain Senshi Powers will effect Vampires as noted above in their descriptions.  Senshi respond best to Vampires who are pursuing Humanity, and will try to aid Vampires who seek Golconda...if they find out before trying to cut his head off.  The Path of Humanity roughly corresponds to Love + Hope, and that'll have to do for this.  The fact that Vampires have problems with the Love thing is a contributing factor to why Vamps tend to go down the tubes in the long run.

Vampires create their victims by draining the victim of blood, and then giving the victim some of their own blood, turning them into a Vampire just like them.  This is known as the Embrace.  If they feed their blood to someone who isn't so desperately in need of a refill, they become what is known as a 'Ghoul', gaining a point of Might and the ability to learn other vampire powers at a very low level.  Anyone who drinks a given vampire's blood on three different nights becomes blood bonded, which makes them act as if they were madly in love with the Vampire, for good and ill.

Vampire society is organized into Clans, all of whom are descended from a really old, evil, twisted, disgusting fellow just like your great-uncle Ernie, who everyone wishes would die, but just keeps going.  Their progenitors are known as the Antediluvians, even though many of them are really Unclediluvians.  This is one of the great mysteries of Vamprirekind, who are known as the Kindred because they are in-bred.

Vampire society is torn by conflict.  The Camarilla (Ruled by cranky old men) and the Sabbat (ruled by lunatic thugs and cranky old men trying to pretend they aren't exactly like their enemies so their own descendents don't do to them what they did to their sires)  fight with each other for the same reasons parents and children regularly chop each other to bits, in the so called War of Ages...of course, in an extended family where you can become your own Grandfather by killing him and drinking his soul, this conflict can get mess.  This struggle among Vampires for fame, glory, power, influence, wealth, and because they're bored is known as the Jyhad because becoming Embraced destroys one's ability to spell.

Still, the Senshi know little of Vampire politics for the same reason that most people don't study the politics of the fire ants in their yard before they pour gasoline on the antpile and burn them.

Vampires are actually immune to many of the traditional weaknesses of vampires, except for the ones among them who aren't.  Still, they burn nicely and make excellent coat racks once staked.

Vampires seem to suffer from the strange compulsion to wear black and hang around in bars complaining about how they must be monsters in order to avoid becoming monsters.  Apparently logic is another thing Vampires lose.  Still, they have an easy time dressing up for Halloween, so it's not all bad.

While Vampires have low Purity scores, usually, they have a special statistic called 'Blood Pool', which reflects how toked up on Blood they are.  The older the vampire, the more blood he can hold, just like a nice big juicy leech.  Yum.  They can spend Blood Points to heal wounds, raise their stats, and to better fake being alive by bringing a flush to their cheeks or giving themselves a shiny red nose if they want to pass as W. C. Fields.

Since they will tend to be Monsters of the Week in a Senshi game, you can use Youma stats for young vampires, Youma General stats for Elder Vampires, and if an Unclediluvian shows up, you can soak the players' character sheets in lighter fluid and apply open flame.

Victim:  The Slaughter

Let's face it, every Senshi story needs faceless victims to fall prey to the Youma of the Week, and these people fit the bill perfectly.  And since they have no powers and low willpower, it's easy to bring these poor saps in.  Treat as Faceless Minions without any powers or Merchandising.

Werewolf:  The Apocalypse

See the Purity rules for determining use of Sense Wyrm on a Senshi.  Things which are resisted with Gnosis can be resisted with permanent Purity; things which steal Gnosis will steal temporary Purity instead.  Anything that is resisted with Rage is resisted with Courage instead.  Senshi Powers work just fine in the Umbra, but most Senshi have no way to get there, or get back if they get stuck there.  While in the Umbra, they will automatically transform to their magical form and stay that way.  Sense Youma will detect Banes and other Wyrm corrupted beings.

I could provide extensive rules for Werewolves, but they're likely to just either eat you or trample everything in their wake, so you can use this simple system when your PCs encounter werewolves:
Roll 1 die.
1:  The Werewolves frenzy and eat the entire cast of your chronicle.  Resume play in an alternate universe.
2-5:  The Werewolves frenzy and eat only the PCs.  See part 2 of what happens on a 1.
6-9:  The Werewolves slaughter the entire collection of foes of the PCs in one Rage-laden round.  Move on to new chronicle.
10:  PCs have misfortune to encounter Garou in Harano.  Everyone in sight must listen to him whine for 5d10 rounds, then he leaves.  Consult the Big Book of Harano if you really want to, but I wouldn't.

Wraith:  The Oblivion

Senshi are very passionate and make tasty Pathos sources, giving any Wraith who tries to get Pathos from them two extra points if he gets any at all.  The Purification Elemental Power works quite well against Skinriding and Inhabiting Wraiths, but can't cross the Shroud.