Rhea Seraph's Apartment and Home Page

This homepage may one day be the coolest site on the web, but right now, it's not. I'm working on it, though.

This page is dedicated to my many creative activities and my beliefs. What you will find here are some of the things I really care about and have poured what little soul I have into them.

Some of these things will be more impressive than others. I like to draw, but I'll freely admit I won't be winning any awards any time soon. Here's a Sample:

You can jump to my the rest of my Art here.

I like to design web pages: Here's my excessively cool (NOT) page I use to help me find my web tools. My page of useful sites to find stuff to help you build web pages

I like to design RPGS stuff, some of it even serious. Here's a sample:

Senshi: The Merchandising


This is an anime-themed Muck that is run by none other than yours, truly, ME!

It is an experimental site, created to be run with the Pueblo multi-media program, so that you can see cool pictures, listen to music on the Muck jukebox, etc, etc. Check it out.

Crazed Anime Fan Zone

I am a crazed Anime Fan. My two favorites are Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon

My Favorite Ranma 1/2 char is Ukyou Kuonji. The woman Ranma SHOULD marry ^_-.

She's so KAWAII!!!!!!!

If like me, you just can't get enough Ukyou pictures, ever, check out My horde of Ukyou pics

My Other favorite is Sailor Moon!

Here is a link to my Sailor Moon Appreciation Page

Here's a link to Hitoshi Doi's page: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Here's a link to another of my projects--Under Slave Master Stefan, I work for Spoof Chase:

  • Spoof Chase Home Page

    ART and Friends' STUFF

  • Here is my friend "Haruka"'s pages.

    Faith Stuff

    I am a practicing Catholic, and I have some very strong beliefs. I want to share my faith with people, so I'm slowly poking away at what is currently called my "Faith" page until I think of a better title.

    My Faith Page

    Here's a link to a on-line bible! RSV on-line

    You can support the Global Crusade against Telemarketer by checking out this Anti-Telemarketer Home Page!

    I've had this many visitors.

    You can email me at here

    That's all folks!