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by John Biles

In ancient Greece, there was a cult of priests dedicated to the worship of Aesclepius, god
of Healing and Medicine. Among this cult, there were some who awakened to the power
of Magick. After paganism was banned in the Roman Empire in the late 4th century AD,
they organized themselves and went underground to continue the work of healing. Many
joined the monastic movement, hoping to motivate it in the direction of works of public
charity and the tending of the sick.

During the middle ages, they worked to create hospitals and homes for those suffering from
leprosy. It was at this time that they came in contact with similar groups of mages in Asia and
established ties across Eurasia. The order was shocked by the Black Death. They tried to
convince the mages of Europe to unite to fight it, but the Order of Hermes and the Celestial
Chorus were already increasingly locked in struggle. They did their best to confine its ravages
and successfully prevented it from crossing the Sahara to ravage Africa. It was at this time that the
definite break occurred between the Hippocratic Circle and the Order of Aesclepius, which had
been allied off and on before this and often intertwined in membership and goals.  With the rise of the
Technocracy, the Order went increasingly underground, but have continued to promote the
study and  practice of medicine, which they regard as the greatest achievement of the modern

The order claims that Florence Nightingale, Albert Schweitzer, and Jonas Salk were
among its ranks. The order has increasingly turned in recent years to the healing of
psychological illness also. The order often claims that Jung was among their ranks, but
no one can say for sure.

This world cries out for healing and we must answer the call. We shall return life to a
world slowly dying. Physical, mental, and spiritual illness are linked and must be healed
together. To heal without changing a person's life only insures that the illness or injury
will recur. To kill is only necessary to save one's life. Never hold where speech is
enough. Never hurt where holding is enough. Never injure where hurting is enough.
Never maim where injury is enough. Never kill where maiming is enough. All need
healing, not hurting. You must offer your aid to whoever needs it most. All life prospers
and suffers together. Your strength can be their strength, and their pain is yours.
Together we can make this a better place.






The Spheres

Primary Sphere: Life


Mage Specific Backgrounds:

The Order of Aesclepius is a loose cooperative network of healers world wide. It has no
hiearchy, but those of greater magical skill tend to lead the larger scale endeavors. The
Red Cross is strongly controlled by them along with many other major charities. All of
the Order meet once a year in a given region. Sometimes masters of the order will call
meetings of their disciples.




Acolytes: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Faith Healers, Chiropractors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Medical Students, Hypochondriacs



Healing Vision:  (Spirit 2)  This rote is the archetypical rote of the Order, which summons jagglings of Aesclepius to teach the recipient of the vision how to heal himself.  The recipient then recieves the advice in a vision while asleep.  Every success effectively gives the target one die in the Medicine skill, which can push the target's Medicine skill over 5.  This bonus applies only to treating a specific ailment, but lasts as long as the ailment does.

Peace:  (Mind 2)  The Order prefers to avoid violence.  This rote soothes people so that they seek other options than violence to achieve their goals, or at least do not fight from anger.  They will still defend themselves.  Beings with 'rage' are harder to effect with this.  They can add their rage to the willpower roll to resist this effect.  It can also be used to bring someone out of a frenzy.

Physician, Heal Thyself:  (Life 2)  One must heal oneself before one heals others.  The Order practices dozens of traditional curative methods, from acupuncture to herbalism to drinking mixtures of gold, mercury, and horseradish.  In coincidental form, this rote effectively enables the target to heal wounds at a rate as if they were one wound less injured than they really are.  In vulgar form, you can heal one wound per success instantly.  The Life 3 variant is used to heal others as well.

Mirror of the Soul:  (Spirit 1, Mind 3)  This rote is used to show a person the state of their soul.  By gazing into a mirror, they can see the truth about themselves, as any spiritual corruption is revealed as symbolic physical deformity.  This is coincidental as long as you don't go around doing it too much.  It can also be used to reveal this truth to others, which is almost always vulgar.  There is a punishment rote, which is highly vulgar, adding Life 4 to actually physically change the person to match their spiritual state.  This is normally only used on highly corrupt individuals who cannot otherwise be confronted.

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