Senshi: The Merchandising Revised Edition
Cliquebook: Sailor Warriors

A humorous supplement for the White Wolf Storyteller system, at least in some loose sense :)

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Part 0: Obligatory Fiction Using Signature Characters

Typhoon was a happy little Sabbat; nothing gave him a bigger thrill than seducing teenage girls and drinking them dry, except maybe keeping their head as a trophy afterwards.  He'd had to quit that, though; his pack was getting sick of the stink of rotting heads, and after the pack priest tripped over one of them, they'd forced him to burn them all and then do fire-jumping over the pile again and again until he finally fell in and his left leg was charred for a week.

But they had no problem with simple murder; it was his trophy habit.  And so, he'd gone to the movies and found a lonely young lady watching the film by herself, boohooing because her boyfriend was off with another woman.  He'd made all the right soothing noises and sympathetic sounds he could stomach making to a pathetic mortal, and soon, she'd been crying on his shoulder.  He was supposed to be walking her home right now, but it had proven to be such a long walk, he'd abandoned his dream of killing her in front of her family and was settling for draining her dry in an alleyway.

He paused for a moment, staring at the blissful look on her face, savoring the irony of how much she was enjoying her own death.  She muttered a name, "Freddy".  Probably the boyfriend.  He decided to go find the boyfriend and kill him, just to be fair.  Then another thought struck him.  Even better to embrace her and turn her loose on him in her newfound frenzy for blood.  She'd kill her own boyfriend to slake her initial hunger, a good first step down the road to becoming Sabbat.  Did she have the makings of a good Sabbat?

His thoughts were rudely interrupted.

"Seducing an innocent young girl who has just had her heart broken isn't very nice!"

What the hell, he thought?

He turned and looked, and saw three young girls, about the same age as this one, wearing fairly skimpy dresses with huge bows over their bosoms.  They were all wearing tiaras and high heeled boots, too.  One of them was holding a three foot long rod tipped with a heart.

Oh great, I just drank from someone on drugs, and now I'm tripping too.  She probably hallucinated that she had a boyfriend.  This is gonna be worse than when I drained that faerie kid dry, he thought.  He decided it was best to ignore them.

"Because of what you've done, I cannot forgive you!"

Ahh, must be a conscience attack.  Good thing I'm already damned.  Shut up, conscience.  He tried to focus on the sweet taste of her blood.

"In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

Man, this is serious drugs.


He let the girl drop, though she had blood to spare.  There was a tiny chance these might be some real band of lunatics, or even Malkavians.  Best to take no chances.  He turned and let his fangs show, sprouting claws from his fingertips.  "This better?"

One of the girls, a raven haired beauty dressed in a red-trimmed skimpy dress stepped forward.  "Ooh, a vampire."

"Yep.  So who wants to die first?"

"You do.  MARS FLAME SNIPER!"  The girl put one arm forward and a bow of flame appeared, then she drew the other back and an arrow of fire formed.  He stared at it, fascinated and terrified, feeling both the urge to run away, and the urge to run forward and try to jump over it.  A second later, he lost his choice as it slammed into his chest, igniting his clothing and searing a hole in his body.

Damn these drugs, he thought.  This is the worst trip of my life.  I'm gonna start running all my victims past a doctor for drug testing once this wears off.

It wasn't drugs.  Lightning followed the fire, and then he saw the last sight of his unlife, a chain of hearts closing in at his head.  His last thoughts were, I'm gonna even start an anti-drug campaign...

Mars pulled out a stake, and stuck it through the vampire's remains, just to be sure, and stuffed some garlic in his mouth as well, then cut off his head and burned his body with another flame arrow.  "You think that'll do it?" she asked Mercury, a young girl with hair dyed blue.

Mercury, who had started fiddling with her powerbook, while Moon and Venus took care of Jupiter, who was still unconscious, said, "Hmm.  My computer says he's dead, but that he has an entire pack worth of friends."

"Freaking great."

"And Jupiter is alive, but she needs healing badly.  We're going to have to take her to Saturn."

"But the only Saturn we know is in Boston!  And Mom took away my car keys again," Moon said, frowning.

"We'll have to Sailor Teleport then," Mercury said.

Venus sighed and lifted the unconscious Hippolyta (aka Sailor Jupiter) off the ground.  "Let's go."

They linked hands and shouted, "SAILOR TELEPORT!"  There was a rainbow wash of light, and in a Technocracy construct nearby, a meter spiked.

Observer X338-Y stared at the meter, then cursed.  "Not more of them!"

The Merchandising had come to Hartford.  His superiors would not be pleased.

Part I: Introduction

What is this?
This is a supplement for the on-line utterly non-canonical, non-official, non-whatever Net supplement, Senshi:  The Merchandising, designed for use with the Storyteller System.  If you've never heard of the Storyteller System or you hate it, this probably won't be of much interest to you.  If you're interested in learning more about the Storyteller System, you can jump to White Wolf's Home Page and find out more.  Although I'm not sure how you got here if any of this applies...:)

This is what is colloquially known as a 'splatbook', a supplement detailing one of the major character groups of Senshi:  the Merchandising (known in Senshi:  The Merchandising as Cliques).  This particular one deals with the Sailor Warriors, derived from the animated series 'Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon' (Lovely Soldier Sailor Moon).  It takes some liberties in order to shoehorn them into the World of Darkness, of course, so if I contradict the canon, I probably meant to do it.

A Brief Description of The Sailor Warriors As They See Themselves:
25,000 or 1,000 years ago, depending on who you ask, there was a Kingdom on the Moon (Ya know, the WOD Moon gets pretty crowded sometimes), during an age of peace and prosperity.  Its royal family was guarded by nine magical warriors, the Senshi.  Unfortunately, Evil Queen Beryl, having already conquered the Earth (I bet the Technocracy had a fun time when they eventually had to cover all the evidence of that up), set out to destroy the Moon Kingdom, and brought it to ruin.  However, Queen Serenity successfully used the Maguffin Stone...I mean, the Silver Moon Crystal, to destroy Beryl's army and send all the souls of the fallen to the future to be reborn in another age of peace and prosperity.  This being the World of Darkness, they got stuck settling for the prosperity part, and have been reborn in the twentieth century as the Sailor Warriors, so called because their royal uniforms bears a suspicious resemblance to the school girl uniform style known as the 'Sailor Fuku' because it bears some resemblance to old British naval uniforms (in the same way that a red corvette bears some resemblence to a red fire truck).

The Sailor Warriors are all either female, or turn into women when they transform, and work closely with the Tuxedos.  Each of them draws their power from a celestial body (no, that doesn't mean they have to have a high Appearance), and typically has a theme to their powers, such as fire, light, water, or crying a lot.  Some take on the persona of a character from the TV show and manga, while others, sometimes derided as 'fanfic Senshi', retain their original identity to a greater extent and have a non-standard celestial body as a patron, such as Sailor Ooort Cloud or Sailor Dust Particle 556473-B.

They are further torn by intellectual strife often referred to as the 'inner' and 'outer' Senshi split.  The Inners try to lead normal lives, although Sailor Business always seems to come looking for them, and they will do their duty at that time, and the Outers, who seem themselves as having a mission to rid the World of Darkness of Evil and focus much more heavily on the monster-stomping side of their life.  The two groups have yet to actively split, but it keeps the many Sailor Moons busy trying to prevent such disunion.

Clique Merit: Sailor Teleport: By joining hands, a group of Sailor Warriors can go anywhere they've ever heard of by each spending one willpower point, and rolling a number of dice equal to the amount of willpower spent (a small group can spend extra willpower to get extra dice) at difficulty six. The number of successes needed is the same as if one was using the Mage Correspondence Table. They can transport one non-sailor in addition for every point of willpower that was spent on the teleport.

Clique Flaw: Must Pose and Shout Command Words to Use Powers

The Sailor Warriors, Seen From the Outside:

The Sailor Warriors are a collection of women, mostly ranging from 14 to 25, who believe themselves to be the reincarnation of magical female warriors from a long ago kingdom on the moon.  However, a few years ago, this kingdom didn't exist, because they're remembering a past that never happened.  It's important to note that they don't know that any more; they've transformed themselves with the power of their belief.  Unkind folk might call them insane.  Mages who believe reality is subjective, on the other hand, argue that if enough people believe something becomes true.

There may be something in what the Mages say, for an umbral realm that bears a strong resemblence to the Moon Kingdom of their beliefs has recently been found by umbral travellers, and wraiths have heard whispers of the 'Dark Kingdom of Moonsilver' ruled over by a 'Queen Serenity', and various groups and creatures have begun to appear who assert the truth of the history in which the Senshi believe.  And as more evidence appears, belief is reinforced, creating more evidence...who knows what may develop?

Or then again, maybe it DID exist, and the Technocracy hid all the evidence, and the release of Sailor Moon is all a plot by the Mokole, who remember it all, to bring one of their old memories to life.  And you thought all the Mokole did was sit around in swamps and grouse about the good old days.


Well, the real theme of this is that this is a parody, an exercise in making fun of the World of Darkness in a friendly way.  I love it, but it takes itself a little too seriously at times, and so this is my way of combining two things I both love, and love to make fun of.  This revised edition encompasses a wider range of 'magical girl' and 'kids with powers' shows; I'm not sure how well they all fit together, but it gives me more targets to take potshots at.

The theme of the work from which this Cliquebook is derived is the theme of how to achieve maturity without losing one's soul--how to pass from innocence to wisdom, instead of from innocence to despair and cynicism.  The enemies that the Sailor Warriors fight are all effectively metaphors for all the ways in which various apparently innocent activities can become beasts that devour you, whether by draining all your energy so you burn out or through the active malevolence of those who promote them.  The key to achieving a mature adulthood is to discover what it is that only you can do, the task for which you were made, and doing it.

It's also about having the courage to fight for what you believe in, and the courage to dream big.  The Sailor Warriors are always encouraging people to never give up hope, to keep striving until they succeed, to never give up.  They fight for a peaceful future.

A third major theme is the power of love, which can overcome anything if it is pure.  Anyone can be redeemed by love if love is strong enough and they're willing to open themselves to it.  Love and redemption are major themes of the Sailor Warriors' adventures--romantic love, familial love, compassion, and companionship.

And finally, there is an important theme of purity of deeds.  The end does not justify the means in Sailor Moon.  Evil deeds will generate evil results, no matter what you intended to achieve.  It is but the first step down the spiral to hate, fear, death, and despair, the road walked by the Black Moon Family to its destruction, and by Beryl and Metallia.


Parody at various levels of sophistication, really.  I hope you laugh a lot while you read this.

Should you actually try to play...Bright, shiny colors which sometimes hide deep, dismal darkness.

The world where one lives one's normal life is a bright and cheerful place, marred only by the normal sadnesses of youth, from dropping ice cream to being dumped.  But everything has the potential to have a nightmare lurking under it.  The main difference between it and the standard World of Darkness is that normal life is much brighter and cheerier...which makes the monsters, horror, and death that much darker when they happen.  Especially as the average Senshi has much closer ties to the normal people around him than the average Vampire/Garou/Mage/Wraith/Changeling.

It's important to set that mood of utterly ordinary life and to enmire the PCs in the web of ordinary relationships, so that when their best friend discovers the local health club is slowly eating people's souls, the horror is that much worse, and the motivation to stop the evil is that much stronger.  Most Sailor Warriors are still living at home; their families need to be living, breathing people in order to create the mood of ordinariness which is then periodically shattered.

Part II: A 'History' of the Sailor Senshi

A new force has arisen in the world of Darkness. Some think it a light of hope. Others see it as the greatest evil since the corruption of the Wyrm. It started in Japan, then spread to America.... Children and teenagers who fight for Love and Justice and sometimes in the name of the Moon. This has lead some Garou to claim them as fellow servants of Gaia, or at least of Luna. The women identify themselves with planets, the men can't seem to keep their own names straight... They are children, wielding the power of Gods. The world trembles...well, okay, they have magic powers and sometimes even don't abuse them for fun and profit.

Since 1992, the show Sailor Moon has been running on Japanese Television, both in our world and in the World of Darkness. But in the World of Darkness, reality relys on belief. And Children tend to believe what they see...Sailor Moon has been wildly popular. You can buy toys. You can buy books. You can buy costumes. You can BE Sailor Moon. And thus...the awakenings have begun. Children weilding the powers they have seen on TV... Or to be more precise, teenagers weilding the power....Not that this hasn't stopped a plethora of younger children from taking Chibi Moon as a model. SHUDDER.

The show ceased in 1997, but it was too late for the Technocracy to stop the tide which had been unleashed.  By now, there are dozens of Sailor Teams, as the bands of Sailor Warriors usually call themselves, found in every nation where Sailor Moon has been on the air...which means a fairly large percentage of nations with television, especially in Europe and Asia.

They have yet to become united as an organization, although a lot of informal contact takes place through the newsgroup, which the various 'Mercuries' use to exchange information which appears to simply be fanfics and random insane fan chatter.

They have, however, formed a close alliance with the Tuxedos, and the two groups are to a large extent, simply the male and female wings of the same society.

Most of the other supernaturals have yet to have a lot of contact with them and are still trying to decide whether to recruit them, kill them, or avoid them.  The Traditions and the Seelie Fae have made some tentative contacts and alliances with some of them, and the Sabbat has announced, "Kill them, kill them, embrace their relatives and let the relatives kill them.  Now, before we lose any more Prisci to a damn tiara."

Part III: Bickering

This chapter deals with various splits within Sailor Warrior society and with the various social aspects of being a Sailor Warrior.

Original vs. Non-Canonical Senshi

The Sailor Warriors split roughly along two different axis into groups.  The first axis is between 'canonical' and 'non-canonical' senshi.  The former group have, to a greater or lesser extent, taken on the identities of the 16 Sailor Senshi who appear in the canon of Sailor Moon (Nine Planetary Senshi, Four Asteroid Senshi, and Three 'Starlight' Senshi).  They tend to have the same powers, attitudes, and sometimes the same memories and identities as the fictional Senshi.  The Senshi they have taken as their model is known as their 'Idol'.

The Major Idols

This often leads to conflict with the so called 'non-canonical' or 'fanfic' Sailor Warriors.  These women usually retain their original identity, although acquiring a past life they didn't formerly know they had, and have ties to a wide array of planetary bodies not mentioned in the series.  They often have a harder time getting accepted, as they are rarer than the canonical senshi, and more unique without built-in ties to the others (other than the horde of Sailor Earths and the like who take Naru as their template).

Inners vs. Outers and the Senshi Credos

The second split derives from the series itself, the split between Inner and Outer Senshi.  This tends to be a split both of age and of personality; the Outers tend to be more mature and more ruthless, where the Inners are younger and more innocent.  This hinges off the two different Credos they follow, and more than anything else, it is which of those two Credos you follow which determines whether one is Inner or Outer:

The Sailor Warrior Credos

Fighting for Love and Justice (The Way of the Inner Senshi):
Purity = Love + Justice

The Inner Senshi seem themselves as warriors for peace and love, fighting to make the world a better place, bonded together by their love for one another.  They try to balance the dictates of Compassion and Justice, trying to redeem their enemies and heal the splits within their own ranks when they happen.  They also tend to be fairly reactive, living normal lives until the monsters show up, then stomping the monsters and going back to their normal lives, although they will go over to the proactive side once the leaders of the monsters can be found and dealt with.

Hiearchy of Naughtiness for the Credo of Fighting for Love and Justice:

Justice Makers (The Way of the Outer Senshi):
Purity = Justice + Courage

The Outer Senshi see themselves as supernatural warriors, bound by a duty to 'do what only they can do', namely crushing the supernatural threats which endanger the innocent.  They are willing to do whatever it takes, willing to sacrifice a few so that the majority can survive.  They'd rather everyone survive, but they're not reluctant to take more drastic, harsh measures than the Inners.  They are just as willing to be ruthless with themselves if it is necessary.  Everything else, including a normal life, takes second place to their current mission.

Hiearchy of Naughtiness for the Credo of Justice Makers:

Sailor Teams:

Sailor Teams are the basic social unit of Sailor Warrior Society, consisting of 2-12 Sailor Warriors and Tuxedos, although the classic number is five.  They generally have an informal leadership structure, usually led by any Sailor Moons who might be present, or else by whoever is either the most pushy or the most charismatic.

Inner Senshi Sailor Teams typically bicker a lot, and spend a lot of time just having normal lives, coming together as friends to do fun stuff, and to fight the Monster of the Week.

Outer Senshi Sailor Teams are usually more tight knit, have a clearly defined leader (a Pluto, if one is available), and spend their time hunting and destroying supernatural threats, although they aren't adverse to taking time off if it appears all the major threats have been eliminated.

A Sailor Team usually has a loosely defined territory within a city, or possibly the whole city if the team is very large or the city is very small.  They'll try to clean everything that's a threat to humanity out of that area, although there's a strong tendency to be more reactive than proactive, especially among the Inners.  They may have a headquarters, but commonly, they just meet at the park, the fast food stand, or whatever.  There is however, one major exception to that...

Senshi Castles:

Some Senshi have personal Castles, which are supposedly on the heavenly body they are linked to.  In some cases, this may be the case; in most cases, it would appear that these castle realms are in the Umbra, for they often bear no real resemblence to either the physical or umbral aspects of the appropriate world, star, or whatever.  These castle realms range from huts to entire kingdoms with the Senshi as their queen.  These realms tend to display what Magi would call 'resonance' strongly reflecting the personality, appearance, and attitudes of their ruler.

For example, Cassandra Mayo, a Sailor Pluto who teaches English literature and has a taste for regency romances possesses a level four castle realm which consists of a large mansion in the late eighteenth century English style surrounded by a large garden and park.  The staff dresses in the eighteenth century style, and there are weekly masquerade balls.  All the traditional English holidays are celebrated, and the mansion has a well-stocked library full of first edition eighteenth century works, including ones she's never read, but wanted to.

Mika Kobayashi, a teenage Sailor Uranus who grew up in the worst part of Osaka, has a level four castle realm. Hers is a square multi-leveled keep surrounded by a barbed wire fence in a mountain valley.  Hordes of oni periodically pour down from the mountains and besiege it and have to be fought off; they wear the colors of various gangs she has fought in the past, and of other supernatural enemies she has battled.  Various other disasters she has to overcome constantly take place as well.  Her followers often bear a strong resemblence to living and fallen friends of hers from the real world.

Senshi castles serve as refuges, meeting places, party sights, and a source of mental, physical, and spiritual tests.  Some Castle Realms grow when their owners advance in Power-Up.  See the Castle Realm Background for details on size and contents.

For Umbral travellers trying to find them, they can usually be accessed through the High Umbra or from the Penumbra of the appropriate heavenly body, existing suspended between the Earth and the appropriate world in some way.  Some rumors also speak of Umbral Roads connecting them to each other.

Part IV: Gossip

  • Other Cliques
  • The Espers and Miracle Girls
  • The Wedding Warriors
  • The Tuxedos (or Guardians)
  • The Idol Angels
  • The Holy Thieves
  • The Fairy Princesses
  • The Card Captors
  • The Magical Knights of Arcadia
  • The Good Witches and Warlocks
  • Other Supernaturals
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Mages
  • Wraiths
  • Changelings
  • Places
  • The Umbra
  • The Dreaming
  • Arcadia
  • The Shadowlands
  • Horizon Realms
  • Tokyo
  • Inner Senshi speak.

    Outer Senshi speak

    Other Cliques

    The Espers and Miracle Girls

    They're like, really cool once you get to know them, although I can't see why they don't use their powers to fight evil!  After all, with great power comes great responsibility. Who are they hiding from?  Oh, and how do they use their powers in normal form?  That isn't fair.  And remember, don't ever take them on a date, 'cause they'll eat you out of house and home.  And I thought Sailor Moon had a big mouth...

    What a waste of their powers.  When their friends get eaten by monsters because they left the fighting to other people so they could have a normal life, I'll be laughing at them.  After I deal with the monster, that is.

    The Wedding Warriors

    They're a bad parody of us, right?  Please say yes, even if you're lying.  They're good people; we get along well, but...I mean, I fight for Love and Justice, but...c'mon.  A wedding dress in BATTLE?  Hey, my fuku is functional!  Don't look at me like that!

    Whimper.  Cringe.  Make it stop.  Just go away.  PLEASE..

    The Tuxedos (or Guardians)

    They're all so dreamy, I can hardly stand to look at them!  He likes me, right?

    Good fighters with tiny male brains and a tendency to end up mind-controlled.  Which isn't so bad, as it gives me an excuse to beat them up periodically.

    The Idol Angels

    Oooh, I wish I could be just like Idol Angel Mami!  I'd love to be a singer making beautiful music and bringing joy to everyone.  If those monsters would just stop attacking long enough for me to get my big break...

    Their concerts are great, but there's a lot better uses for magic than making money hand over fist by using your magic to turn people into your drooling fans.

    The Holy Thieves

    I'm not sure what to think about these people.  Stealing is bad, but they only seem to do it to evil people.  But does that make it okay?  I'm gonna have to think about this one.

    They're great.  Like us, they stick it to the forces of evil where it hurts, and they do what they have to do to accomplish it.  And they do it with style and grace as well.

    The Fairy Princesses

    I wish I could be a princess, but that's Sailor Moon's job.  Still, they're great people.

    I wish the world was really as nice as they think it is.  They're the kind of people we need to protect.

    The Card Captors

    They get all the neat toys.  Maybe once they clean up their mess, they can help us build a peaceful future.

    Gotta respect people who take the time to clean up after themselves.  They too serve a useful purpose.

    The Magical Knights of Arcadia

    Strong, brave warriors helping out the poor faeries.  I like them, although the way they talk to things that aren't there gets kinda creepy at times.

    The faeries can take care of themselves.  While they're running around talking to invisible creatures that may or may not exist, humans are getting eaten every day by nasties from the sewers and worse.  Get your priorities straight, bucko.

    The Good Witches and Warlocks

    They're cool, with all sorts of neat powers, cool toys, and magical lore.  I'm not quite sure what they do with all that power, though.

    Too many of them use their powers for cheap pranks, but they can be useful allies.  Okay, I admit it, I wish I had a magic broom.  Oh, shut up.

    Other Supernaturals


    I feel sorry for the poor things, condemned to live on the blood of the living, to never see the sun, to have to hide from their old friends and families.  There must be some way to cure them so they can be normal again.

    Staked vampires make great hatracks.  Kill the bloodsuckers before they breed out of control.  Nightclubs are an ideal spot to find them.  Just remember to never try to fight a pack of them by yourself.  If Pluto hadn't shown up, I'd be dead.


    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!  Run far, far away.  Werewolves eat people and smash things and they're really, really scary.  I guess some of them are nice, but even the nice ones scare me.

    Noble, doomed warriors.  They make good allies if you can convince them you're not evil.  Unfortunately, many of them want to wipe out humanity, so we may have to fight them.  Well, I didn't take this job because I wanted an easy fight.


    Really cool.  I met this one who healed my dog, and another one who fixed my car with a spell, and  I have an on-line chat with this other one, and except for the evil ones who have to be stomped on, I like them.  Technocracy?  What's a Technocracy?

    An incredibly mixed bag.  Some are good, some are bad, some need to die right now.  I take them as I find them, and I try to stay out of their way when they fight.  So what IS the Technocracy?


    Poor souls.  I try to help them when I meet them.  Well, if they're good.  But sometimes good ones turn evil and vice versa.  It's really confusing.

    Avoid them if you can; they're too unpredictable, and I'm here to defend the living, not the dead.  Let Kami-sama sort them out.


    They're incredibly cool, but their transformation sequences aren't flashy enough.  And they often act like they've transformed, even though they haven't.  But they're great people to hang out with and have fun.  Well, the Seelie are.  The Unseelie are a bunch of meanies who need a good spanking, and I'm inclined to give it to them.  Did you see what that one did to Uranus' sister?  She cried for a week.

    An Unseelie 'ravaged' my sister once, trying to get 'Glamour'.  Once I found him, I broke both his legs, shoved his face in a manure pile, stripped him naked, then dumped him in front of a police station.  I sometimes wonder what he told the cops.  His friends came after me.  I could hardly believe the one with the red hat actually managed to digest an entire bottle of Draino.  I suppose he's managed to eat his way out by now...

    As for the Seelie, I don't trust them.  This whole Glamour collecting thing sounds way too much like Youma stealing human life energy to me.  Still, the Seelie ones seem to not be causing too much trouble, and most of the time, you can't tell someone's a faerie anyway, so I stick to the real problems in life.


    The Umbra

    It's like where the spirits and stuff live, right?  Never been there, but I hear it's cool.

    Like a bad drug trip, although some bits of it are interesting.  And some mage once told me my Castle Realm was in it.  Still not sure what it is.

    The Dreaming

    It has something to do with faeries, right?  Or something?  All the faeries I've met use it in weird ways...sometimes it seems to be right here on Earth.

    I dream when I sleep.  That's about what I know.


    The homeland of faeries.  But I hear they got locked out somehow.

    After meeting and beating a few Unseelie, I'm not surprised the other faeries kicked out the ones living on Earth.

    The Shadowlands

    Creepy, creepy, creepy.  Saturn was telling me about it, and it sounded awful.  Makes me feel even sorrier for the ghosts.

    Creepy, creepy, creepy.  I've heard rumors there's a place called the 'Dark Kingdom of Moonsilver' where all the fallen from the Moon Kingdom go.  I'd rather keep my horror in the movies, though.

    Horizon Realms

    A what?

    A what?


    I'd love to visit Tokyo.  I see it in my dreams sometimes.  And I could get some cheap anime!

    I've heard some heavy rumors that place has some seriously bad mojo going down.  No thanks.

    Part V: Templates

    Born Romantic:

    Age: 16
    Nature:  Romantic
    Demeanor: Bon Vivant
    Idol:  Venus

    Strength: 2  Dex: 3  Stamina: 2
    (When transformed: Strength: 3  Dex: 4 (Agile)  Stamina: 3 )
    Perception: 2  Intelligence: 1  Wits: 3
    Charisma: 3  Manipulation: 3  Appearance: 3 (4 when transformed.  Specialty:  Sexy)
    Talents:  Alertness 2,  Brawl: 2 , Dodge: 2, Flirt: 3, Make Speeches: 2
    Skills:  Etiquette: 1, Leadership: 2, Makeup: 3, Pose Impressively: 1, Skip School: 2
    Knowledges:  Area Knowledge: 1, Clique Lore: 1, Music History: 1, Silver Millenium Lore: 1
    Virtues:  Love 5, Justice 2, Hope 3 , Courage: 3
    Credo:  Fighting For Love and Justice
    Purity: 7
    Merits/Flaws:  Skilled at Flirting (M1), Annoying Girl-friend/Boy-friend wannabe (F2)
    Backgrounds: Age: 2, Familial Resources: 3, Past Life: 2, Sidekick 1 (Your boyfriend of the Week)
    Willpower: 6
    Merchandising: Communicator (Level 1), Makeup Kit (Level 2), Super Transformation Pen (1)
    Power-Up: 3
    Light 3, Look Good at All Times 1, Speed 1

    You're still at the 'instant crush' stage of life, falling in love with half the guys you meet, and going through boyfriends the way some people go through tissue paper.  The joy of the hunt is still greater than the joy of having them, although that's starting to change.  You dream of finding the perfect guy who will sweep you off your feet and love you forever, but you haven't found him yet.  But you're going to keep trying until you do.  You don't take your senshi duties as seriously as you should, and you've got a well deserved reputation as a flake.  So, you like to have fun.  A little too much at times.  But you're brave, and when your friends really need you, you'll be there.  You just wish they'd stop needing you when you're on a date.

    You were just an ordinary flaky girl until Tony, your boyfriend at the time, had the misfortune to join an explorer's club that turned out to be a Youma front.  You'd gone along despite hating icky outdoors wilderness stuff (ie, anywhere more than three minutes from air conditioning).  Then the monsters came out of the woods the first night, and something woke up inside of you, giving you the power you needed to save them.  You dumped Tony after the trip, but now it seems like all your boyfriends keep stumbling into youma traps, getting stalked by vampires, and worse. It's enough to make a woman swear off men.  (Although not as much as that one guy you went out with once a year ago makes you think about it.  He just WON'T give up, and he always shows up at the worst possible time!)

    Child Senshi:

    Age: 9
    Nature:  Manipulator
    Demeanor: Child
    Idol:  Chibi-Moon.

    Strength: 1  Dex: 3  Stamina: 2
    (When transformed: Strength: 2  Dex: 4 (Nimble)  Stamina: 3 )
    Perception: 4 (Few Precconceptions)  Intelligence: 2  Wits: 3
    Charisma: 2  Manipulation: 4 (Whine Your Way to the Top)  Appearance: 3 (4 when transformed.  Specialty:  Cute)
    Talents:  Acting: 2, Alertness 2,  Crybaby: 3 , Dodge: 3, Shift Blame: 4 (Pin the Blame on Older Sibling)
    Skills:  Animal Ken: 1, Performance: 1, Skip School: 2, Stealth: 3
    Knowledges:  Area Knowledge: 1, Clique Lore: 1, Knock-Knock Joke Lore: 3, Silver Millenium Lore: 1
    Virtues:  Love 4, Justice 3, Hope 4 , Courage: 2
    Credo:  Fighting For Love and Justice
    Purity: 7
    Merits/Flaws:  Hold breath even after you turn blue (M1) , Child (F2)
    Backgrounds: Age: - 1, Animal Companion: 2 (Mitzi the Cat), Familial Resources: 3
    Willpower: 5
    Merchandising: Mesmerism Umbrella, My Little Pony
    Power-Up: 1
    Earth 1, Arcane 1, Sense Annoying Being 1, Speed 1, Taunt 1

    You're cute and you know it, and you know how to take advantage of it to make bigger people do what you want.  But at the same time, you really do want to be a super hero and protect people.  You're smart enough to know you're going to have to rely on your wits, because you're only slightly more dangerous in combat than your pet cat.  Maybe.  Hang around older kids, complain when they treat you as a child, and periodically panic and really act as one.  And get crushes on every Tuxedo who comes along.

    You always wanted to be a superhero, and when Sailor Moon came on the air, you watched it religiously, wishing you could be just like Chibi-Moon. Then one day, your pet cat, Mitzi, started talking to you, and told you that YOU were really a Sailor Senshi, and it was your duty to fight evil.  She gave you your magic umbrella, and taught you how to bring your My Little Pony, Starshine, to life, and now you try to fight evil the way you always have...find the evil and get someone older to beat it up for you.  Well, eventually you'll be able to fight it yourself.  When you're bigger.

    Eidoleon Senshi:

    Age: 15 (17)
    Nature:  Dreamer
    Demeanor: Wallflower  (Queen)
    Idol:  Neptune

    Strength: 2  Dex: 1  Stamina: 4 (Endurant)
    (When transformed: Strength: 2  Dex: 4 (Graceful)  Stamina: 3 )
    Perception: 3  Intelligence: 4 (Analytical)  Wits: 2
    (When transformed: Perception: 3  Intelligence: 4 (Analytical)  Wits: 2)
    Charisma: 1  Manipulation: 2  Appearance: 3
    (When transformed: Charisma: 3  Manipulation: 2  Appearance: 3)
    Talents:  Awareness: 1, Expression: 2, Streetwise: 1
    Skills:  Etiquette: 2, Performance: 4 (Violin), Survival: 1
    Knowledges:   Music History: 2, Sailor Warrior Lore: 3, Science: 2, Silver Millenium Lore: 3, Youma Lore: 1
    Virtues:  Love 2, Justice 4, Hope 4 , Courage: 3
    Credo:  Justice Maker
    Purity: 7
    Merits/Flaws:  Assume the Idol's Form (M7), Shy (F1), Geek (F2) (Shy and Geek have reduced values because they only apply to the normal form), Mean Parents (F1)
    Backgrounds: Age: 1, Castle Realm: 4, Familial Resources: 1, Present Life: 5
    Willpower: 6
    Merchandising: Communicator (Level 1)
    Power-Up: 3
    Water 3, Look Good at All Times 2

    You have developed a split personality.  Your normal side is a shy and repressed young girl whose inner beauty only comes out in your music.  You spend a lot of time being treated badly by your family, so you've learned to avoid them.  But your transformed form is a queen, regal and kind, lacking the shyness and fear that dominate your normal life.

    You grew up poor, scrabbling just to get by, and dreamed of a better life where you were an elegant princess, loved by all and able to dedicate yourself to the music you also dreamed of.  By hard effort, you managed to scrape up the money for violin lessons, hoping to get into a music school.  And then one day, you saw a show that had a character who was everything you dreamed of.  Her name was Michiru, and she was everything you wanted to be.  That night, you had one of your strange dreams, and when you woke were her, living in the mansion you've always dreamed of (your castle realm).  You've since learned to control it, and found other people like you.  Now you fight by their side and dream of the future to come...and live it while you can.

    Sailor Earth:

    Age: 15
    Nature:  Guardian
    Demeanor: Gallant
    Idol:  None.  You are a Non-Canonical Senshi

    Strength: 3  Dex: 3  Stamina: 3
    (When transformed: Strength: 4 (Strong Legs)  Dex: 4 (Athletic)  Stamina: 4 (Endurant))
    Perception: 2  Intelligence: 2  Wits: 3
    Charisma: 2  Manipulation: 2  Appearance: 2 (3 when transformed)
    Talents:  Alertness 1, Athletics: 2,  Brawl: 3 , Dodge: 2, Intimidate: 2, Streetwise: 1
    Skills:  Firearms: 1, Melee: 4 (Sword), Pose Impressively: 1, Skip School: 2
    Knowledges:  Area Knowledge: 3, Law: 1
    Virtues:  Love 2, Justice 3, Hope 3 , Courage: 5
    Credo: Justice Maker
    Purity: 8
    Merits/Flaws:  Bad Temper (F2)
    Backgrounds: Age: 1, Familial Resources: 2
    Willpower: 5
    Merchandising: Communicator (Level 1), Excalibur (Level 5.  Treat as Space Sword)
    Power-Up: 3
    Earth 3, Might 2, Speed 1

    You like to kick ass and you like to do it with style.  You've never been one to take bullying; if people push you, you push back.  This goes double for the monsters you now know exist.  But you use your power to protect people, and you only beat up people who deserve it.  Of course, that boundary can be a bit wobbly, but your sense of justice restrains you...when your temper doesn't flare up.

    You grew up tough and strong, trained by your father to fight so you could defend yourself.  You never ran with any gangs, and as a result, you had to beat up a few gang members who got uppity with you.  Then one night, a ganger you'd beaten up the day before came back with his friends...some of whom had fangs.  They chased you through the streets into a run down old park with a creek in it.  Much to your surprise, an anvil with a sword stuck in it was floating down the creek.  Very slowly.  You ran over and saw the inscription 'Whosoever pulleth this sword from this anvil will be Sailor Earth and kick much ass'.  You drew the sword and transformed for the first time.  That gang isn't around any more, but you are.  Time to take out the garbage.

    Senshi Princess:

    Age: 15
    Nature:  Caregiver
    Demeanor: Celebrant
    Idol:  Moon

    Strength: 2  Dex: 1 Stamina: 3
    (When transformed: Strength: 3  Dex: 2  Stamina: 4 (Tough) )
    Perception: 3  Intelligence: 2  Wits: 2
    Charisma: 3  Manipulation: 1  Appearance: 3 (4 when transformed.  Specialty:  Regal)
    Talents: Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 3, Flirt: 1, Make Speeches: 4 (Inspiring Your Allies)
    Skills:  Etiquette: 1, Leadership: 2, Makeup: 1, Pose Impressively: 2, Skip School: 1, Throw Unusual Weapons: 3
    Knowledges:  Area Knowledge: 1, Clique Lore: 1, Silver Millenium Lore: 1, Youma Lore: 1
    Virtues:  Love 4, Justice 3, Hope 3 , Courage: 3
    Credo:  Fighting For Love and Justice
    Purity: 7
    Merits/Flaws:  Deep Sleeper (F1), Soft-Hearted (F1), Enemy (F5) (The master villain of the Chronicle.  Iya)
    Backgrounds: Age: 1, Animal Companion: 2, Familial Resources: 2, Past Life: 2, Sidekick: 1 (Your best friend and frequent monster victim)
    Willpower: 5
    Merchandising: Communicator (Level 1), Super Transformation Pen (Level 1), Weapon Tiara (Level 3, does Str+3 Agg damage)
    Power-Up: 3
    Purification: 3, Inspiration: 2

    You are the sort of person who throws themselves into everything they do.  You also tend to be a natural leader of the very idealistic, open, and honest variety, still innocent and uncorrupted by the world. You take your roll as leader very seriously, and do your best to pull your share in battle, though you're not a very fierce combatant.  As a result, you usually try to find ways to avoid having to fight, to bring enemies together peacefully.

    You were just an ordinary girl until the monsters started showing up, and this talking cat found you and told you you had to fight them.  You were resistant at first, but you didn't like to see your friends get hurt, so you started doing your best to protect them.  You soon found a Sailor Team collecting around you, and now, you've just discovered that you are a reincarnated Princess.  It's overwhelming at times, but you've decided that if you're a princess, then you're going to do your best to be the best princess you can be.

    Part VI:  Senshi of Note

    Sailor Earth
    There is no single Sailor Earth of note, but Sailor Earth is the most common title of 'non-canonical' senshi.  About half of them take Naru Osaka, Usagi's closest friend from the series as their Idol, making them pseudo-canonical (as they also effectively add on her being a Sailor Warrior).  The other half usually retain their own identities, although a handful bring in some other character as part of it.

    Susanna Mays
    Susanna Mays is one of the leading Plutos, who travels around between three different cities (Chicago, St. Louis, and Milwaukee) aiding and coordinating their Sailor Teams.  Unlike most Sailor Warriors (even unlike most Outers), she has abandoned all but the flimsiest vestiges of a normal life, benefiting from her position as the heiress to a prosperous meat packing company based in Chicago.  When not busy coming to the aid of various Sailors, she also works as a fashion designer (Style 5) and tries to write poetry (horrible beyond comprehension).  She posesses a level four castle realm, which consists of a grand mansion surrounded by an icy plain and a constantly night sky.

    Moon Revengers
    This Outers Sailor Team is based in Seattle and has strong ties to a nearby Child of Gaia sept.  Led by a Sailor Pluto (Anna Thompson), they have become extensively involved in the Garou/Wyrm struggle and various Garou politics, seeing the Garou as valuable allies in the war against monsters.  Their most noted feat was to actually locate an umbral realm, possibly on the Moon (possibly a dream realm), which resembles the old Moon Kingdom.  It was, however, shortly afterwards destroyed by forces from Malfeas, which led to their current name and alliance with the Garou.

    Harriet Skie
    Harriet Skie is highly admired by Sailor Warriors on the Outer Senshi side of things.  Many consider her the perfect Uranus, possessing the look and the attitude to a T.  She is part of a small mixed Sailor Team of two canonical (Uranus and Neptune) and two non-canonical (Brooklyn and Tethys) Sailor Warriors in New York City.  Her team has been active for three years now, and has cut a swathe through the local vampire community, at times slaughtering Sabbat faster than the Sabbat can replace their losses.  At the same time, she's starting to wonder if she's ever going to succeed in destroying's like trying to rid the world of roaches.  She is a sophmore in college and races motorcycles in her spare time.

    The Tennis Warriors

    This Sailor Team definitely falls on the 'non-canonical' side, despite each of its members having one of the canonical senshi as their Idol.  The reason for this is that they fight evil in tennis uniforms, using tennis equipment as their merchandising.  Led by a young high school student, Miki 'Moon' Koishikawa, this squad is currently locked in a war with the Youma Lord Zwei-Lite, master of the Laws of Drama, servant of one of the many Queen Beryls who seem to be popping up like flies these days.  They are aided by several Tuxedos known as the 'Masked Golfers' and the mysterious 'Tennis Mask'.  The other members of the Tennis warriors are:

    Serena Watson

    Serena Watson is one of the most noted Sailor Moons of the Sailor Warriors.  Leading a Sailor Team in Vancouver, she's helped to maintain the fragile supernatural peace of the city by defeating five different efforts to destabilize it, and orchestrating the kidnapping and locking in a room of a quarreling vampire and werewolf until they finally apologized to each other (keeping them in there for two months wasn't easy).  She's also been connected to the death of two Sabbat packs, the 'spontaneous combustion' of an O'Tooley's Family Restaurant, and possibly to a logging operation being shut down after the trees ripped up all of the logging equipment one night, causing the company to go bankrupt.  She also possesses one of the most famous of all Castle Realms, a miniature version of the Moon Kingdom itself at its prime, which is currently ruled by Lady Wisdom, her regent, in Serena's many absences to take care of mundane life.  However, if she flunks math again, her parents have announced they will ground her until the sun burns out...she's starting to heavily neglect her normal life to take care of her supernatural duties, and this will likely lead to problems since she's only fifteen and still living at home.

    Appendix I: Enemies

    See core rules for details of Youma, Youma Lords, etc.

    Sailor Men

    Technically, Sailor Men are simply something to run away from, rather than enemies per se.  These are guys who dress up in fukus for Cosplays at anime conventions.  The sight of one forces a real Sailor to make a Willpower check at a difficulty of 6 (8 if the guy is really skanky) or run screaming at the sight.  Normal humans only have a difficulty of four for the check.  Fortunately, a Delirium-like effect tends to blank out the memory of this encounter fairly rapidly.

    The Sailor Moon Enemies from the TV show in World of Darkness Terms:

    First Season
    Youmas:  Youmas, duh.
    Queen Beryl and the Generals:  Youma Generals
    Queen Metallia:  Incarna/Preceptor/Hidden Master

    Second Season
    Fiore:  A powerful Umbrood, or possibly an orphan human mage (who believed himself an alien) gone Nephandus
    Ail and Ann:  Two mostly human Umbrood; possibly from an Umbral Realm that collapsed.  Could also be interpreted as mages serving an Umbrood.
    Cardians:  Youmas
    The Tree of Life:  Thaumivoric Umbrood, probably a very strong Gaffling
    The Black Moon Family:  Youma Generals.  Could also be played as powerful Nephandic magi or an Unseelie court.
    Droids:  Youmas
    Wiseman:  A powerful Spectre or a Hidden Master

    Third Season:
    Daemons:  Youma
    Deathbusters:  Sons of Ether Barabbi all the way.
    Mistress Nine:  Powerful Umbrood, but not quite Preceptor level
    Master Pharaoh Ninety:  At least a Preceptor/Incarna, and possibly an Aeon/Celestine.
    The Ice Queen from the Movie:  Preceptor or Hidden Master.

    Fourth Season:
    Black Moon Circus:  Most definitely Unseelie fae, although doing them as Nephandic Dreamspeakers could be an interesting twist.
    Queen Nephrenia:  Probably a Lord of the Dreaming
    Helios:  A Gaffling Totem Spirit (of Pegasus) who became Chibi's personal totem.

    Fifth Season:
    The various Sailors working for Galaxia:  Corrupted Senshi.  The Nephandic equivalent, I suppose.  Hmm, there's a supplement idea...
    Galaxia:  A Celestine, possibly Gaia herself.  Wouldn't that be a kick in the head for the Garou if Usagi saved Gaia from Wyrm corruption...Hmm...

    Appendix 2: OOC Gaming Stuff

    The Sailor Warrior Power-Up Rank Titles

    A Senshi's Power-Up Stat reflects how powerful they can potentially become.  Raising one's 'Power-Up' stat is like raising one's Arete in Mage; it requires achieving some sort of special task which reflects a growth in maturity and spiritual power.  Or possibly just bribing the Storyteller with donuts, but that's out of our hands.

    No Power can reach a higher level than one's Power-Up level, and each level of Power-Up comes with an appropriate title within your Clique.  In the case of the Sailors:

    1. Chibi-Sailor (Like Chibi-Moon)
    2. Sailor (Think First Season Sailor Moon)
    3. Sailor with Fries (S level power-ups)
    4. Super Sailor
    5. Eternal Sailor
    To give some canonical examples:
    Chibi-Moon: 1
    The Sailors on First Awakening: 2
    Sailors after their power-ups in Season S or Neptune and Uranus right off the bat: 3
    Super Sailor Moon: 4
    Eternal Sailor Moon: 5
    Galaxia:  Somewhere around 10, probably.

    Your Power-Up stat can never be higher than your Purity.



    Knack for Posing (M1)
    You have a knack for striking impressive poses.  +3 dice to Style, Look Good At All Times, and Pose Impressively.

    Frail (F7)
    You have horrible health.  You have +2 to all Stamina check difficulties, and any time you suffer more than a single wound in damage after soak, the damage is aggravated.  If you push yourself very hard (such as combat), you must make a Stamina check after three rounds at difficulty 8 (don't add the +2 to this), or spend the next three rounds resting.


    Total Brainiac (M5)
    You are just a total genius.  You get a -1 difficulty to all rolls involving any mental attribute.


    Access to Helicopters (M3)
    Should you suddenly need a helicopter, you have access to one, whether it's a friend who has one, or you yourself having one tucked away somewhere.

    Born Leader (M3)
    You have the knack of leadership.  Add 3 dice to any Leadership or Inspiration roll.

    Geek (F3)
    +1 difficulty to all Social checks when dealing with anyone who isn't also a Geek.


    Accessorize (M2)
    Whenever you transform, you can alter the color scheme of your uniform, if the whim strikes you.  This can be used to clumsily pass yourself off as a different Sailor (+3 dice to any attempt to pass as another Sailor).

    Assume the Idol's Form (M7)
    When you transform, you take on many of the attributes of your Idol.  Your transformed form has a completely different set of Attributes than your normal form, although you retain the same skills.  Effectively design a different set of attributes with the same number of attribute points your normal form has.  These attributes have to be raised seperately with XP from your normal ones.  You also physically transform into your Idol's appearance, which makes it impossible for anyone to see through the Disguise and recognize you, because it's not magic hiding your true really DO become different.

    Assume the Idol's Mind (M7)
    When you transform, you take on many of the attributes of your Idol.  Your transformed form has a completely different set of Abilities than your normal form, although you retain the same attributes.  Effectively design a different set of abilities with the same number of ability points your normal form has.  These abilities have to be raised seperately with XP from your normal ones.  There is no visible effect to this, but you assume the Nature and Demeanor of your Idol as well.

    New Abilities:


    Sailor Masquerade:

    This is the art of becoming just like the Sailor who is your Idol.  The better you are at it, the more you're like Sailor Whoever in every way.  Used by both fans and by Senshi themselves to try to fully turn into their role model.  Sadly, it doesn't actually grant you the powers...


    Play Video Games

    This is the art of playing video games and playing them WELL.

    Sneak Into Your House Without Getting Caught

    This is a secondary skill from Stealth.  If you can't tell what it's for from the name, no amount of description will help you.


    Senshi Computers

    The computers of the Silver Millenium don't run on the same principles as modern or Technomancer computers.  This knowledge lets you do everything with a computer acquired through the Merchandising background as boring mundanes do with normal computers.

    Silver Millennium Lore

    Unlike most people, you are aware of this secret chapter of World of Darkness history, the story of the Silver Millennium, a time of peace and prosperity, that of course, came to a horrible end.  This is the World of Darkness, after all.


    Castle Realm:
    You possess a pocket dimension which contains your own personal castle.  In theory, this castle is on whatever heavenly body you are aligned with.  In actuality, it is a realm in the Umbra from which is usually fairly easy to reach the umbral equivalent of the planet or asteroid or whatever.  You must make a purity check against the local Gauntlet to teleport to it or back from it.  You can bring other people by spending one purity point per five people.

    1. A shack.  It's pretty much a one-room building with a bed.  Good place to hide, but that's about all.
    2. A condo.  It's a well-furnished building the size of a 2-bedroom apartment.  Better furnished, and has cooking facilities.
    3. A house.  It's big enough to hold your whole Sailor Team, you have two spectral servants, and it's reasonably defensible.  It also has a yard.
    4. A mansion.  It has its own spectral staff, enough room for everyone you know, guards, a hall of mirrors, and a large, well-kept garden
    5. A palace.  You have your own small umbral kingdom the size of Leichtenstein, complete with a small army, a staff, and thousands of people scattered in several villages and a fair-sized town.  Miles of farmland and forest spread out around your palace, and they view you as their queen.  Only a sense of duty to Earth probably keeps you from retiring here permanently.
    Past Life:
    This background reflects how strongly you remember your past in the Moon Kingdom.  Like most past-life backgrounds, you can try to call upon it by making a difficulty 6 check against it to either remember things from the Moon Kingdom, or to channel your past self (gaining a number of dice in some ability equal to your number of successes).  On a botch, your past self takes over, and will likely have a hard time coping with the present day.

    Present Life:
    Canonical Senshi, to a greater or lesser extent, subsume themselves into the identity of their chosen Sailor.  This functions like Past Life, except that one is channeling the Sailor Warrior who you have modelled yourself after.  On a botch, your Idol's personality takes over completely for the rest of the scene.


    Listed as:

    Item (Merchandising level): Game effects

    Aqua Mirror (3):  You can use this little toy to spy on people.  It has six dice for scrying purposes.  Roll at a difficulty of six to try to scry a location or person, needing successes ranging from 1 for your best friend to 5 for a complete stranger.  I suggest using the Mage Correspondence Successes table if you have it.

    Communicator (1 or 2): Where's a Sailor Warrior Team without their communicators?  Unable to alert each other and beg for help, that's where.  A 1 point communicator is basically a cellular phone that doesn't look like one, tuned to a magical comm frequency, with a range of about thirty miles.  A 2 point communicator will reach anywhere on the planet, and into the Umbra, and includes a panic button and a tracer that someone with a Senshi Computer can track.

    Mesmerism Umbrella (3): You have a hypnotic umbrella you can use to try to mesmerize people and plant simple suggestions. This takes two combat rounds, and requires a roll on Manipulation + 4 vs. Their willpower. You can use it as often as you like. The target has to make a difficulty 8 WP roll the first round, or spend the second round just watching you finish the process of mesmerism.

    (Your Planet or Moon) Rod (2): This is an ornately decorated rod which augments one of your powers. You gain +3 dice in that power while carrying it. For every 2 levels of merchandising, you can add another power it effects.

    Portable Senshi Super Computer (4): You have a wrist computer with a display screen that either pops up from it or slides down from your tiara. It can hold up to five dice of abilities that you can use to augment your own. You can try to reprogram it to have different abilities-- Intelligence + Computers, Difficulty 7, 1 success per point changed. It takes one hour per success desired to do this. It can also be used to play computer games or to aid in the use of other computers (add 3 dice to computer rolls on other computers while you have it.) For one extra level of merchandising you can have a built-in youma tracker installed in it.

    Space Sword (5): The Space Sword (or whatever kind of weapon you make it) LOOKS like a tacky jeweled golden sword...until you strike with it for Strength + 3 Aggravated damage.  It also augments one of your powers by three dice (your choice).  You can keep it in a subspace pocket until you need it.

    Stuffed Animal companion: (1+): You have a talking stuffed animal friend. He/She/It starts with the base ability of Talking, all physical attributes at 1, mental and social at 2 and 7/5/3 for abilities. And Three health Levels: Ok, Crippled, Incapacitated For every additional point you invest, he/she/it gets one of the following: --5 ability pips --2 attribute pips --One extra Health Level (Moving up from Crippled) --The ability to move when no one but you is looking at him --(requires the previous ^) The ability to move at any time

    Super Transformation Pen (1 or 3):  Not only can you turn into various human forms, you can turn into 1 (level 1) or any animal form (level 3) with your pen, gaining appropriate physical abilities. The special transformation can be done 3 times per day, then it has to recharge.

    Weapon Tiara (1+): Your tiara can function as a weapon. It does Str + Level damage and comes back to you like a boomerang. This is aggravated damage.

    New Powers:

    Elemental Powers:

    Death: (Anyone with this elemental power must take the flaw Frail; being tied to the death force isn't healthy)

    1. Sense Death:  You can 'feel' any death that happens very close to you; make a check on Perception + Death, difficulty 6 to tell where and what.  The closer, the less successes you need.  You automatically feel the death of anyone you love, which forces a love check to avoid extreme depression.  You can also tell if someone is undead and why.  You can also see Wraiths through the shroud, sense Entropy magic, and talk to wraiths.
    2. Faces of Death:  You can sense when someone is likely to die and how.  Check as per Sense Death, with the more successes, the more you know.
    3. Death Ribbons:  You can call upon the power of Death to attack your enemies.  This does Stamina + Death damage dice, roll Dexterity + Death to hit.
    4. Death Ribbon Revolution:  You can attack Death # of targets with your Death Ribbons by spending one Purity Point. Roll seperately to hit each.
    5. Renew the Cycle:  You can force an undead being to drop dead by spending three Purity Points and pitting your willpower against his (difficulty 6).  Whoever wins the struggle inflicts aggravated damage on the target equal to the number of successes they rolled.  This is rather dangerous with high willpower undead.  The victim cannot soak any of that damage.  This can be done through the Shroud to Wraiths as well.
    Healing is also a common power of Death Senshi (who tend to be Life and Death Senshi)


    1. Internal Clock: You have an internal clock that adjusts itself for time zones, daylight savings time, etc.  You can use it as a reminder calendar or set mental alarms to wake yourself up.  You gain bonus dice equal to your rating in time to any roll to wake up on time, show up on time, or generally to be on time.
    2. Good Timing:  You have an intuitive sense for the best time to do things.  This lets you add your Time rating as bonus dice to the 'Show Up When Most Needed' power, and also can be used once per session to add bonus dice equal to your Time rating to one action, by performing it at exactly the right time.
    3. Faster than You:  Add your Time rating to all initiative rolls.
    4. Time Window:  You can look through the Gate of Time to examine the past or possible future of a place or person.  Roll Perception + Time at a difficulty of 6. How far you can gaze is dependant on your successes: 1--1 minute, 2--1 day, 3--1 year, 4--1 century, 5--1 millenia, 6--all the way back to the Silver Millenium

    5. Gate of Time:  You can now open the Gate of Time.  You must spend three Purity Points and 1 willpower, then make a Wits + Time roll to steer the Gate to the right point in time.  Keep in mind that the future is not set in stone, and tampering with the past gets messy really quickly.


    1. Internal Clock: You have an internal clock that adjusts itself for time zones, daylight savings time, etc.  You can use it as a reminder calendar or set mental alarms to wake yourself up.  You gain bonus dice equal to your rating in time to any roll to wake up on time, show up on time, or generally to be on time.
    2. Good Timing:  You have an intuitive sense for the best time to do things.  This lets you add your Time rating as bonus dice to the 'Show Up When Most Needed' power, and also can be used once per session to add bonus dice equal to your Time rating to one action, by performing it at exactly the right time.
    3. Faster than You:  Add your Time rating to all initiative rolls.
    4. Time Window:  You can look through the Gate of Time to examine the past or possible future of a place or person.  Roll Perception + Time at a difficulty of 6. How far you can gaze is dependant on your successes: 1--1 minute, 2--1 day, 3--1 year, 4--1 century, 5--1 millenia, 6--all the way back to the Silver Millenium
    5. Gate of Time:  You can now open the Gate of Time.  You must spend three Purity Points and 1 willpower, then make a Wits + Time roll to steer the Gate to the right point in time.  Keep in mind that the future is not set in stone, and tampering with the past gets messy really quickly.
    Show Up When  Most Needed and Speed make good auxillary powers for a Time Senshi.

    Non-Elemental Powers:

    Extradimensional Pocket:
    Many Sailors have the ability to keep things in a sort of personal extradimensional space (the same one where Immortals from the Highlander series keep their swords).  You can store one man-portable object in your 'pocket' per level in this power.

    You must either sprout wings or ride something to use this power.  You move at Dex + Flight * 10 miles per hour.  Use Dex + Athletics to manuever.  Rather obviously, this only works in your magical form if you do it by sprouting wings.  Any Senshi who reaches a Power-Up of Five gains 1 pip in this power for free (by sprouting wings in their transformed form) or gains 1 extra pip.

    By spending a purity point, you can heal wounds equal to your success on Stamina+Healing (difficulty 6 roll) to anyone.  Aggravated damage requires spending one purity point per wound, but the person being healed can also contribute.

    Sailor KICK!:
    The Sailor Warriors often go for the blunt approach when energy blasts fail.  This power adds 1 extra die to unarmed attack damage per level of Sailor KICK!.