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Hi, I'm Aino Minako, also known as Mina in NA! I'm the Lovely Soldier Sailor V, aka Sailor Venus! While you're here, try this Sailor V cola! It's really good!



There are times when Minako and Usagi seem almost creepily similar to each other. They both have guardian cats who harrass them. They both can be fairly airheaded. They are both very emotional. It's not too surprising, given that Minako started out as the star of the manga series Codename Sailor V, which was the precursor of Sailor Moon. Still, Minako has her own unique features to know and love and run away screaming in fear of...

For one thing, Minako took her mission more seriously from the start. This had good and bad effects. By the time she appears in Sailor Moon, Minako is an experienced heroine, adept in the use of her powers. Like Ami, she is capable of finesse, such as her successful disarming shot that marks her first appearance in Sailor Moon.

The bad side effect, however, is that Minako was, for over a year, terribly lonely. Her mission took her away from her friends and lead to total social isolation as she no longer had time for them. She had Artemis, but who could expect a fourteen year old to be satisfied with the company of a sarcastic lazy cat? When she finds the Sailors, she is ecstatic, as she no longer has to be alone. This is the recurring theme of the Inner Senshi, a group of people, loners by choice or duty, who are brought together by Usagi and made into a family.

Minako seems at times, to have an almost dual personality. Sometimes she is the experienced warrior, the commander of the Senshi back in the Moon Kingdom, who makes excellent use of her powers, provides a strong role of leadership, and is idolized by Usagi.  And sometimes...

Well, sometimes Minako makes Usagi look like a supergenius. She can get ridiculously obsessive, like her mad rampage in one of the S episodes where she tries to prove she has a pure enough heart that the villians should take her Heart Crystal. If she offers to 'help' you....RUN! She is a little vain too, and she, like Makoto, has horrible luck with boyfriends.

My absolute favorite Minako episode is the 'Nurse Minako' episode in which we get to see Minako run wild, trying to help out her ailing friends. From the cooking that would not die, to a demonstration of how NOT to change the stereo, it's a laugh riot so full of gags, it would take far too much space to summarize them all. And of course, Usagi's revenge at the end is perfect.

My other favorite Minako moment is in the Sailor Moon S episode where she disguises herself as Sailor Moon, trying to convince one of the villians that Usagi is NOT Sailor Moon. It is a SCREAM. You have to see it to believe it :)

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