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Welcome to Usagi's Sailor Moon Shrine! It has been heavily revamped, for three reasons:

  1. Because 'she' felt like it.
  2. Because SM ended and changes needed to be made.
  3. Because it was a mess and had never been finished.

There are about 1 bajillion SM pages on the net, so the management felt the need to heavily change the page and make there be SOME point to reading this one in addition to twelve million other pages.

This page now focuses on four things:

  1. A brief summary of Sailor Moon history
  2. Why I love Sailor Moon and why, therefore, YOU should love this show ^_-:
  3. My favorite moments of SM 'history'
  4. My SM fanfiction and fanfiction by other people that I find worth reading.

Let the Tribute begin...

Ami Mizuno, Aka Sailor Mercury, welcomes you to Usagi's Sailor Shrine. She'd greet you herself, but she's trying to remember where she left the Spiral Heart Moon Rod...

Once upon a time in Japan, there was a TV series called Sailor Moon. It ran for five years:

  1. Sailor Moon: This season forms a complete story, in which an ordinary girl, Tsukino Usagi, discovers her true heritage and learns how to be a hero as she and her friends battle against her ancient nemesis, Queen Beryl, who destroyed the magical kingdom on the Moon that the Sailor Senshi once called home. This season ended with a classical magical girls' ending in which everyone forgot their powers and returned to a normal life. But it didn't end there...
  2. Sailor Moon R(eturns): This season had two storylines. In the first, the Sailors regain their memories and powers when a pair of alien life force vampires come to town, trying to sustain their guardian, the Doom Tree. In the second, Usagi and Mamoru's daughter from the future flees to the present trying to find the Silver Crystal to save Crystal Tokyo in the future. But as usual, she's being pursued by agents of the Black Moon Family who ALSO want the crystal. Sailor Pluto, the enigmatic guardian of time and all around Cool Person, makes her first appearance.
  3. Sailor Moon S(uper): Probably the BEST season of Sailor Moon. The first appearance of the Outer Senshi. The first appearance of Sailor Saturn. Love, redemption, moral questioning, awesome animation, and some great humor. Outer Senshi vs. Inner Senshi vs. The Deathbusters first to find the Holy Grail, then to find the Messiah. Three guesses who that turns out to be ^_-
  4. Sailor Moon SS: Probably the WORST season of Sailor Moon. You may like Pixie Stix, right? Now imagine if you ate 30000 of them at one sitting. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.
  5. Sailor Moon Stars: A decent season with a great ending. What happens to Haruka and Michiru has been coming to them for a loooooooong time. I cheered. ^_-. Usagi once again shows that she can find good where others find only darkness. Sailor Galaxia is making her way across the universe, laying waste to entire star systems and reclaiming the star seeds that are the basis of the power of the Sailors. Three enigmatic Sailors have come to Earth, fleeing their dead world and seeking their missing princess. Are they friend or foe? Can they be even MORE obnoxious than the Outers? Why does Pluto never tell anyone anything until it's too late? Will our heroes triumph and at what cost? (Of course they will, you nitwit ^_-) The last season of Sailor Moon.


So, WHY does a basically sane grown man, 27 years old, with an MA in British History like Sailor Moon?

You can find my 'origin story' as a SM fan here , or you can just read my ranting below ^_-.

Well, for one thing, it makes 90% of American animation look pathetic. Only two American animation series come close to it in quality: Gargoyles and Batman: The New Adventures, leaving out humourous animation, which is another league of competition. Sailor Moon has real stories with long term plots, villians that STAY DEAD, and heroines who grow and change over time. It has endearing characters who grow and mature as the series progresses, without ceasing to be real and sympathetic.

Sailor Moon is a sweetly romantic show that appeals to my heart, my soul, and my mind. Certainly, it is not without flaw. It can often be repetitive, it makes heavy use of stock footage, and some episodes are so predictable, I could write the whole episode once I see the first five minutes. Despite all that, it is still one of my favorite shows of all time.

It is a story whose heroines are young girls, but it has a message for young and old alike. That is the message of true love and redeeming love. The heart of the series is the love between friends and lovers that transcends any barrier: enemies, space, time, death, or even evil itself. Nothing can seperate those who truly love each other, and love has redeeming power. It is Usagi's ability to love anyone, regardless of their worthiness that again and again brings hope, healing, and new life where others can see only destruction, death, and evil. Sailor Moon appeals to my romantic core.

The Inner Senshi

Usagi Makoto Ami Rei Venus Stay on this 
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Hi, this is Usagi! Here I am with my closest friends in the entire world, Ami-chan and Rei-chan and Mako-chan and Mina-chan. We're the central characters of Sailor Moon. Oh, my bratty daughter from the future made it into this pic too. She's the one with the pink hair and no taste. You can click on each of us to go to a special page about us!


Hey! I'm only trying to help you, you little...


Why I like Usagi-chan

Why I like Ami-chan

Why I like Rei-chan

Why I like Mako-chan

Why I like Minako-chan

Why I like Mamoru...sometimes.

However, I don't love Chibi-Usa, so you'll have to go hunt somewhere else to find a tribute to her :P

The Outer Senshi

Why I like Haruka and Michiru (And occassionally hate them too ^_-)

Here's why I like Setsuna and Hotaru

My Favorite Sailor Moon Moments

Hi, this is Usagi! You can find this page's list of Top Ten Sailor Moon Moments by clicking here.

Sailor Moon Fanfiction

I'm a big Sailor Moon fanfic fan. You can find my page of Fanfic links and reviews here . Be warned a lot of it is simply my own stories :)

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