How I learned to stop worrying and love the Sailors,

Or, how a sensible history student became a raving Sailor Moon fan.

The next person who calls me Serena GETS IT!

I was a Sailor Moon fan for nearly two years before I ever even saw an episode. That probably sounds incredibly bizarre. Well, here's the whole scoop:

Once upon a time, I was one of the top posters on Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc. At that time, the SM dub had not yet happened, but I had heard lots of rants about the show on RAAM. I got curious, so I did a web search and found the first SM web page of all: Hitoshi Doi's awesome SM web page. I was hooked, but I had no way to feed my desire for the series. I knew very few anime fans and didn't have my own TV and VCR anyway.

When SM fanfics began to flood the web, I read them voraciously as best I could and dreamed of the day I would finally be in a market where I could watch the Dub, because any SM would be better than NO SM at all, which is what I had to put up with for close to two years.

I also began producing my own Sailor Moon fanfics. Yes, this was BEFORE I actually saw any episodes whatsover. Yeah, I'm weird :) I did just about the same thing with Ranma 1/2 :)

Finally, I got to see some of the Dub at Jeff Hosmer's house when I came to Katsucon 2, and he gave me a complete tape collection of the Dub. It wasn't the original, but for a starving SM fan like me, it was heaven. Since then, I've acquired a fair # of subtitled episodes and seen a few of the more heavily slashed episodes in the original form.

And a BIG thanks to Zen, who gave me the Sailor Moon R movie which is now one of my five most treasured tapes of all time.

Oh, and also some mindless grovelling in abasement before the feet of Carmen Spray, with whom I had my March Sailor Moon-a-thon, in which she guided me through Sailor Moon S and Stars. Before your endless SM knowlege I bow in awe.

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