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The End of the Sailor Moon R Movie

The Sailor Moon R movie just plain rocks. If I had to pick one SINGLE continuous piece of SM footage to save from the destruction of human civilization, this would be it. Sure, it doesn't fit the continuity in a coherent manner, but with a story this cool, who needs to? The ending is one of the most perfect illustrations of the themes of love and friendship in SM that one could ever wish for. We see how Usagi's love has lifted up her friends, her boyfriends, and even the villian of the story, who repents and gives his life to save hers, as she has given her life to save her friends one more time.

What are you afraid of? Don't worry, you aren't alone.

The Final Battle against Queen Beryl

Again, this has it all. One by one, the sailors show they are truly heroines. Their love and self-sacrifice is a wonder to behold. One by one, they give their lives to save their friends and to give Usagi the strength to face Queen Beryl. They return from the grave to join her in the final fight against Metallia. Nothing, not even death, can end their friendship. Some especially fine sub-moments ^_-

Hello, Sailor Moon. Welcome to Hell.

I'm not afraid anymore.

The Nurse Minako Episode

When Minako goes over the top, it's always entertaining. This is the best, in my opinion of the 'Minako obsessing over something' episodes as she goes all out to 'help her friends.' This episode probably could have gotten by without any monsters showing up at all...I wish we'd gotten to see her try and help Ami and Makoto too :) One of the best humor focused episodes.

I am the angel of mercy, the goddess of love, Aino Minako!

The Death of Nephrite

This was one of the very first Sailor Moon episodes I ever saw. Nephrite's death is heart-wrenching, and even though I knew he was going to die, it still broke me up inside. Sailor Moon is a show about the redemptive power of love and this is the first major example we see of it in the series. Nephrite is redeemed by Naru's love and by the love he comes to feel for her. It is her love that enables her to pull out one of the supposedly unremovable daggers that has been stuck into Nephrite. This story reminds us that we don't have to have supernatural powers to make a difference. Naru is just an ordinary girl, but her love is pure and it has power to bring healing. Here, for once, Usagi's sense for the good inside someone fails her, perhaps the only time, and it is her friend Naru who finds the light where others saw only darkness.

Usagi: Forget about Sanjouin, Naru-chan.

Naru-chan: I can't. No matter how bad he is. Usagi, is there someone you like?

Usagi: Well.. Yeah.

Naru: Then you must know how I feel.

Nephrite's last words--I'm sorry. I can't go eat chocolate parfait. I lied to you till the end. Please forgive me. I'm glad I met you.

Usagi's choice in Ep 110

The situation: Usagi has just been confronted by Uranus and Neptune. They lured her out, rejected her offer to help them, stole her transformation brooch, told her to stay away or she would die, then left to go try and get the talismans. Setsuna then arrives and asks Usagi, "Do you want to go help them? Those two went to the place of battle specified by their destiny. But today, they are in danger."

Most of us would have said, "No, they don't want my help," or "I can't do anything without my brooch," if we were in Usagi's place. But Usagi didn't. She went along to try to help them even after they rejected her and took away the key to her powers. I would argue that this is one of Usagi's finest moments in the entire series. She shows once again that she has a heart big enough to hold the whole world. She also shows how far she has come from the fearful child she once was. When she began her career, all the powers in the world wouldn't have been enough to make her this brave. Now, she doesn't even need her powers to be willing to face danger, even for those who have rejected her time and again.

Unfortunately, Uranus and Neptune don't learn a thing from all this.

We're all Sailor Senshi. Can't we fight together?

Dark Twister

This definitely qualifies as one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. What do the forces of evil do in their time off? They play TWISTER!

Uranus and Neptune vs. Galaxia. Oops.

The situation: The Inner Senshi, except for Sailor Moon have fallen, fighting Galaxia. The Starlights are defeated. Only the Outers remain to battle Galaxia. Galaxia offers them a chance to join her and live...

Haruka and Neptune take it. They kill Pluto and Saturn. End of episode. This one drove my friend Carmen nearly to the brink of insanity, because she didn't believe they'd do it. Then we saw in the next episode their real motivation--to get the star seed stealing bracelets so they could use them...on Galaxia. This was a perfect example of Uranus and Neptune's philosophy. The exaltation of ends over means will ultimately lead you to do anything to anyone, including betraying and slaying their two closest allies. They turn on Galaxia to destroy her, raise their bracelets, fire the bolts and...

Nothing happens. You can't beat Galaxia with her own weapon. Symbolic, ne? Galaxia then casually strips them of the power she was propping up their existence with and they die a pointless and futile death, having accomplished nothing except to speed the moment of Galaxia's victory by their betrayal of their friends. They slowly fade away.

I'll admit it. I cheered when they failed. I wanted them to fail. I wanted Galaxia to kick their butts. Unlike the Inner Senshi, the Outers were never able to grow and change and learn. Pluto and Saturn died with honor. The death of the Outer Senshi was futile and pointless, for they repeatedly failed to learn from their experiences. My deepest regret is that we never got to see them reflect on this incident, just as we never saw them reflect on any of their past failures.

Of course, it's easy for me to pass judgement having never had to face decisions like theirs. They did come up with an innovative strategy for a desperate situation. But if you claim the ends justify the means, you'd better achieve your ends. Haruka and Michiru never do. And that is the greatest tragedy of all, to darken their souls and not even have the reward of temporal success.

Neptune: It can't be! The star seed didn't appear.

Uranus: It should have been a direct hit.

Galaxia: I never expected that there would be someone who wouldn't become controlled by my bracelet. It's the first time I met senshi like you.

Usagi: Doesn't she have a star seed?

[Galaxia laughs.]

Ami's Secret

This little scene occurs in Sailor Stars, in the first episode, I believe. Everyone is arguing over who is a bigger fan of the Three Lights and showing off their fan cards to see who has the lowest number (ie, who joined the club first).

And the winner is...Ami-chan, who shocks everyone with her #25 card. Just a little reminder that Ami dcan be as nuts as the others at times.

Makoto's 'Special Training'

This whole episode is just full of cool stuff, especially if you're a Mako fan like me :) This episode parodies lots of martial arts cliches, and Mako's 'Master' is pretty hilarious with his inability to practice what he preaches. We also get to see Mako really stomp the monster herself for once!

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