Galactic Encyclopedia
100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1011/Serenity Year 2010,
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Other Systems of Note
by Dr. Sylvie Morisato
Professor of Astronomy, Mons Badonicus University

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World type according to the Galactic Planetary Classification System
Notable inhabitants or location
A brief history of the world.

The Worlds

Type MO

Alderaan is a type MO world, settled at some point during the second Juraiian empire.  During the battle of Alderaan in 23767 JY/3603 AD during the Uprising of the Flame, much of the planet was devastated and enough records were lost to cloud the early history of the world.  The system is most noted for its seven asteroid belts and only one surviving planet.  Wreckage found in one of the asteroid belts indicates they may have been inhabited worlds at one time, but the cause of their devastation is unknown.
See Entry on Khunds

Anatares III:
Type MO
Homeworld of Dr. Monica Stingray, Chairbeing of the Galactic Encyclopedia Corporation
Home to the University of Anatares.

Was Type WO.  Now destroyed.
Homeworld of Wasyuu Hakubi.
This world was colonized by the Juraiians in JY 103, either the eighth or tenth Juraiian colony world, depending on which of the two surviving lists is more accurate.  It was forced to cloak itself in JY 1100 during the onslaught of the Things which destroyed the first wave of Juraiian expansion.  Until JY 3205, Bryllia remained first cloaked, then hidden in an entirely different dimension entirely.  (It joined the second empire on its return.)  This experience had several major effects on Bryllian society. Bryllia became a science focused society, and one built around the lifestyle of sea travel.  They also developed technological boosters for their magical abilities, and over time came to rely entirely on technology rather than magic, although their technology was so advanced, it strongly resembled magic.

Unfortunately, around 2,000 BC (JY 18165 or so), the machinations of SHIVA led to a disaster in the weather control machinery, resulting in first catastrophic floods, and then in all four of Bryllia's moons being pulled from the sky and crashing into the planet, followed by the entire crust becoming radioactive and the planet exploding.  Okay, perhaps it wasn't just the weather control machinery.  A few Bryllians escaped, but the world was destroyed beyond repair, and they have all vanished into the mists of time, so to speak.

Calend Dominion
An empire of hundreds of worlds during the period 8054 JY to 9965 JY.  It fought an unsuccessful war to the death with the Juraiian Empire.  Its inhabitants were human and claimed to have fled the Earth during its conquest by the Things from Beyond at some point in the distant past.  The truth of this claim remains unclear, although they clearly came from SOMEWHERE.  The most common theory is that they fled one of the worlds of the First Juraiian Empire during its devastation in the period 1100-1105 JY.

Cygni Beta
Home of Prince Seiya, husband of Serenity X.
Cygni Beta is the second star of the Cygni binary system.  It is orbited by a single planet, home to a minor starfaring civilization thought to be descended from Juraiians who fled the Night of Doom.  It was a minor tributary of the Juraiian empire until the marriage of its heir to Serenity X in the late 3900s AD.  It then became part of the Solar Kingdom.  It is now part of the Federal League.

Deneb III
 Type MO.

Deneb III is home to Deneb university.  It is a melting pot of races and cultures, located in the region where at one time, the Juraiian, Kzinti, Dominator, and Khund borders met.  Its populace is about 60% human, but also has strong Khund, Dominator, Kzinti, Orionian, and Orandan elements.

Dsir IV
 Type MO.

Dsir IV was one of the first Kzinti colony worlds and remains Kzinti dominated to this day.  It was the capital of one of the provinces of the First Kzinti Empire and the site of the proclamation of the Third Empire.

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Orion IV
 Type MO.
Home of Orion University.
The Orion cluster is the home system of the Orionians, a green skinned humanoid race that may be of human ancestry.  There is reason to believe they are humans genetically altered by the Sidar.  While unable to actually have children with humans, they eat the same foods, have the same basic body structures, and are capable of having sex.  They possess two chromosomes not possessed by ordinary humans, which seem linked to their strong psychic abilities.  Most have only low level empathy and strong telekinesis, but some of them have powerful telepathic abilties, psychic teleportation, and other tricks.  Orion is an average mana world.  They are noted for their mind ships, driven by the most powerful telekinetics.
Rigel II
Type L

Rigel II is one of the rare Legendary Worlds.  What causes a Legendary World to assume a particular form is unknown, but this one was trapped in the days of the Silurian Empire on the Kzinti homeworld.  Scholars continue to study it, trying to understand the history of the empire.  It effectively plays out the entire 903 year cycle, then resets itself, whether by magic or some sort of strange localized time loop is unknown.  This is a very high mana world, although the locals use very little magic, as Kzin at that time was a low mana world, and the Kzin have never been mages.

Rigel III
Type IO
Rigel III is a frozen iceball that was used by the Juraiian military as a major regional base from some time during the Imperial Restoration until its destruction by an N5 Bomb during the final Khund war.  It became the sight of an early Juraiian defeat in the First Khund War in 23166 JY / 2302 AD.

Sirus II is Type MO.
Birthworld of Arcadia N'Goya
Sirius was originally settled around 8102 JY by the Calend Dominion and later fell into the hands of the Juraiians during their conquest of that state.  It remained a quiet, though prosperous world, eventually passing into the hands of House Fyr and becoming their capital.  During the Revolt of the Four Houses, Empress Ryoko and Admiral Priscilla Asagiri led the Imperial fleet to victory over the fleets of the four houses in the culminating battle of Sirius in 2804 AD/22969 AD. It then passed into the hands of House Stingray, who later encouraged emigration from the Solar Kingdom.  During the War of Houses, it became one of the unfortunate worlds cast into anarchy and fell under control of one of the Rebel houses.  Eventually, it was assimilated into the Federal League.  Sirius has a noted Music Academy.

Tridentis III
Was Type MO (Now Destroyed)
This world was colonized by the second Juraiian empire in 5664 JY/14501 BC .  It was a pleasure planet, a beautiful world of resorts and nature preserves.  It was the first world ever destroyed by the Sun-Eater in 10831 JY/9334 BC.  Ryalin I, first emperor of Jurai died there that day.

Yamakir IV is Type MO Yamakir I-III are Type H.  Yamakir V is Type G.  Yamakir VI is type I.  This system was colonized by Jurai in 3896 JY.  The famous battle of Yamakir, which drove the Kzinti out of the empire in the early years of the Imperial Restoration took place here in JY 19359/805 BC.

Ysil VI
Type BO
This desolate hunk of rock was never completely terraformed because its main use was as a Juraiian military research center.  It was the site of a Juraiian defeat early in the First Khund War in 23166 JY / 2302 AD. The Khunds blew it up when forced to retreat and it was abandoned, except for a small station used to coordinate manuevers, which often took place in this uninhabited system.

Habitability and Composition are more complex.  The system is roughly as follows: