Galactic Encyclopedia
100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1011/Serenity Year 2010,
Finis Astra Encyclopedia Corporation

Dr. Gregory Stingray (3930- 4024)

by Dr. Megumi N'goya
Professor of Astrohistory, Crystal Tokyo University

Birth and early years

Dr. Gregory Stingray was born at Mons Britannicus on Mars in the year 3930 to Hal and Caroline Stingray, who came from a minor cadet branch of the Juraiian House Stingray.  His childhood was uneventful, showing little signs of the greatness to come.  He attended public schools for fourteen years, then attended the University of Mars from 3950-3954 for his Standard Degree.  His advisor was Umi Chiba, the retired Serenity VII, who had become a professor of astronomy after her abdication.  It was at this time that he became interested in the various lores known as Astrology and began his efforts to put it on a more accurate basis, the science of Astrohistory.  At first, he conducted this on the side, getting his Advanced and Masters Degrees in 3956 and 3960 with his study of nebular formation, then began full time research in 3967 after gaining tenure at Tranquility University in Tranquility City, Luna.  In 3962, he married Amy Grant, who was working on her Masters in History at the University of Mars as well.

Astro-History and beyond.

In 3970, Dr. Stingray made the breakthroughs necessary to the creation of Astro-history.  Legend claims that he discovered the ancient library of the legendary group known as the Zodiac in that year.  Most scholars claim this to be ridiculous, as the Zodiac, if it ever existed, wouldn't have left its library lying around for centuries.  Still, his own explanation of his breakthrough is equally dubious.  Certain rumors also claim that Senshi Pluto had some connection to the discovery.

In 3971, agents of some cult attempted to assassinate Dr. Stingray, but he escaped with the help of his wife Amy and their friend Captain Priscilla Hakubi-Masaki.  It was at this time that he completed his effort to predict the next thousand years of galactic history and realized that it stood on the brink of a Dark Age not seen in millenia.  He began to take action to thwart this, creating the 'Society of the Senshi of Wisdom', a benevolent conspiracy intended to prevent this dark age.  Its first members were himself, Senshi Pluto, his wife Amy, Dr. Andrew Motoki (a psychologist), and Captain Priscilla Hakubi-Masaki.  They began laying plans to create a settlement on the world which would become the seedbed for a new galactic age, a great Galactic League to unite all the warring races against the darkness to come.

Imperial Sponsorship

Dr. Stingray sought to conceal the extent of his advances, wanting to avoid any mass panic, and because the knowlege of Astro-history's existence would bias the results.  However, word leaked out, and Serenity IX got wind of it, and recruited Dr. Stingray as her Prime Minister, hoping to use his expertise to her advantage  A year later, in 3974, Juraiian agents attempted to kidnap Dr. Stingray, but were defeated by the Sailor Senshi.  In 3976, Dr. Stingray successfully predicted the outcome of the Alpha Vi Crisis, predicting it would end with Civil War in Jurai, which proved correct.  This marked the beginning of the height of his fame and that of Astro-history.  Various factions in the court that had been manuevering for his removal had no chance of deposing him after that.

In 3985, Serenity IX died, and her fourth daughter, Miki, took the throne as Serenity X.  She retained Dr. Stingray as her prime minister.  At the advice of Dr. Stingray, she married Prince Seiya of Cygni Beta. With her aid, he founded the Encyclopedia Corporation on Finis Astra, which became a new colony world, and was able to take the final actions to set the Stingray Plan in motion.

In 3992, defeated forces from the Juraiian Civil War crossed the border from Jurai, invading the Solar Kingdom.  The 1000 year Jubilee was interrupted by the news of their arrival.  Sailor Pluto made her last recorded appearance on that day, and was seen talking to Dr. Stingray, although no record of their conversation survives.  Dr. Stingray and his wife remained on Earth through the Millenial Crisis, which ended with a stalemate and the loss of 20% of the Kingdom to the invaders, although some of those territories were simply cut off by the invasion and left to their own devices.

In 4000 AD (Federal Year 9), Dr. Stingray retired and moved back to the Moon, where he spent his last twenty four years of life with his wife.  He died peacefully in bed, leaving his property to his wife.  They were survived by six children.