Video Games
Although The Sims is a video game, this is a section for OTHER video games.  A collection of Sim skins just to drop into your folder out of their element.  :)  This section is pretty darn small, at the moment.  I do plan on adding a lot more!  Please enjoy.

This includes Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue fame the daughters from the three Princess Maker games, and my future efforts to do Jet Grind Radio Sims.
Ryo Hazuki
My newest Sim - Ryo Hazuki from Shemnue.  Man did it take a while to get him to be almost right.  Sure, he's not perfect... but he looks pretty darn cool regardless.  I think I made him a Sagitarius in my game, can't remember.
Maria is the daughter from Princess Maker 1.  I took this outfit from the cover of the Princess Maker Puzzle Game.  Maria seems to have way too many outfits to count.
Maria Rindobagu
Olive Oyl
Olive is the daughter from Princess Maker 2.  She was the first Daughter I really learned to love.  She's got short hair because I have no long haired children meshes.  She's cute, regardless.
Lisa is the daughter from Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True.  This is my first daughter SIM that I created.  I really don't like the girl / childrens faces.
Lisa Anderson
Cube is a tough cookie who joins your crew in the GGs.  Causing vandalism was never so cool.  Jet Grind Radio became a favorite game because of this slick chick, I hope you feel the same. 
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