Revolutionary Girl Utena
A series created by the minds of Chiho Saitou and Kunihiko Ikuhara.  By far one of the most screwed up series' I've ever seen.  Either way, I love it and I decided to create Sims for it.  These four sims were the first skins I'd ever created.  Please enjoy.

The Ohtori Household is my most controversial household.  Everyone is in love with Utena... which is pretty damn funny.  They all get jealous at anyone who even speaks to her - and she'll just ignore the chaos and go off to paint, or read a book, or take a bath.  It's amusement for hours!  I should add tihs family to The Sims transportable families.  It'd be amusing.
Akio Ohtori
This was my first SIM skin.  I learned the lessons of head manipulation and how the colors look..  Akio Ohtori of the show Revolutionary Girl Utena.  His head has pretty purple anime styled hair.  Click on Akio to D/L the zip file.
I made him an Aries.
Utena did need work.  I, at first, did not like Anime eyes on characters.   They looked really weird.  I fixed it.  Look at the original, and the newly improved.  I will be fixing all my anime sims that had 'eye issues'.  Click on her to D/L the file.   Utena was made a Taurus.

Utena!  Fixed!
Utena Tenjou

Here is the original... I was not satisifed, so I fixed her.  Still click here anyway to download her in her new form.
Touga Kiriyuu
I was not able to find any long haired meshes for sims, so I just used the cool hair for Touga.  All that is included is the body. I made Touga a Leo
This is a very interesting sim.  I want to work on her a little more.  The anime eyes on this one made me decide never to use Anime eyes again.  From this point on it's just "Anime hair" with the outfit.  Anthy looks more like Aunt Jemaima than Anthy.  Oh well.  Click on her to d/l.  I made my Anthy a Cancer.  She first set the microwave on fire, but she sure as hell likes to clean. 

Anthy Himemiya
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