Raver Skins
I randomly decided to do some raver skins, right about the time that House Party was announced and there was that contest for skins.  As expected, I did not win the overall contest - however, my skin actually made it into the game!  I'll put a picture of him here.  I was quite surprised, but I have a few skins left over from the experimentation I was doing trying to get the right skin.  I will be doing some more as time progresses, but this is what I have for now.  I have still yet to really get a grasp on mesh editing, so I've left them plain.  It's easier that way, really.  The camo-pants pullover outfit was the one that made it in House Party.  In the game, he has silver shoes.  I don't have a recent screenshot of that one, but you get the drift!. w00t!

This includes random raver sims I have created.  Currently two guys.
Blond AzN Raver Atarian Guy
Ever wanted a hot asian guy in your house, with really awesome blond streaked/dyed hair?  Me too.  He's a hottie.  And he's also giving props to almighty Atari!  Skin includes outfit and head.


Raver Guy #2
Eh, he's not as exciting as Blond AzN Atarian raver, but he's sporting a cute decepticon logo on his yellow shirt, cute armbands, and black KiK-Like pants.  Skin includes outfit only.
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