Random Anime Sims
This section is for either requested Anime characters or anime sims that I just don't have enough of to make a full webpage for them - so I put them all on one page!  Woo hoo.  I plan on adding a great deal more to this section over time.  Please enjoy.

This includes two Kimagure Orange Road characters and Shinji Ikari.
Kyosuke Kasuga
This isn't the best SIM I've made.  It's a very average shirt and head.  Not my best work.  I can't even recall what I made him.  He's currently a surgeon in my game.
My friend Lucinda was like "I have to have a pet Shinji".  So... I made a pet Shinji!  He's got perfect grades and likes to clean.  I made him a Cancer.
Shinji Ikari
Akane Kasuga
This is the cousin of Kyosuke.  Only popularized by the OVAs.  She's not the best SIM I've created.  I put her in an outfit that I saw in the Manga.  A simple tank top with the word "The Devils" and the number 32.  She's currently a psychic police profiler.
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