Sims that have no other place but here
Random other sims.  Requests, outfits that I've created or heads/meshes. This section only has one item in it.  I will add more, really.  Please enjoy.

This section has a request from GameFAQS The Sims board.
Okay, so like I was visiting The Sims board on and I came across someone who asked /requested a sim skin of this character.  I decided to take a shot at it.  I'm not very good at things.  I did not include the earings, but I can probably work on that later.  That, and it looks like she has some metal item on her front.  Unfortunately I don't know what that particular item is... so I didn't include it as the end sim result.  Not sure how to do hats or long hair yet.  Oh well.  Someday I'll get better at this.  Both packages (adult and child) are in the zip file.  ^_^;

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