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-  Recent Update - Tuesday, Septemberr 21th, 2004-

The Sims 2 has been released!  WOO!  Since I'm a poor individual, I am on dialup and didn't bother downloading the extremely huge Bodyshop to customize and create sims before the game came out - which fortunately is also bundled with the game so I have once again felt the urge to start skinning.  It's all in moderation, I suppose.  What I think I'm going to do is continue to work on a few random sims here and there for the original Sims, plus I'll start transfering over some of my cooler skins to be Sims 2 compatable.  It's actually a lot easier than one would think.  I've already had a lot of fun creating families with just the default skins, but now it's time to start adding my own bit of personalization.  I <3 Maxis.  On the left there and on my new logo uptop is the customized purple hair and eyes I have done so far, plus a Nuriko jersey for him to wear.

-  Previous Update - Sunday, November 25th, 2001-

Uh... what happened?  I'm in awe.  Honestly.  Not that I wanted to ignore my previous sim skins page, but I've been pretty busy.  Recently (Oh, about two weeks ago)  I decided to check on the page to see who I had up here and to my surprise there were over 12,000 hits!  Whoa!  I checked two days later, and there were another 300!  And then higher and higher it went.  Apparently I get over 100+ hits a day, according to my counter.  Am I linked to someone that I don't know of?  Do you guys find me on search engines, or what?  I had absolutely no clue that people actually viewed this webpage that much.  I'm also ranked 64th on the web page thingy.  Really, I'm astounded.  And because of this, I have added 5 new sims!  Huzzah!

Added new:  Cube from Jet Grind Radio,under the Video Games section.  Raver Sims, and Cats On Mars: The Comic! Sims.

-  Previous Update - Monday, April 16th, 2001-

Oh man!  Over 2000+ hits to the page since I first set it up back in January!  Considering I have not updated a single thing, this is amazing!  Thanks for coming by, folks!  I plan on doing a lot more lately, honestly!