The Sims 2 Legacy Game - THE LEGACY OF BLUE

So it begins. We start off with the most interesting genetic sim without being a total freak. Which is, my own personal creation of Kurt Wagner. Better known as Nightcrawler from the popular X-Men franchise. Since I already had The Sims University, he started off as a college aged Sim. Given the concept of a Legacy game, he was of my own choosing, a knowledge sim. Due to my own not knowings how the game functions (such as life-time wants/life-time aspirations), Kurt did not have the opportunity to hit his (and probably won't). Let's start off with his college photo.

So next, after graduating college through no special means or method, Kurt clearly had to find a nice townie wife. Kurt went downtown and found himself a hottie townie that was wandering around. He decided to chat her up a bit before retiring for the evening. Even so, the game feels the urge to push your sim in to social situations early on. Sure enough, an invite from said hottie to go downtown with a group of friends came through the phone. In this outing, Kurt got to know this lovely girl who he eventually romance, charmed, and then married. This was Diane. Diane was actually at the top of her field and was a SUPER HERO. Here's a picture. 
So now we have the recipe for a perfect marriage. Kurt and Diane should create an interesting combination of children.

Due to my own laziness, I did not manage to take very many young pictures of the first generation. I'll show you the first few pictures and explain what happened. First, Diane and Kurt had 3 children. Diane was a Fortune sim, so she was never entirely too happy as money was tight while raising these kids. At first I wanted to do an X-Men theme for all the names, but then I named the third child something rather random. I went back to the X-Men theme with later children, save for the only child of the 3rd child. The first was Talia (Named after Talia Josephine Wagner, Nightcrawler's daughter from Exiles) - another Knowledge sim, the second was Raven (Named after Mystique, Nightcrawler's mother) - Popularity Sim, and third was the randomly named Jasmine (named after a friend) - Pleasure sim. All three girls looked nothing like their mother and had the blue skin, black hair, pointed ears, and yellow eyes. The only reason I tried 3 times is I was hoping for a son.

Talia was the first off to college and had it the hardest, as my goal for Talia was to rent out a house, then the other girls would filter off to college and all three could attend together. The way I played is that the children would stay at home until the day before they become an "adult" then would move to college. I also would make sure that the college aged sim actually had some time pass before sending them together, such as Talia was a Senior when Raven moved in, and Raven was a Sophomore before Jasmine came in.

When Talia moved back into the main house and came home, throughout her childhood I had her befriend the male maid named Steven - Family Sim. Steven was a rather attractive red-headed fellow. Steven was eager to move in and fall in love with the now adult Talia. Talia and Steven had two children, Peter (named after Colossus of the X-Men) - Family sim, and Logan (named after Wolverine of the X-Men) - Romance sim.  We'll call this one Family # 1. Peter and Logan lost the blue skin and yellow eyes, but retained the pointy ears and black hair. They gained blue eyes and are the third generation. Diane was the first to pass away. Near the end of her life, Talia and Diane would get into constant fights. Since Steven married Talia, the last name taken was Dallas.

Due to space limitations, Raven and Jasmine moved into whole new house together. This is Family # 2. Raven managed to find a rich townie named Mark - Fortune sim. I can't recall Mark's last name, as we had Raven lead the marriage and force her last name on him. Raven and Mark had twins, a pair of girls with split genetics. Elizabeth (Named after Psylocke of the X-Men) - Family sim who had the signature blue skin, black hair, and yellow eyes, and Anna (named technically for Rogue, who adopted the name/which was technically taken from the actress who played Rogue, Anna Paquin) - Romance sim who had Mark's skintone, black hair, pointy ears still, and yellow eyes. Pictures of Raven and Mark supplied by memories as I neglected to take pictures in their prime. Mark had brown hair. Mark was the first to pass on in this household while Raven was the second.

Jasmine managed to make friends and eventually a husband with a coworker, Colby (Who also had black hair) - (Forgot aspiration, may have been family or popularity). Colby also took on the Wagner name. Colby and Jasmine had one daughter, Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8, LOL) - Popularity sim. Colby has also passed away. Rinoa took on Colby's skin tone, still has the yellow eyes, black hair, and pointy ears. Jasmine was the first to reach their lifetime aspiration (and she was the first sim I noticed what this WAS), so she will live out the rest of her days as Platinum.

In college, it was the same situation, except the family together were Peter, Elizabeth, and Anna. They got along very well. When Logan got old enough, he moved in and managed to not get along with Anna. However, once Peter moved out, and then Anna and Elizabeth, Rinoa moved in. Logan and Rinoa got along swimmingly.
When Rinoa went to college, she brought a townie boy with her that also was in love with her. His name was Dawson Larrea - Family sim.

Elizabeth and Anna moved back to the secondary household. Due to the size of the household, Rinoa could not move back in after college, and started Family #3. Let's go back to the story behind family #1.

Peter moved back home to the main house and befriended a townie friend of his mothers, a girl named Chris - Family sim. Chris and Peter were quickly married, having a boy first - Alex (Named from Havok, another X-Man) - Romance sim. After some effort, finally having a girl named Alison (Named from Dazzler, also a X-Man)/still a toddler. Both Alex and Alison continue to look very much like the prior parents by having blue eyes, black hair, and pointed ears. Talia managed to reach her lifetime aspiration, so she will also live the rest of  her days platinum.

In family # 2, Elizabeth did some of the flirting with townies and found an attractive townie named Cole - Family sim. Cole and Elizabeth have one son so far, Lucas (Named after Bishop from the X-Men). Lucas has lost the pointy ears and blue skin, but still retained the yellow eyes and black hair. He also took on Cole's skin tone. In the face, Lucas looks a lot like Diane to me.

Elizabeth is also pregnant with their 2nd child.

Anna, being a romance sim, shouldn't have to be constrained to the likes of marriage. And why should we? I don't want to build a fourth house.

Anna found a blue eyed blond guy named Malcolm Landgraab IV. Wine'd and dine'd him, and managed to conceive her first child, Rachel (named from Phoenix III/Rachel Summers/Grey, X-Man from the days of future past). Unfortunately, Rachel inherited a very peculiar trait of  Malcolms where the mouth is too close to the nose. Even though Anna didn't have the blue skin, she passed it on to Rachel (Our first 4th generation child with blue skin), however she has blue eyes and lost the pointy ears. She's also vaguely hideous.

Just for comparison, here's a picture of her father.

Back to Family #3 now, Rinoa and Dawson married and had a son, Scott (Named from Cyclops, leader of the X-Men) - Fortune sim. Scott is the first child to take on a different hair color. He has retained the yellow eyes, gained Dawsons brown hair and skin tone, but lost the pointy ears. He also has unfortunately sharp cheekbones. Logan being the rogue lost sim without a family, moved into the same household with Rinoa, Dawson, and Scott.

Updates --

Logan reached his lifetime aspiration instantly! He chatted up some hottie from work who pulled some strings to get promoted... to the top of his field. Which was his lifetime aspiration as a celebrity chef. He is platinum for life!

Logan then married an entirely different girl, a girl named Mary - Knowledge sim. Marrying Mary gave Kurt that burst of platinum just long enough to... pass away platinum! While he never reached his lifetime aspiration, he is the first sim to die in a platinum state. A good long life for the starter sim to this family. He got the hula girls and all. Steven's passed on shortly after, though he got hula girls he just wasn't high enough on the aspiration ladder to get the awesome tomb. Alex was very upset. Jasmine also passed on.

Logan and Mary also have had their first and probably only child, a girl named Kitty (named from Shadowcat of the X-Men). She's got pointy ears, blue eyes, and brown hair. Rinoa also reached her lifetime aspiration of becoming a hall of famer, so she's platinum for life as well.

Scott, Alex, and Lucas are becoming fast friends between the households. Alex was the first off to college, then Scott joined him shortly after. Lucas is next.

Lucas now has a little brother, David (Named from former New Mutant, David Alleyne - Aka Prodigy III). Despite Cole and Elizabeth's strong hereditary features, David has the same features as Lucas, yellow eyes and black hair.

Rachel, turning into a teenager, is actually far less hideous! She looks like a blue Maggie Grace now.

Back at Family #1, Chris is pregnant with their third, and in Family #2, Anna is pregnant with her 2nd. The father of #2 is a guy named Roger.

Some updated photos of the families:

Rachel looks SOOO pissed.

There's Mary and Kitty.

-Updates 6/13/07

Alex, Scott, and Lucas graduated college. I switched it up and changed Scott's hairstyle a little, gave Lucas some scruff, and gave Alex a goatee to be more college crowd kind of boys. Already at college was a townie woman named Kenya - Knowledge sim I had lined up to be a future wife for one of them - she ended up meshing well with Lucas.

boys in college

Alex was the first to graduate. Once out of college it as the race with time to find a wife. In household #1, Chris gave birth to Gabriel (named from the x-man Vulcan, the actual 3rd Summers brother) their 3rd child. Gabriel basically looked like a clone of Alex. He became a Pleasure sim. His lifetime aspiration is to have 50 first dates. So far, we're up to 3...
Gabriel teengabriel

Alison also grew up and moved off to college, just around the time that Alex was almost done with it. I'm doing the college parts in waves, enough where one of the kids is still there when the next (2nd children) start coming in. First was Rachel, then Alison, then Kitty, and finally David. Next batch after Rachel gets out will be Gabriel and Nathan. Here's a teen Alison.
Alison Dallas

Household #2 - Anna gave birth to... A BEAUTIFUL BLUE BABY BOY!  He does not have pointy ears, but he's pretty much a spot on Kurt clone. He is named Nathan (Named from X-Men, the son of Madelyne Pryor (a Jean Grey clone) and Scott Summers) who later went to the future, then the past to became Cable). His aspiration is Fortune.
NathanTeen Nathan
His father is a townie(?) named Roger who appears to be a fortune sim. Roger

It was just a lot easier to have Anna do her thing instead of getting married. Anna reached her lifetime aspiration of becoming a... Celebrity chef! A very easy and popular lifetime aspiration to achieve.

Lucas married Kenya to have their first child, Danielle (Named from Danielle Moonstar of the New Mutants/X-men). She's got black hair, yellow eyes, and the middle tan skintone. This means that her skintone actually came from Mark, Elizabeth and Anna's father/Lucas's grandfather.

Danielle and LucasKenya

David also looks like a Lucas clone. He's grown up and moved off to college. However, here a nice picture of David as a teen.

From this point on, I'm going to limit the children of each house to 1 each (or 2 if twins occur). It's harder to keep the houses down to 3 if the males need to marry.  I've allowed all the pets to get old and die without replacing them. The saddest day was when, in Household #1, both cats had passed away AND Talia on the same day.


In household #3, Kitty was rolled into a pleasure aspiration. She then went through all the steps and got to college on time. Mary hit her lifetime aspiration of becoming a Mad Scientist, so Dawson is the only elder without a perminant platinum state.
Kitty Dallas
Scott moved back into the house and convinced a girl named Virginia to move in. Soon he'll marry her, but that hasn't happened yet. His future was time delayed to get Kitty out of the house before starting his life.
Hopefully whatever child they have gets her profile.

Back in Household #1, Alex and Madeleine had their first child, and it was exciting! A boy named Lance (From X-Men Evolution, Lance Alvers/Avalanche). He has brown eyes (from Chris/Grandmother), Pointy ears, and... RED HAIR! Genetically this is a throw back to Talia's husband, Steven (so a great grandfather). As he's gotten older he looks a little bit like a Steven clone, which I'm fine with.
Lance as a baby

- Updates 08/13/07

Well, it's been a while since I've bothered to update! So much has happened since the last update.

Madeleine passed away. Alex is an old old man, and all the others have had kids! Let's start with House #1:

Alison had a boy named Erik (From the X-Men - Magneto himself, Erik Lehnsherr). Alison met a guy named Lee Todd on the internet and had a whirlwind affair, resulting in the birth of Erik. Erik has Lee's skin tone, Alison's hair, eyes, and ears. Alison hit her lifetime aspiration of reaching the top of the business career, so she is platinum for life. I had trouble deciding on what was the best look for Erik, so I'll post all the pictures I grabbed in his various states of age along with a picture of his father.

His Dad:
Lee Todd


Erik MohawkRocker ErikErik in College

Gabriel also hit his lifetime aspiration of 50 1st dates, so he is now platinum for life. He married the firewoman, Steffi. Steffi is a Romance aspiration and wishes to become a professional party guest. The unfortunate circumstance is that her and Gabriel... HAD TWINS. Twin girls, which were named Moira (named from X-Men scientist, Moira MacTaggart) and Amanda (Named from X-Men/Excalibur fame Daytripper/Magik II/Jimaine Szardos, Amanda Sefton). This depressed Steffi greatly. Amanda is pretty average looking, but Moira managed to maintain the pointy ears.


The Twins, Amanda and Moira. Under that hair, Moira has pointy ears.

Here's Gabriel as an adult:
Adult Gabriel

Lance just graduated college, so he's in the process of moving back to the neighborhood. Lance was originally rolled as a romance sim, but since I didn't feel like doing the 20 Woo Hoo's, especially since Gabriel has dated like 90% of the population, he was re-rolled in college as a Fortune aspiration. He would like to reach the top of the Adventurer career now! He will move into the main house, but probably after I've aged Amanda and Moira up to college age.  Here is a slightly older Lance picture:
Him as a teen. I apparently didn't grab a college aged one.

Now for House # 2.

Pretty sure it's self explainatory, but Anna and Elizabeth have passed on, as well as Cole. Danielle moved off to college, like all good kids do. Rachel charmed a guy named Conner Wade into having a little bit of a fling, which resulted in... ugh... twins. A boy and a girl. Because of this combination, I clearly had to name them Wanda and Pietro (Named from the X-Men Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver, Magneto's twin children).

All seemed fine until they aged up from babies to toddlers. Then the curse of Malcolm Landgrabb RETURNS! In the form of Pietro looking completely hideous. Oh god. The best part is because of this strange combination, Pietro actually has VULCAN EYEBROWS. Luckily, just like when Rachel grew into a teen, he got slightly better looking. But not by much. Here are some pictures.

Conner Wade


Teenage PietroTeenage Wanda

Wanda and Pietro
Wanda and Pietro.

Neither children have the pointy ears or anything from the Kurt generation other than the typical black hair. Skin tone could either be from Mark or Conner.

Wanda is a Family sim who wants to raise 20 kittens or puppies (not likely, I probably will re-roll in college) while Pietro is a knowledge sim who aspires to reach the top of the Educational career, like his mother. Rachel reached the top of the career and is Platinum for life. Both Kenya and Lucas also hit their top aspirations (top of the medical career and all skills maxed out) and will be platinum for life.

Two last pictures of Danielle as a teen and college student:

Danielle as TeenCollege Danielle

Almost had a problem where Danielle was interested in Lance, and vice versa. I nixed that by having her flirt with some other guy. Lance was furious, but it's for the best. Incest is NOT best.

Now, to House #3...

Kitty returned home from college. Mary and Logan eventually passed on in their platinum states. Scott and Virginia had a baby boy named Julian (for X-Men-New Mutant Julian Keller/Hellion). Julian adopted the yellow eyes, has black hair again (which neither parent has), and the tan skin tone like Scott. His profile is slightly better than Scott's, but as time progressed his chin seemed to get larger. Julian was rolled into a Knowledge aspiration and would like to reach the top of the gaming career. I gave Julian a goatee to cover the monstorous chin.

Scott and JulianReading to Julian

Peek A Boo!

Kitty romanced a guy named Blake Gonzaga and had a boy named James (could be named either for X-Men James Proudstar/Warpath, or Wolverine's real name James Howlett. You decide.). James was rolled into a fortunate aspiration and wishes to own 5 top level companies. James may be re-rolled when he gets to college.

Julian holding JamesCollege Julian
Julian holding James along with college aged Julian.

Teenage JamesBlake Gonzaga = The father, Blake.
Teenage James.

Now came the fun. Not enough room for my other few sims. Both David and Nathan couldn't move back to House #2, it's too full. So they built up... House #4. Yay.

House #4

Nathan got married to a girl named Joy Gonzaga (no relation to Blake, townie's just have very common names). Joy is a knowledge sim. Nathan's aspiration to reach the top of the Law career was achieved and he became platinum. Joy also achieved her platinum state of becoming a criminal mastermind. They had a child together named Clarice (named from X-Men Clarice Ferguson/Blink). Clarice has yellow eyes and brown hair, meaning she got Roger (Nathan's father's) hair, and the hereditary yellow eyes. The pointy ears seem to be breeding themselves out as time goes on. Clarice was rolled into a knowledge aspiration and wishes to become a mad scientist. Clarice has moved to college.

JoyClarice in College
Joy and Clarice

David eventually hit his crazy aspiration of woo hoo 20 sims. He then married April, who also is a romance aspiration. but actually wants to reach the top of the business career. He and April had a son, Everett (named from X-men/GenXer Synch, Everett Thomas). Everett was rolled into a Knolwedge aspiration and wishes to reach the top of the Adventurer career.

This generation harvested no blue children. It's sad to say that the skin tone may have been... (sniff) breeded out. The Dallas side of the family hasn't had any blue kids while the Wagner side (house 2) has always managed to continue the line, somehow.

Because Nathan was the best looking of the bunch, I managed to take a crapload of pics of him. Here's a little montage.

Nathan as an AdultCollege NathanAnother college Nathan

And finally, last but not least... something hilarious I discovered.

I've always noticed that ghosts, regardless of how many you have on your lot, never interact with each other. I did notice that occasionally the ghosts will cry when one of your sims actually dies (either by accident or old age). This distracted me to not even notice that Anna had died. I swore I grabbed a picture of this, but it may be mis-filed under another directory.

With the inclusion of pets, something else happens. Occasionally the ghost-pet will interact with the ghost-human! I saw it happen once in house #3, Ghost Dawson had picked up the ghost cat. I wasn't quick enough to grab a screencap. I did manage to grab a picture of Ghost-Jasmine playing wth Ghost-Nightcrawler!


-- Update, 10/31/07

So much has changed!  We're onto the 6th generation, folks.

House #1 -

Moira and Amanda moved off to college. Both Alison, Gabriel, and Steffi have died, all reaching their lifetime aspirations. Lance married a girl named Jordan. I was hoping by mixing up the skintones of the married couples, I'd happen upon a blue child. It hasn't happened yet, but other awesome things have. Finally got that picture of Lance as an adult, and his wife.

Adult lanceJordan
Together they created...

Ororo (Named from X-Men leader, Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm!). She is a pleasure sim who wants to become a Celebrity Chef. Ororo has moved out of the house and is off to college already.

Erik married Joy Straight.
Joy and Erik had a son named Charles (After the great Professor Xavier, the main man behind the X-Men). The exciting thing? Charles has pointy ears! He has the trademark black hair of this side of the family, but still maintained the pointy ears. He is the only sim of this generation that has maintained that genetic feature.
Charles Dallas
Charles is the 6th generation. Starting with Kurt -> Talia -> Peter -> Alison -> Erik -> Charles.

Unfortunately, with both head children in the house being male, the house now is too big for Moira and Amanda to move back, even if they only had one child each. We would have to wait for both Lance and Jordan to pass away. And while Lance is now an Elder, it would be a lot of play time just to make some room. They'll start their own house.

House #2 -

Last we left this house was with everyone heading off to college. Rachel got bored and tried gardening. She eventually mutated into a plant sim.
Rachel as a Plant Sim

This terrified Danielle, so eventually she drank the potion and changed back. Lucas and Kenya passed away platinum. The last of the elders in this house, Rachel, passed as well in her platinum state. All three reached their aspirations.

Danielle had a son with Stuart Sartor, Henry (named after X-Men original, Henry/Hank McCoy, Beast). Stuart was a kid who accidently died on the lot, then I resurrected him and sent him to college. He was chosen for his blond hair, as I'm really trying to get a blond kid now. Unfortunately, Henry follows the tradition of black hair for the family. He was rolled into a Pleasure sim and wants to have 50 1st dates. He will be re-rolled in college.
Stuart and Henry

Pietro married a woman named Carmen. They had a daughter which was named Cecelia (After X-Men, Dr. Cecelia Reyes).
Carmen and Pietro are marriedCarmen
Pietro as an adult
Pietro now looks like Sylar.

Cecelia painting.

Cecelia was rolled into a fortune sim and would like to be a business tycoon.

Wanda romanced a guy named Jonathan Ternyck and had a son, Jamie (Named after X-Factor alumni, Jamie Madrox).
Adult WandaJonathanJamie Wagner
Wanda, Jonathan, and Jamie.

So now, everyone in that household has the medium to dark skin tone.

Danielle, Pietro, and Wanda have all reached their lifetime goals. Wanda was rerolled in college to be a popularity sim. Her goal was to be best friends with 20 different sims. This was achieved even after Rachel had died (it still counted as a  best friend connection).

House # 3 --

Julian married a lovely girl named Demi Love. Julian and Demi, to our surprise, had twin boys! They had split genetics. Bobby (named after Bobby Drake/Iceman of the X-Men) had brown hair, light skin, and yellow eyes while Jonothan (named from GenXer, Jonothan Starsmore/Chamber) had Black hair, medium skin tone, and yellow eyes. This is the only side of the family that has continued the yellow eyes genetic marker. So this chain was:
Kurt -> Jasmine -> Rinoa ->Scott -> Julian -> Bobby and Jonothan
Demi BobbyJonothan
Jonothan also seems to have the huge chin problem as Julian and Scott had, while Bobby seems to have developed the weird jagged cheekbone problem that plagues the Dallas side of the family (Lance has it most noticibly). Either way, yay! Yellow eyes! Currently, Bobby is a Romance sim who wants 20 simutanious lovers and Jonothan is a fortune sim with the bizarre aspiration of wanting 6 pets to hit the top of their careers. Both will be rerolled in college. Demi would like to be a General in the miliary career. Julian reached the top of the gamer career, so he is platinum for life. He also has just achieved elder status.

James married Daisy, who was a service/townie sim. She would like to be Captain Hero (top of law enforcement). James reached his lifetime aspiration of being an education minister. Kitty was the last of the elders of that generation to pass away.
James and Daisy had a little girl, Rahne (named after NewMutant/X-factor/Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane).

House #4 -

Nathan, David, and April had all passed away platinum. April passed last and was able to see her grandchild grow into a child.

Something different I wanted to try was I wanted to see if pointy ears could be brought back into the mix. Since the town is Veronaville, I carefully worked on the Summerdream house and determined to have Clarice romance the young Puck Summerdream. He was sent to college and was ready for that task. Alas, Puck and Clarice's child did not have pointy ears like I had hoped, but he's still a pretty good looking kid. Joshua (Named from New X-Men, Joshua Foley AKA Elixer).

Puck SummersdreamJoshua
Puck and his son, Joshua.

This means that the yellow eyes have been breeded out of this side of the family. Unless Joshua has a kid with pointy ears, is blue, and has yellow eyes in a highly unlikely combination, the genetics have dead-ended.

Everett married Carla, a townie who has been around a bit too long so I determined she needed to get married, grow old, and die. They had a daughter who is named Heather (After Heather Hudson AKA Sasquatch, Exiles version).

Everett as an AdultCarla
Everett and Carla

The best part about Heather is she's got these pretty blue eyes, the dark skintone, and brown hair. No parent in any generation has that hair color except April. It's kinda like the red hair coming back to haunt Lance.

House #5 -

No pictures here yet,  just a little information. Moira and Amanda graduated and headed out on their own. Built a pretty nice house, and within 5 days both had reached their lifetime aspirations of Celebrity Chef and Business Tycoon. Also decided to get them both pregnant once they were platinum.

Moira had a girl, Lorna (named from Lorna Dane/X-Man Polaris). Unfortunately, Amanda had twin boys. Named Warren (Named from X-man Warren Worthington/Angel (aka Archangel), and Remy (Named from X-Men Remy Lebeau, Gambit). They're all toddlers, so posting pictures would be useless at this age. None have pointy ears or anything exciting. Will post pics as soon as they get old enough along with their fathers.

Update - 08/10/08  (Has it really been almost a year??)

I will start off with the oldest-not-posted pictures and move forward. Sad part is? I'm only one generation after the last posted one. I've gotten sidetracked... and severely forgotten major details.

House #1

Ororo grew up to be a fine young woman who wanted to be a Celebrity Chef. Of course, this is an easy task for anyone in this family and it was easily accomplished. Since Ororo was a young girl, she befriended a strange man who only visited at night named Count Trent London. As Ororo grew older, she fell in love with the Count. While the Count and her never married, they did have a child together. This child was named Michael (named from Mikhael/X-man Colossus's brother).

Adult Ororo
Ororo as an Adult
Count Trent
Count Trent
Adult Michael
Michael, their son.

Michael kept the blue eyes (though, because Trent is a vampire, it's unable to determine what his original eye color was), the black hair, and has a middlish skin tone. This might happen if Trent is the lightest shade while Ororo is the darkest shade. Darned vampires and their variables. Michael has maintained the strong jaw and cheekline like Lance had. Michael has out of college and has returned to the main house. All elders have since passed on (Joy being the most recent to die).

Also in the same house, Charles also grew up, but not without a little of the freakish features coming through.
Charles as a teen
As a teen he had a really high cheekbone, almost pointy. This did not fix itself into adulthood.

Charles as an adult
His chin is almost disappearing as he got older. Regardless, he is still my final family member that continues the pointy ear generic trait. He married Trista Shaw.


Together, he and Trista had Kiden (Named for Kiden Nixon/X-Spin off book called NYX).

College aged Kiden
FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, WE FINALLY GOT A BLOND SIM.  Seriously, have you noticed how many blonds these people have mated with only to churn out black hair after black hair with the occasional red or brown (generations later?). Well, not only does Kiden have blond hair, SHE ALSO HAS POINTY EARS.  She was a blessing. Kiden is also sporting blue eyes which is a constant on that side of the family and the standard light skintone. Kiden has went off to college.

House # 2 --

Henry was rerolled in college who grew into a romance sim who wanted to be a Celebrity Chef. Easy score on that one and it was easily achieved outside of college. I had him marry a girl named Vyn Anderson, specifically because I was annoyed she kept calling the main house asking if Amanda was home, after Amanda had moved to college and moved to a different place. This way, she will die with old age and will never call again.

College Henry
A nice picture of Henry in college with Ororo designing a masterpiece in the backround of a stick figure skateboarding.
Here is Vyn. She's a little average looking in my opinion, but good enough.

Vyn and Henry had a boy which was named Julio (After Julio Esteban Richter/ Rictor of X-Factor / X-Force). I played around with options for his hair because I didn't want him looking like all the other kids. He had his awkward messy hair phase in his teens...
Teen Julio
Julio kept the blue eyes from Henry, gained Vyn's brown hair and skin tone, and slightly chubby cheeks. Luckily he grew into a better looking adult.

Julio as an adult
Julio has graduated college and aspires to reach the top of the Journalism career. Since he has only just graduated, nothing too exciting has happened in the whole day he's returned.

Also in this home was Cecilia. Well, all the elders had passed on (Danielle, Pietro, and Wanda). Since there was already a son in the house (Henry), there was not enough room for Jamie to move back. Jamie created a new house which will be known as House #6.

Cecilia dated a fellow named Peter Sims and produced a female child which has been named Stevie (Named from Stevie Hunter / former X-Men dance studio teacher).

Cecilia as an adult
First, adult Cecilia.
Peter Sims
Peter Sims.

Stevie as a child
Since Stevie is still a child, it doesn't appear that she has taken any of Peter's characteristics. Still green eyes from Cecilia. Peter appears to have red hair while Stevie has brown. Checking back her history, the only family member to have brown hair would be Marc (who married Raven, 5 generations back). Still, only time will tell once she hits adulthood how close she looks to other family members.

House # 3 -

So in this house we have the twins, Jonothan and Bobby, and Rahne. Another difficult situation, so Rahne has spun off into her own house (House #7?). At this point, I've decided to start mixing Rahne with the rest of the Veronaville playable population. That's a story for THAT house, which is below. Let's focus on Bobby and Jono for a minute.

The boys graduated from college and moved on back. Bobby married a girl named Kenya (Popular name??) and Jonothan married a girl named Carmen (Also a popular name!).

College Bobby
Here is Bobby as an adult in college
Kenya number 2
This is loving wife, Kenya # 2.
Toddler Sean
Together, they had Sean (Named from Sean Cassidy/Banshee of the X-Men). A red-headed little boy. Now, for the record, ONLY family member on this side of the family to have red hair was Virginia (Scott's wife, 3 generations back).

Sean has already grown up and graduated college and thus moved back into the lot. See? that was fast. Here's an updated picture:
Adult Sean
This, unfortunately means, that yellow eyes no longer exist on his side. Blue eyes came from Kenya, skintone from her as well, and that lovely red hair courtesy of his Great Great Grandmother.

Jonothan in college
Jonothan in college. That chin grew just like Julians did, so I put a little goatee to cover it.

Carmen number 2
Carmen # 2. She was Carmen Patch, a townie who has dated and seen too much. It was time to take her out of the dating pool.

Jonothan and Carmen had a little girl, Sofia (Named after Sofia Mantega/Wind Dancer of New X-Men).
Sofia as an adult
This is where it is obvious she is Carmen's daughter. And with this, the yellow eyes are completely breeded out.

Sofia and Sean just moved back and have not started their future lives yet. Sean would like to be the hand of posideon while Sofia would like to reach the top of the Entertainment career.

House #4 -

I took a complicated route with this one. So yes, under the Wagner name Joshua was born. But what of the Summerdream home?  Miracles can happen in wonderful little surprises.

I had Clarice marry Puck to become Summerdream. They had a second child, which was a total surprise on the result:

It's a girl!It's a beautiful blue baby girl! She was named Amara Summerdream. The blue skin skipped Clarice but was returned in Amara. This is because I had determined to only have one child per generation. Since Clarice was part of someone elses household (the Summerdream), I assessed it was okay to have one to carry on that name. Amara has Puck's blue eyes and Clarice's brown hair. Unfortunately, the yellow eyes have also breeded themselves out of this side of the family. Yellow eyes have been eliminated after 5-6 generations.

Amara as a teen
I also have determined that brown hair is not pretty with the blue skin. Red, blond, or black look so much better compared to the brown which gives the skin a 'blah' kind of feel. Regardless, Amara now has a job to do...


The fate of Amara is a detour though. This is now a side story:

So like, one time there was a boy named Romeo Monty and a girl named Juliette Capp. They fell in love. In this history, they went to college and got married. She happily took the name Monty and they had two beautiful children: Link Monty and Faith Monty. Here are those results:
Link Monty
Link Monty, so aptly named.
Faith Monty
Faith Monty, because I hoped she'd look like a Slayer.

Why is this important? Because Amara fell in love with Link. And to really understand the genetic connection between their children, it's good to know they came from Juliette and Romeo.
The Monty Clan
Amara moved back into the Summerdream house and had a daughter with Link. Her name was Jean (Named from Jean Grey/Phoenix/Marvel Girl of X-Men history).
Amara as an Adult
Amara as an adult.
Link Monty
Link Monty - I totally custom made that shirt just for him.
Jean as a teenager
Jean Summerdream. She'll eventually move back into the Summerdream home to continue that line there.

The house with Amara and Link will be known as House #8 - The Monty Home. Their information will continue when I get to that house number.

Joshua married a girl named Vanessa (another townie I wanted removed from the dating pool) and had a son, Calvin (named from Calvin Rankin/Mimic of Exiles/current continuity X-Men).

A picture of Joshua as an adult will go here

Vanessa, his wife.

Young Calvin
Calvin as a child.
Puck and Calvin
Puck as an elder and Calvin as a teenager. As you can see, Cal really got his dad's nose. He's got brown eyes like his mother and the rest is pretty much Summerdream features.
Calvin in college
Calvin is now in college.

Also in this house is Heather's side of the family.

Heather grew into a beautiful adult. She dated a mascot from college with a bizarre name and ended up having a daughter.

Blazej Traver, one of the guys under the Llama mascot costume.
Heather and Laura
Their daughter was named Laura (after multiple references, but at his moment let's go with X-23/New X-Men).

Laura in College
In college I gave Laura glasses so I would not confuse her with Stevie once Stevie became old enough to get there. As an adult she does not look much like Heather or Blazej. Brown hair from Heather, skin tone from either, and blue eyes from both.

House # 5 ----

So yes, Moira and Amanda went off to create their own private home.

Moira seduced a college kid named Jerry Hanby hoping to have a blond kid. Instead, they had Lorna (named from Lorna Dane/X-Men Polaris).

Moira as an adultJerry Hanby
Together, they created...
Lorna as a teenager
Picture of Lorna as a teen. In the backround you can see Moira playing chess. She has pretty much all of Moira's main features except she's lost the pointy ears. Pointy ears have been removed from this side of the family. She's got a bit of Jerry's nose and eyeshape.

Amanda as an adultJihoon LeToureau
Amanda achieved her goal of becoming a chef and had relations with a college-upped Jihoon LeToureau.

This is when the curse of twins becomes too apparent. She had twin boys, which have been named Remy and Warren.

Teen RemyTeen Warren
Pale skin courtesy of Amanda, eye color due to both, and almost asian features courtesy of Jihoon. As Remy got older, he looked more like Lorne from Angel.

Remy moved into the house with Jamie (House #6), so his story will continue there. Instead, let's talk about Warren and Lorna as they have grown up and started their own families in this home now.

Lorna as an adult
Lorna grew into a less awkward looking adult. She fell for a blond guy I haven't gotten a picture of yet, named Pierce. I'll add that picture in the space next to her when it's gotten.

Not that it matters, because she basically had a clone child:
Paige as a teenager
Her daughter is Paige. It looks like she may have gotten her fathers nose, but for the most part I had a difficult time remembering that Lorna actually had grown up and had Paige and this wasn't Moira's kid. Differences being: Green eyes (possibly from Jerry or suspect Pierce).

The curse of twins again befalls Warren.
Warren as a working man
Warren as an adult.
Katherina, his wife. I wanted to take her out of the townie dating pool, she'd been there long enough. As if things couldn't get worse, they had twin girls. Named Claudette and Nicole (Claudette and Nicole St. Croix / of too complicated of a history, but they are twins from Generation X who once were Monet but are not actually M/Monet).

Teenage Claudette
Teenage Claudette
Teen Nicole
Teenage Nicole. I gave her glasses so they could be told apart. She is also a knowledge sim so it made sense. Both have brown eyes like their mother, but a bizarre twist of red hair. They are getting this red hair from Steven (Talia's husband, 2nd generation).

And now, the introduction of House # 6 ---

This is the combination of two boys, Jamie Wagner and Remy Dallas. Since Jamie's bloodline was already tainted with the fact that he's the decendent of a Landgrabb, I had been working on some Maxis made sim/houses, and one of the families thrown in were twins Jodie and Jason. I had Jamie marry Jodie, while Jason married his maid. That has nothing to do with us.

Jamie as an adult
Here is Jamie as an adult. Clearly you can still tell he is part Landgrabb, even generations later. He married Jodie. Here are some terrible pictures of Jodie:
Jodie before her hair change
This is how Jodie looks in the game before any changes. I decided to change her hairstyle.
Jodie after
See? Much better.

Jodie and Jamie had a daughter, Monet (Named from Monet St. Croix/ M of Generation X/X-Factor fame. Also complicated history).
Monet as a teen
Monet as a teen. She almost looks asian, and that feature is more apparent as an adult --
Monet at college
Monet as a college student. She is currently enrolled at the college as of this writing.

I also decided to do something different with Remy. He was really interested in science as a hobby, so it was about time for our first Alien encounter.

Pregnant Remy
Remy and Lorne
Remy had an alien baby boy who's been named Lorne. This is back to referencing that Remy looked a lot like Lorne from Angel and hoping his son would inherit some of those features. Just looks like alien to me.
Teen Lorne
Lorne as a teenager.

-- House #7

Now another side story. Genetically, Rahne has nothing special to contribute to the family line any longer. This is when I decided to mesh her with the Capp family.

Backround on the genetics. Hermia Capp had relations with a guy named Toby Bruenig. They had three children, Buffy, Alexander, and Willow.  Alexander and Rahne fell in love in high school and ended up going to college together.

Elder Hermia
Hermia as an elder

Toby Bruenig
Toby Bruenig, who looks a lot like Peter Sims to me. He fathered Alexander.
Alexander Capp
Alexander Capp. He's got the stern Capp chin and red hair.

Adult Rahne
Rahne as an adult. I found it peculiar that she and Cecilia have the same nose even though they only share the first generation of Kurt+Diane as direct relatives. Rahne decended from Talia's side while Cecilia decended from Raven.

Rahne and Alexander had a little girl, Theresa (named from Theresa Rourke Cassidy/Siryn of X-Force/X-Factor history and daughter of Sean Cassidy/Banshee).

Child Theresa
Brown hair, blue eyes, looks just like Rahne when she was younger. ANOTHER CLONE.

=== House #8

Link and Amara started their own home. She married him and took his name for the final child(ren). Juliette's lifetime aspiration was to have 6 grandchildren, so this was split between Link and Faith with 3 children each.

Jean in college
Jean, already in college now.

Their second child was named Magnus (Named from Magnus Lensherr / Exile and alternate universe son of Magneto and Rogue).
Teenage Magnus. Brown hair from Amara, light skin from the father along with those fancy vulcan like eyebrows. He does look like Link quite a bit.

On the third child came another surprise:
Amara with Emma
Blue skin still in full force. Another girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Named Emma (After Emma Frost / Former villian the White Queen/now teacher and X-Man).
Teenage Emma
Emma as a teenager.