Yes, I have created Sims of the up and coming band, "Automatic Taxi Star".  They rule. Check them out.  Buy their stuff.  Okay, that's enough advertising on my part.  Either way, their sims turned out pretty darn cool.  I even got feedback from the bandmembers on this, which I was surprised.  Enjoy.
Please visit for details about the band and to check out their music.
Vocals - Tiffany Fredianelli
The lead vocals of Automatic Taxi Star, this skin will be sure to lighten up the life of your game.  She comes from a very musical family and it was only natural for her to follow along that path.  Her father has peformed with the Gaylords for over 50 years, and her brother Tony is the lead guitarist of Third Eye Blind.  She also performs in a Las Vegas 80's cover band called "Love Shack".


Rich Hughes is the lead guitarist of Automatic Taxi Star.  I've noticed that before the performance he paints his head with several stars.  I gave him shiny pants because... well, it just seemed in character for him.  The last show I attended he had gold shiny pants, but silver looked much better with this outfit.
I think Rich was a little confused with the idea of him as a Sim.  Here's his response:

"Wow! Thanks. I don't think I've ever looked quite like that
Please go to our all ages show at the Hard Rock Cafe on January
19th at
9:30pm. It's free.

See you there,
Rich Hughes
Automatic Taxi Star"

Of course I'll attend!  But... I think I scared him.

Lead Guitar- Rich Hughes

Bass Guitar - Tony Santoro
Tony, as known to the band as "Tattooed Tony", plays a mean bass.  Unfortunately, I haven't had too much interaction with him (In person).  I think his hair color is normally a brownish color (Light brown), but I decided his sim should have sort of a blond like the above picture.  The tattoos on his arms here are sort of nondescript... and not at all his.  I didn't have any good pics of his tattoos.  Here is his response to the sim him:

"Very cool!!
Looks like we should be in a Red Hot Chili Peppers "Video of the Year"!!
Ha ha... when can I get ATS for my Playstation???"

Johnny plays the drums for Automatic Taxi Star.  If he looks familiar, it's probably because you'd seen him in the movie "Almost Famous", as he played Ed Vallencourt.  Every time I see him play he looks completely different, so I just went with what was in the picture above, along with the outfit.  His response was pretty neat too:

"Whoa!  That's awesome!  I agree we look pretty cool all animated like
that....You hid all of our bad qualities, which I commend you on!  Thanks!
Johnny (drums)"

Drums - Johnny Fedevich
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