Love the band so much that you can't get enough?  Want to have your very own Jason Coleman to play guitar in your newest sims home?  Look no further!  Here are your 12 Volt Sex sims, created by yours truely.

For those not familiar with the band, 12 Volt Sex is an outstanding band, and is thought of as one of the best bands in Las Vegas.  They had a contract with a record company go sour, but they still keep on playing the music I know and love.  I guarantee that once a national album is released, these guys will be a household name.  They rule.

If you want to check out information about the band, visit their website 12 Volt  If that's not enough to quench your thirst for this amazing band, you can also check out some samples of their music at  You will not regret it.

Vocals - Matt Chernoff
Matt Chernoff is the lead singer to 12 Volt Sex.  His amazing voice gives the band a unique sound and feeling.  Here is a picture of Matt from the first 12 Volt show I had attended.  I decided to put his sim in this outfit.
Guitar - Mike Stratton
Mike does a great job on guitar.  I can rant and rave about this wonderful band all night, but it still doesn't really prove them justice :)  I used the 'Elwood' sim .cmx file for Mike that came along with the MTV downloads.  I will include that CMX file and object so that Mike will work perfectly on your home system if you have not downloaded that skin pack of The Sims official website..
Bass - Jason Coleman
I used this outfit from the website.  Usually I see him wearing blue, so it's rather in character for him.  He plays  bass guitar in the band, and does a damn good job at it :)  I haven't had many conversations with Jason.
Drums - Gary Wright

Would you believe Gary was the hardest one to do?  I'll explain.  Recently I haven't seen him at the shows wearing glasses.  So I thought, hey, cool, I'll do him wearing the hat (He usually wears a cool knit pullover cap).  You would think this would be easy, but after about 5 hours of fussing with every single sim program out there, I gave up.  You get Gary, but he is sans hat and glasses!  Bah!
Additional Guitar - Rich Hughes
Rich is an excellent guitarist who has recently teamed up with 12 Volt Sex, adding to their excellent sound.  This sim is slightly different from the Automatic Taxi Star version of Rich, who has stars painted on his head and is wearing a star-styled baseball like shirt.  I have this version wearing the black 12 Volt Sex male tank top shirt.  Woo hoo. 

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