The Natural Playboy -  ( Hiro-kun's Song )

All the people every where, everybody wants to here
my playboy philosophy
Cause I look like a star when I'm smokin my cigar
They wanna be just like me

It's true, my Gold Ring is beautiful
and everyone wants one
Everybody wants to have my style

In a club or on the streets, everybody that I meet
Wants to learn and play my game
and they watch the way move, from head to my shoes
and all the girls know my name

I know in their hearts they wish and they dream
That they could be like me
But if they want to know the truth, it's true

I'm The Natural Playboy of Town
and I am blowin every mind
cause I'm one of a kind
I'm the coolest dancer around
The lights are shinin' down on me
so everyone can see
The Natural Playboy

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