Okay, I'll make this short and sweet.  This is my place on the net to just A) Display the nifty fanfics I have recently written.  B) Display random, but not exactly perfect scans of images I have collected over the years that are Tenchi related.  See, not much.  I write under the nick "KiyoneKatz", hence why Kiyone is on the left side.  Kiyone is quite obviously a rather underrated character of the many Tenchi dimensions, but she easily became my favorite character.  The first fic was a challenge, then it turned into this like... the best way to explain it is the universe I had created is rather neato, so I had elaborated on it.  Not much else to it other than that.  Oh, and read the fics in order.  That being said, here they are.
Fanfiction information:
Title: Hiatus
Description:  After a rough relationship with one of the girls, A college aged Tenchi runs into Kiyone for a weekend they'll never forget. 
NC-17 - Tenchi Muyo - Drama/Lemon - English - 48kb - 8173 Words.
My Thoughts: I wrote it as a dare, on a whim.  It turned out to be a pretty believable story though.  I uploaded it to Fanfiction.net, and since have gotten many reviews on it.  I was impressed!

If you liked either of these fics, you can review them over at Fanfiction.net. Here's the link to my author profile which has both fics under it.
Artwork: A picture of 'Older Tenchi', as I pictured him.

Title: Helmet
Description:  Placed several years after Tenchi has made his choice. Kiyone is thought of as "Missing In Action" and is presumed dead. Her final request was for her son to visit Earth and find a family like she once had. Based off the events in "Hiatus".
R - Tenchi Muyo - Drama/Action/Adventure - English - 175kb - 24450 Words
My Thoughts: The sequel/followup to Hiatus, which is obviously not a lemon.  It's very long.  It's hard to sit down and read in one sitting - but it's worth it.  I'm thinking of writing some stuff based off of this 'reality' I've created, but I've only churned out two fics.  So... oh well :)
Images from Helmet:  Image of Ken, Colored in Photoshop
Image of Yoshiko.  Preliminary image of Momiji and Shirou
Title: Hook It Up
Description:  A sidestory based off the alternate universe created in "Helmet". This tells the tale of Kiyone's extremely long involvement with a Juraian guard. Slightly lime flavored.
Kinotu's Description: Many years have passed since Hiatus, but we have not yet progressed to Helmet. Here we shall join Kiyone as she explores  adventure and romance with a fresh, handsome member of the Jurain Royal Guard. R&R Please.
Tenchi Muyo - PG-13 - English - Romance/General - Words: 26738
My Thoughts: Eh, not many people have read it.  But please, give it a try.  It's sort of the backstory behind Helmet, but not really.  Hahaha.

A random scan stuff for Tenchi Muyo.

Here's the Tenchi Muyo CD Special 2.  As you can see, Kiyone is there with Mihoshi.  I believe there's a lot of karaoke involved in this... so most of the images do not make sense.  Click on the link to the picture description.  Note, she's wearing her 'sexy' GP outfit in these, as apposed to the standard that we all are very familiar with.

Kiyone's crash landing.
Hot Spring Kiyone.
Karaoke Kiyone.
Epilogue with sweatdropping Kiyone.

More stuff.  These are from the LDs

Cover to Space Adventures 1 (Episodes 14-16)
Back Cover, showing a really cool pic of the Yagami
Image that shows Ayeka spelled Aeka in their own words

Random things
Scan of Detective Kiyone Animayhem card!  This was a rare card in the first set/series.

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