Shishio Makoto
           Shishio Makoto, the man, the mystery.  He was once the successor to the name Hitokiri Battousai, taking the strings after Kenshin left.  Later, the government realized what a threat he was and tried to get rid of him.  Instead of dying, he became a bandaged maniac ^_^.   Taking over towns one at a time, doing his own little form of law, his dangerous rule brought Kenshin and Saitou to Kyoto to stop him.  Here are his stats.
Name: Shishio Makoto
Height: 170cm  Weight: 59kg
Birthdate: Sometime in August
Zodiac: Leo
Birthplace:  Kyoto prefecture
Bloodtype: O type
Equipment: Japanese sword (Shousaifumei)
Current Style: Ware Ryuu (My style)
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