Capricious Orange Road
Shin Kimagure Orange Road is the continuing stories about Kasuga Kyosuke, Ayukawa Madoka and Hayama Hikaru.  Basically these span over 2 novels, and the 2nd movie which was just released not very long ago and based off the first novel. Here are some pictures and summaries. This picture to the right is Hikaru in New York City, in the 2nd Novel.  I'd put some art from the first Novel, but honestly the artwork isn't very impressive.  I'm not much of a Hikaru fan, however the older Hikaru does look rather cool.  The character designs for the movie was the same person who did Please Save My Earth.  It's a far cry from the Akemi Takada designs we've all grown to love, but the difference grows on you.

Basically, Kyosuke becomes this brash photographer and goes off to the Bosnian war back in 94, and ends up a missing person.  His younger self, back in 1991 was hit by a car,time traveled to Tokyo of 1994.  He ends up meeting an older Hikaru, and realizing that things are definantly wrong.


Kyosuke's sister, Kurumi. She kinda looks like Nene fromBGC now.  Isn't that cat dead YET? (j/k)

Manami hasn't changed much.
Hayakawa Mitsuru also is a small factore in the future lives of Kyosuke and Madoka.  It seems she wrote a hit song with him for a popular tv show at this time.  He apparently hasn't grown up much, breaking up with his girlfriend at some point and now hounds Madoka occasionally... moreso now that Kyosuke is MIA.  I don't know about you, but he looks like Ken Masters from the Street Fighter V series to me o_o;

Madoka and a very different looking Hikaru back together again after several years.

        All three back together once again. This NEVER happened in the novel.  It actually was quite different then how the movie turned out.  I guess it's just what one would call catering to the fans.  For a kickass picture, click here.

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