Saitou Hajime
          A man of many skills, Saitou Hajime is not someone to take lightly.  Originally of the Shinsengumi group, he later became a government agent. He posed as a medicine peddler when searching for Kenshin at the Kamiya Dojo. Going by several names, he calls himself Fujita Gorou.  Also known as Mibu's wolf, his reputation as a cunning and merciless man proceed him in most situations.
Name: Saitou Hajime
Height: 183cm   Weight: 71kg
Birthdate: Sometime in January
Birthplace: Tokyo
Zodiac: Capricorn
Bloodtype: O type
Equipment: Japanese Sword  (Sword of Mumei)
Current Style:  Mizoguchi haittouryuu

Nothing really noteable at this point in time other than it scares me to think that the voice of Saitou is also the voice of Kunou (of Ranma 1/2)... I can never watch Ranma 1/2 again now x.x
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