This is a picture of me at Project A-kon in my way cool dressy looking outfit.

Okay.  Someone asked me bit ago if I had any pictures of myself that weren't con related, so I went through the collection of pictures that I posessed, and came out with a few.

Okay, this was taken QUITE some time ago.  I do believe I was in... 8th grade or so?  Either way, I wasn't of any legal age whatsoever.  But it's a great pic.  Back in the days when my hair was blond... not that my other pictures you could tell otherwise or anything.

Anime Expo 96 was when this picture was taken.  A bit older still, but a great pic.  I was dressed as Ukyou from Ranma 1/2.  This is the school uniform type pic ( even though Ukyou has a blue one, I found a black one and it worked JUST as well ).  I also had the chef outfit, but as someone once put it, it was an innovative use of a bathrobe.

This picture was taken J-town San Francisco, right near the outside of Mikado's.  Not a very good picture, but it's one of the few I'm *normal*  that has been taken within the last few years.  It was taken December of 95.

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