Makimachi Misao
                This strong spirited ninja in training encounters Kenshin on his trip to Kyoto.  She apparently had been on a journey to find the Oniwa Banshuu, particularly Shinomori Aoshi.  She ends up befriending Kenshin and crew.  Here are the stats on her.  Odd thing... it says in the anime she's 16, but according to the Hiden, her birthdate would make her 14.  Oh well o_o;
Name: Makimachi Misao
Height: 149cm   Weight: 37kg
Born: 1863 year
Birthdate: Sometime in November
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Kyoto prefecture
Bloodtype: B type
Equiptment:  kunai
Current Style:  Oniwa Genshi kiken boujuu -
Oniwa banshuki kunaijuu

Misao eventually does find her way to Aoshi, unfortunately for me I haven't seen or read that far o_o;  I know of Misao also having a character cd single out.  I'll update this when I find out more in depth information about that.
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