Takani Megumi
              A talented doctor, Megumi enters the story when she begs Kenshin for help.  She was an apprentice of another doctor, who made Opium for a guy named Takeda Kanryuu.  When he died, Megumi became the only person who could make the opium.  She escaped, finding Kenshin and Sanosuke as saviors.  She ends up going back to the mansion once more, the crew storming in and taking names, opponants being the Oniwa Banshu.  They end up saving Megumi.  She went back to Tokyo with them and became a local doctor.  She believes that she should try hard to save people, to make up for the lives she cost by making opium. Here are the stats on her.
Name: Takani Megumi
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg
Born: 1857
Birthdate: Sometime in December
Birthplace: Fukushamaken (Aizu)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Bloodtype: B bloodtype

She has a duet with Sanosuke on the Rurouni  Kenshin SONGS album titled, "2 of a Kind!".  Her voice is done by Doi Mika
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