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       Well, I'll make this short and sweet.  I'm not very good at japanese.  I took a small conversational course in college last semester or so, needless to say I'm not perfect.   However, before I took the course, I started off by looking through kanji dictionaries and ended up mastering hiragana and katakana pretty well.   I learned how to turn songs from the kana to romaji <in a way>.  I'm not too sure on the spacing for some, HOWEVER they are pretty complete.   I have a few cd's that I havent seen romanized on the net as of yet <as far as my knowledgebase goes>... so I've been doing them in my spare time.  Here they are.

   SPECIAL THANKS to Kaleb James! Kaleb James is one of the performers and writers on the Bust A Move: Dance and Rhythm Action Soundtrack.  He had contacted me and helped fill in the gaps on my lyric page!  He's awesome!  The raps that weren't included in the original lyric book of the japanese soundtrack are now listed here.  Gas-O's song, and the raps during Kelly's Song are what are changed and now here.  HUGE thanks to him!  I couldn't get the correct lyrics without his help.
Bakuretsu Hunter WHAT'S UP GUYS?  Opening Theme 
MASK   Ending Theme 
Until Strawberry Sherbet   Image Song
Shin Tenchi Muyo - Ending Theme Yamerarenai  Yamerarenai
Yuu Yuu Hakusho  - Opening Theme Hohoemi no bakudan
  Rurouni Kenshin SONGS CD info 
  The Best Theme Collection album 

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Sobakasu - Judy and Mary  First Opening 
TACTICS - The Yellow Monkey  First Ending 
Namida wa shitteiru  Second Ending 
Heart  of sword - T.M. Revolution  Third Ending 
1/2  Second Opening 
It's Gonna Rain - Bonnie Pink Sixth Ending 
1/3 no junjou na kanjou - Siam Shade Seventh Ending 
Towa no Mirai - Animetal Image song (I think) 
Niji - L'Arc-en-ciel  Song from the movie 
Kimi ni fureru dake de -Curio 3rd  RK Opening 
DAME! - Yo Izumi  Last Ending theme
More to come! 
Aisuru hito o mamoru tame ni (Kenshin) 
Suki to ka ja nakute ...(Kaoru)  
Kokoro no hadake (Sanosuke)  
1/Sekai no Boku (Yahiko) 
Natsu no e (Kenshin & Kaoru) 
2 Of A Kind! (Sanosuke & Megumi) 
Shiroi ICHIGO (Ayame & Suzume) 
Kono sekai no katasumi de ... (RK Voices) 
Fushigi Yuugi  
Seiryuu special album and the 
SONG collection (OVA soundtrack) 
Note:These are the same songs listed on Miaka, Suzaku no miko's webpage 
however these are slightly modified now that they use their japanese titles, plus have the added JIS conversion to them. 
Sasura  (Nakago) 
Never Get Away (Suboshi) 
Koori tachi no PURAIDO (Soi) 
Promise Love  (Miaka) 
NOKUTAAN  (Amiboshi) 
Furuete Kudasai  (Soi) 
Dengon (Hotohori) 
Aoi arashi (Yui) 
Blue eyes... blue (Nakago) 
Kiseki no renzoku Image song 
Voice (Tamahome) 
Kimi nara daijobu Image song 
Everything for you Image song 
Perfect world (Nuriko) 
Ashita no watashi o shinjitai  OVA Ending song
Marmalade Boy  
Songs listed in the Marmalade boy best album plus others.
Egao ni Aitai Opening Theme 
Suteki na Serenade First Ending 
Yoake no ECHUUDO Third Ending 
MOMENT Event Music 
Saigo no yakusoku Meiko's song 
Melody - dakishimete - Movie song 
story Image song 
Kare hairo no KURESHENDO Yuu's Image Song (Played with Satoshi's band)
Judy and Mary  
JAM, Orange Sunshine, Power Source, Miracle Diving, and Pop Life song lyrics
Coming Soon!
You're Under Arrest TV Boku de aru tame ni Television series Opening 
Thank you, love Television series Ending
Vision of Escaflowne Yakusoku wa iranai - Opening Theme 
POKETTO o kara ni shite - Image song 
Mystic Eyes - Ending Theme
Neon Genesis Evangelion Zankoku na tenshi no TEEZE - Opening Theme 
Fly Me To The Moon - Ending Theme
   Dance & Rhythm Action Soundtrack info 
2 Bad - Heat's Song 
Transform - Kelly's Song 
i luv hamburgers - Hamm's Song 
Uwase no KAPOERA - Capoera's Song 
Chemical Love - Gas-O's Song 
Sora to Umi to Niji no Yume - Frida's Song 
The Natural Playboy - Hiro-kun's Song 
Waratte PON - Shorty's Song 
I know - Pinky's Song 
POWER - Strike's Song 
Aozora no knife - Kitty-N's Song
     Bust a move 2: Dance Tengoku MIX
The Heat is On - Heat's Theme 
Here Comes Trouble - Strike's Theme 
Hizashi no okuno Happy Heart - Shorty's Theme 
Let The Music Take Control (Hiro's Groove) - Hiro-kun's Theme 
Got To Be Happy - Tsutomu's Theme 
Magic Tower - Comet's Theme 
Moon Light Party ~ Clap Your Hands - Kelly's Theme 
HELLO! Kitty-N - Kitty-N's Theme
 Any comments?  Please, I'd love to hear what you think or even corrections or whatnot.  I'm very new to the japanese language, so romanizing is something I'm doing to kind of coax me through it all ^_^  Perhaps someday I'll actually UNDERSTAND what I'm romanizing.  BUT ANYWAY, drop me a comment!  ^_^

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