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Well,   I've only been websurfing a little bit, this is definantly a section I must put in eventually.  Not that my recommendation means much, but hey... checking these out won't hurt.  Some are very insightful or even fun :)

Miaka, Suzaku no Miko's Homepage!  -  Miaka's homepage is very spiffy to grab character and series information on Fushigi Yuugi, plus the format is beautiful.  Miaka's page is a fresh taste from the generic-ness of my own page.  I've known Miaka almost as long as I've been on the net ^_^

Welcome to "Wo Ai Fushigi Yuugi" -  Yui-chan's homepage is along one of the coolest FY pages I'd seen.  A definant must see for those interested in the series past the television run.  This page focuses on the OVA's, with song lyrics and translations to boot!  Not to mention the Seishuku Astrology section.  My seishi (uncharacteristically) is Tasuki, who's yours? ^_^

Project Oro -  Kickass 'Everything you need to know about Rurouni Kenshin' sort of page.

Kingdomality! -  Find out what your carreer would have been in medieval times by this strange yet fun personality test.

Bert is Evil! The truth uncovered! - This site honestly either will make you laugh or make you think these people have *WAY* too much time on their hands.  Regardless, it's a fun read if you're bored enough ^_^

Anime marriage prospects -  Ever want to know who you'd be compatible with?  Well, here's your chance!  For men and women alike. Unfortunately it's all rather older anime series' (last I checked), but fun none-the-less.

Ways to waste time =
    Riddler online!  Wonderful game!  Prizes even.
    Sony Station!  Jeopardy online! Wheel of Fortune! Lots of weird stuff that I've never looked at.

Tasuki No Miko's Page  - Yeah, I bet it has a more complicated name than that,
however this is the easiest explanation.  Again, this is one of the best Fushigi Yuugi pages out there especially on information about the manga, with translations of the manga, parodies and songs from the series.  A definant place to stop for any fan.

Chichiri-chan's page - "Open Onto Infinity..." Fushigi Yuugi Information Page

Umino Kiri's Amiboshi Shrine! -  WAAAAH, this place is so cool.  All sorts of neat stuff, including "You've watched too much Fushigi Yuugi when..." type lists.  I laughed my ass off at them.  Great for just general info too ^_^

Fan art headquarters -  Neat place to look around for hours on end.  This place includes impromanga and all sorts of fan artist listings.  I'm not really into the swing of things, but I sure was inspired by all those talented artists out there.

Deb and Jen's land o' useless facts -  Woo!  And you thought you knew it all.  This place has to take the cake for most interesting.
Disney Deaths!  - Just when you thought it was safe to go to Disneyland o.o;

Chat Ni Kenshin - A cool place to just hang out and talk about Rurouni Kenshin, and all the different aspects about it.  I'm occasionally there as 'Ryuuen'

Purity Test - Yes, you too can test your purity in everything.  Are you pure?

Unofficial Save Ferris Webpage - This band RULES!  Check out the page!  Support ska!  Save Ferris!

Weekend at Soi's - You have to see it to believe it.

A Shrine to the Electric Youth - SOI! - My friends webpage about Soi!  Check it out ^_^

I'll update more as I get to them ^_^;

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