A popular Japanese game about raising a child from ages 10-18.  One of the bigger English pages on the web.
Updated: Friday, February 13th 2004

Welcome to my page.
It sucks.
But it serves as a place to get to my other, slightly more interesting webpages.
Just slight organization and all that.  But really, it's nothing important.


He is Happy Fun Gameboy.  He does not taste like chicken!

A section of my webspace vaguely dedicated to the series that my namesake came from.

My artwork. Or really, my crappy fanart.

Skins that I had made for the game, "The Sims".

A fantastic journey through time and space, the wacky misadventures of the Cats On Mars crew in this almost never-updated online comic!

Stuff I no longer care to update:
Links are still there, I just doubt I'll ever update them.  Or want to update them.  Even less than my other pages.
Rurouni Kenshin
Why: It's a good page to keep around, but I just don't feel like watching the rest of the series.
Anime Convention Gallery
Why: I stopped caring to take pictures at Anime Conventions, about four years ago.
Tenchi Muyo Scans/Fanfiction
Why: Nothing to scan, and even less to write about.

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