i luv hamburgers ( Hamm's song )

Pla please I'll take a burger double cheese
I'll travel across the world and seven seas
All beef patti on a sesame bun
I luv the taste 2 much I can't never stop at 1
It's got that juicy taste it'll put a smile on your face
Mcdonalds, Burger King or any Other place
1, 2, 3 or even 7
I hope theres double cheeseburgers when I get up 2 heaven
When your feeling sad alone and your mood is kinda blue
Eat alot of burger always rates great
for here or 2 go yo it really doesn't matter bro
hamburger lovers let me here ya say ho
let there be no mistake of the point I'm trying 2 make
on my birthday give me a burger not a cake

Well I'm back again after a cheeseburger break
beef on a bun yo I ain't down for a fake steak
The hamburgler what a super cool guy
hamburger for free what a super good buy
all hours of the day and everybody of the week
Whats my name double b the burger freak
wait a minute I'm hungry hold up time out
another burger break thats what it's all about

Lettuce tomatoes and add some fried onions
and a couple of pickles which are good for your bunyons
Im gonna make my own cheeseburger house someday
someday someday someday someway
come and join me on my fat fillet diet
don't be shy come on out and try it
enough of the rappin its time 2 get for real
b-b-q time put the burgers on the grill

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