Here Comes Trouble - Strike's Theme

Watch out world wide
Here comes trouble
Best move out of my way

A fact is a fact.  My styles
too real. I've got the rhythm that
you all can feel.
Any and all challenges that comes my way gets my full
attention.  Then it gets played the best knowledge in these
degrees is not to stand so close to me, And any cowards
(that) wishes to open up will be brought to justice by Mr.
Ruff-Cus-To-Mile........ Verse-So-Tile Attack mad crowds...
with Pit-Bull-Style.  So the best advise is none at all.
Back it up and hear your name called suckers - punk
- busters - backstabbers - salt casters - pupic areas - funky
smell grabbers play that wanna be that will never be
and stupid golddiggers don't even look at me - because.

The quest for power is down.  A dark road depends on
how far you are willing to go.  But the crew notourious
holds the ultimate effect cashing in the payroll.  But holding
no checks born and breaded to be a stick-up kid.
Just to say what one man had to give to undergo this
power which now exist by trasmitting it to all world
challeneges.  But in this courtroom there's no defense for
any visitors that don't holds common sense.  As long as
the calling is for me to hit.  To hit I know no one can ever
call me on it.  Just one of those who's effecting the world
 no matter the conductor judgement that you heard.
My operation is fatal to all those foe's with giant grill and
no where to go.

"Pronounced unstable and also violent just to be safe.  You
should believe in this ready to strike.  So don't even trip if
I was in a fight, I started it the guy with drama signed
every threat attacking.  All fighters with what I know best
watch your back and your front around me.  I have the
power to destroy your dreams."
A rough performer who can't be faded giving out twice
as much as I had made it, and when I throw a jam it's
always pack.  Because they all know my style is fat so open
your skull for this perfect link.  That defuse all others before
they think.  So watc out competation here comes trouble
cross the "TEE" - black - for - talent mother.