The Heat Is On   -  Heat's Theme

Everybody knows that he is the one
Busting move's that set him second to none
When U began to think he's over & done
(Ain't no stoppin - stoppin - stoppin )
The heat is on

The heat is on ain't no stopping 'em now
Don't be steppin' on the scene thinking you
Can get down, it's a brother with move's
That U can't resist, it's like this (3 times)
Ain't no need in trying to try & duplicate his rift's.
'Cause if you do you might trip and bust
Your lip, uh feel the fire, take U higher
Drop the props, and don't deny-a!

Are U ready, the heat is known to rock steady,
one time baby it's time to stack up your Fedy
It's the Fedy, Money Cheddar change whatever you wanna
call it, The heat is in the place and U know we ball'n.
Making a scene upon the scene, know he's a lean & fighting,
fighting Dancing Machine!  And if U wanna step to this there's
nothing U can do the heat will burn your whole crew!