• The amazing...!

  • Yes, boys and girls alike will love Happy Fun Gameboy!    Perhaps right now you're asking yourself,  "What is Happy Fun Gameboy?"  You know what?   So are we!   Recently I have purchased a few game units from overseas and find out that the painstaking care involved in the use of your gameboy is just so drastic and different from the states, that we brought it here for you to witness for yourself!  As if taking care of a pet was hard enough, your gameboy MAY be harder!  Here are some wonderful examples and samples of the joys of Happy Fun Gameboy!
    Image #1) Here we see Happy Fun Gameboy smoking.  Please make sure that HFG does NOT smoke... it's bad for you AND your Gameboy.

    Image #2) Although Happy Fun Gameboy is fun for all ages, sexes, and races, please REFRAIN from playing with HFG while DRIVING.

    Image #3) Happy Fun Gameboy does NOT like to be taunted by screwdrivers.  The opening and closing of your HFG will just piss it off.  Please don't do that.

    Image #4) Happy Fun Gameboy doesn't like to party with PigPen.  It has great allergies, and just can't handle the pressure.

    Image #5) Please do not probe Happy Fun Gameboy... how would you like it if someone stuck a screwdriver in your hole?

    Image #6) Happy Fun Gameboy is NOT thirsty!  Should HFG be thirsty, it will surely tell you! 

    Image #7) Happy Fun Gameboy is NOT a footrest.  Despite how comfortable it is, do remember that it is HFG, and that it does not like to be walked all over.

    Image #8) Aiya!  Happy Fun Gameboy does NOT like Superman to use his thumbs of steel to shatter it's screen!  Imagine if someone poked your eyes out!  OH THE HUMANITY!

    Image #9) Despite being called a Pocket Game system, Happy Fun Gameboy does not like to ride in your back pocket.  It is dangerous travel for HFG.  He would prefer riding in your backpack,  or perhaps a HFG Carrying Pack(TM)

    Image #10) Oh dear, looks like little Billy wants to play with Happy Fun Gameboy.  Although generally HFG is thought to be a 'Toy', wait till little Billy is old enough ~ Happy Fun Gameboy does not want to play with Billy!

    Image #11) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Lookit 'em go!  Happy Fun Gameboy go round and round and... it's just not a good idea!  HFG gets dizzy and nauseous.  You just don't want HFG to throw up on you.  Please be kind and don't spin him like a yo-yo.

    Image #12) Did Happy Fun Gameboy REALLY deserve this fate?  I  think not!  Please treat HFG with respect!  He would not throw YOU into the fire, so please reconsider before throwing HIM into the fire as well.  He'll thank you for it.

    Image #13) Oh my!  Looks like Happy Fun Gameboy does NOT want to play with Mr. Snowman!  Please don't let Mr. Snowman play with HFG.  Also, due to the lack of sweatglands, Happy Fun Gameboy does not want to be put next to a heater after a long day in the snow avoiding playing with Mr. Snowman...

    Image #14) Aiyayai!  Someone seems to have dropped Happy Fun Gameboy off of a high place!  Please remember that HFG isn't immortal, it is merely a video entertainment system.

    Image #15)  Ew!  What's that you have on your hand?!  Don't touch Happy Fun Gameboy with that!  You Damned SICKO!

    Image #16)  Oh Kami-sama!  Has someone left Happy Fun Gameboy in the car?  He'll DIE in there, just like ANY real pet!  Please treat HFG with respect, much like your pet fluffy or your little brother Billy.  Would you leave Billy in an unattended car in 115 heat?  Well... Maybe you would if you were irresponsible enough to leave defenseless little Happy Fun Gameboy ;_;

    Image #17) Looks like Happy Fun Gameboy doesn't like people turning him  on before putting a game in.  What are you, stupid?  Put the game in THEN turn it on.

    Image #18)  Makes me wonder where this guy learned how to play video games if he's trying to put the game in SIDEWAYS.  Happy Fun Gameboy does NOT like to be touched this way either.

    Image #19)  Happy Fun Gameboy does not like to use anything other than Happy Fun Gameboy Headphones.  Accept no immitations!

    Image #20) Please do not try to turn on Happy Fun Gameboy until he is GOOD and ready, dammit!

    Image #21) Oh no!  Happy Fun Gameboy has been spun one too many times, and his Happy Fun Gameboy brand strap has snapped.  We advise not letting this happen, or else HFG will fall to his death as demonstrated in Image #14.

    Image #22) Happy Fun Gameboy is not a heavy drinker.  Please don't try to give him ANY sort of alcohol or heavy drugs, or else he'll get sick, and may never be the same again.  The lesson here kids?  If it's not good for Happy Fun Gameboy, how can it be good for you?

    Image #23) Happy Fun Gameboy does not like to use batteries that have been drinking recently, or had passed out.  Those batteries aren't good enough for Happy Fun Gameboy!  Please only use HFG Brand energy sources instead of these deviant batteries!  You have been warned!
    Image #24) If Happy Fun Gameboy's batteries are deviant, please don't feel the need to throw them into the fire.  HFG would be offended, and the batteries will never forgive you.
    Image #25) Happy Fun Gameboy Light, ALTHOUGH being a backlit gameboy is NOT designed to be played under your covers at night!  HFG is afraid of the dark, be gentle to the poor thing.

    And now, from the people who brought you THESE brilliant warnings...

    The Astounding!

    Image #1) Egad!  Someone is driving with Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket on!  Although HFNG is travel size, please DO remember that it is NOT meant to be THIS kind of travel buddy!

    Image #2) Do NOT blast Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket music in your ear.  Although it seems like a good idea, you'll go deaf, you dumbass.

    Image #3) Oh no!  Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket has become a firehazard and is flaming.  If your HFNGP decides to flame, be sure to contact your local PFLAG group and perhaps get support.

    Image #4) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket doesn't like to be taken apart.  She is is a delicate machine, much like Happy Fun Gameboy, and would like be treated with the same respect you would treat him. 

    Image #5) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket would like you to realize which side of the game goes in correctly.  If you put it in the wrong way,  it would hurt and she would get royally pissed off at you.  

    Image #6) This apparently is the image to explain how to turn on Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket.  Self Explanatory.

    Image #7)  Do not throw Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket against the ground.  She does not like to be tossed away like a piece of garbage.  She will not talk to you for days, or give you good horoscopes if you do this.  You are warned.

    Image #8) As warned with Happy Fun Gameboy, Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket does NOT  like to be played with by Superman.  Please don't let his thumbs of Steel shatter her screen.

    Image #9) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket does not like to be used as a footrest.  If necessary, use Happy Fun Gameboy as a footrest... it's bigger than HFNGP, and would offer much better support.

    Image #10) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket only uses HFNGP Headphones.  Please put them in the proper holes, as the arrows indicate.

    Image #11) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket doesn't like to play in the sand, please don't let her get dirty, or submit her to dustdevils.  She may never work the same afterwards.

    Image #12) Despite being named "Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket", HFNGP's instructions INSIST that you never put her in your pocket.  She may become damaged. 

    Image #13) Oh No!  After reaching for a glass of water, Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket accidentally knocked it over instead of taking the drink it wanted.  This is what happens when you don't have opposable thumbs.

    Image #14) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket has been left in the car on a hot summer day.  When her owner gets back, she will just be a pile of plastic and metal goo that makes funny noises every now and then.  You wouldn't do this to your brother, child, or Happy Fun Gameboy... please don't do this to Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket either.

    Image #15) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket does not like to be probed in the Battery Case by screwdrivers.  Please keep this in mind when playing with her.

    Image #16) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket is NOT a witch, and doesn't need to be burned at the stake.  Please refrain from tossing HFNGP into fire.

    Image #17) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket doesn't use hard narcotics.  Please don't force them on her.  That's peer pressure, and she doesn't do well under it.  Just say NO!

    Image #18) Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket does not like idiots.  Please pay attention to HOW you insert a game, and don't try to put it in all sideways and stuff.  It hurts her more than it hurts you.  Be  kind to her, and she'll be kind to you.

    Image #19) Oh No!  Little Billy has gotten ahold of Happy Fun Neo Geo Pocket's batteries!  Don't let this happen to Little Billy!  HFNGP would be proud if you didn't.
                     And now for those of you who have been anticipating it... the SPECTACULAR
    Image #1) Do not let little Demonic Monkey boys play with Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu.  

    Image #2) Oh no!  Because of neglectant parents, Little Billy is using his mouth as a powerful vacuum and will stop at nothing until Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu is in it's dreaded clasp!  Do not let this happen to yours!

    Image #3) Although Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu may sometimes disagree with you, please refrain from throwing HFPP into the angry fire.

    Image #4) Do not make Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu cry.  Poking his eyes doesn't help the matter one bit!

    Image #5) Oh no!  It looks like Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu is being used as a springboard for some future athlete!  Let it be aware  that HFPP does not like this, and would rather not do it.

    Image #6) Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu is a travel buddy, fun for all ages, and the like... but insists that  you carry him on a chain, or preferably on your belt or the edge of your shorts.  HFPP does not like being used as an ass cushion.

    Image #7) Egad!  Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu is all wet!  Please contain yourself when dealing with HFPP, and do resist the urge to feed it food and water.  It isn't a real pet.

    Image #8) Someone has become very curious with Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu!  It is advised not to try to use Mr. Screwdriver on HFPP.  Look at his expression.  He looks upset and worried that you might do something bad.  NO DISASSEMBLE #5!

    Image #9) Although the Mr. Sun is VERY happy, Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu is not.  Please don't leave him in your Chevron Techron car in the sun.

    Image #10) Ooof!  Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu does not like funny little clouds.  It makes him squint!  Avoid funny little clouds whenever possible!

    Image #11) Ouchiecoo!  Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu does not like to be bodyslammed into the pavement.  Please resist the urge to throw him around like a pro wrestler.

    Image #12) Aiya!  Happy Fun Pocket Pikachu is also not involved in narcotics of any sort.  We don't advise him trying any.

    Image #13) Dear god!   Little Billy somehow managed to use Mr. Screwdriver to it's fullest abilities by taking Happy Fun Pikachu's battery out and is now trying to eat it!  This is bad for both Happy Fun Pikachu AND Little Billy!  Please don't let this happen!  Little Billy's cheeks will never be rosy again, and Pikachu will never Pika again (at least until you replace Pikachu's missing battery, but that is beside the point.) 

    Oh dear god, Isn't this over yet?  For those of you who have been anticipating it...

    The Phenomonal...!               
    We are fortunate... Happy Fun Pocketstation does not reiterate everything that was said before in those other pocket systems... oh no.  Actually, Happy Fun Pocketstation goes into places that I just can't understand and probably never will.  Here is that information.
    Image #1)  Oh my god... apparently this must be a common occurance in Japan if they had to make a warning for it.  Please... no matter how much you LOVE Happy Fun Pocketstation, please do not wander into TRAFFIC playing it!  You and HFPS will be happy no longer.
    Image #2) It looks like little Billy is not very intelligent, and apparently simple things like understanding that straps get caught on things needs to be explained.  Happy Fun Pocketstation will not be used to hang little Billy, no matter how depressed little Billy is.  Next thing you know, little Billy will be riding an escalator and get his overalls caught in the darn thing... and we KNOW those are much more dangerous than doors.
    Image #3) Little Billy has gotten a bit too excited about his Happy Fun Pocketstation and decided to swing it around like a mad fool.  Little Billy then was promptly spanked and put down for a nap.  Happy Fun Pocketstation had to sit in the corner for 4 hours.
    Image #4) No!  I think the only english in the manual stated it well enough.

    And, as a randomly added bonus - Happy Fun Pocketstation gettin' DOWN!


    "Look as I touch my buttons.  They are so round and firm."

    "Hiya SWEETY! How YOU doin'!"


    Happy Fun PocketStation shows the masses his panties

    "Oh my god!  He's playing with himself in public!"

    The disgruntaled Happy Fun Pocketstation decides to moon everyone by showing the world his battery space.
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    Happy Fun PocketStation teaches us the values of safe "tab"
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