Rurouni Kenshin Games for the PSX

     So far there are two games for the Sony Playstation, and I have the honor of owning both.  Here is the info and my evaluation of the games.

Rurouni Kenshin -meijiken kakuro mantan -  Ishingekitouhen
      The first of the two playstation games.  This one is a fighting game, taking place during the first Tokyo story arc.  This being one of my first Playstation games, I was quite surprised with it.  It is first and foremost a generic fighting game.  One button does block, one does a high attack, another a low, together they do a special attack, and that's about it.  With some characters you can do a combination of a fireball motion (down to left or right) with another button can get you a neat little move, but it's rather average on that level.  That's not the reason why I like this game.  I love this game for the animation.  This game has better animation then the TV series at that time.  The game came out rather early in the television series it seems.  The music from most of the cut scenes are all off the first soundtrack, and the normal mode of the game ends after you defeat Aoshi.  However... if you defeat the game on Hard, you get to fight Saitou Hajime, and get all the different cut animations/movies ( which you can view in the options menu ). This includes all the different animation scenes you'd get if you let the continue clock run out and the enemy with his victory speech.  Defeat everyone on the VS level and you get Kaoru ( But she's only an option if playing VS mode, not any other time during the normal play of the game ).  To be honest, the animation, although a bit shorter in speechlength than in the anime, was much more emotionally pulling on me.  If you defeat Saitou, you get to see a 10 minute scene of aftermath.  The death of Ookubo Toshimachi by way of assassination (via a slight glimpse at Soujirou) and the leader into the Kyoto arc with Kenshin saying goodbye.  It's beautifully animated and by far the reason why I favor this game over most of my other fighter games still.  Too simplistic I guess ^_^  I also generally dislike 3-D fighting environments, but somehow this one looks all right to me.  When you pause it, it does this cool turning camera angle thing around you until you unpause.  Character List:  Kenshin and Sanosuke: These are the guys you can play to get past the story mode.  You start off with Kenshin, Sano you can play AFTER you defeat him ( he's the first guy, he's not that hard, and you can't go any further without beating him ^_^ ).  Enemies: Jine, Hyottoko, Hannya, Shikijou, Aoshi, and Saitou.  All and all, for Kenshin fans I think it's worth it. You can defiantly tell that there was a much bigger budget for this game then there was for the series at that time ^_^x.  I'll add pictures of the game as soon as I can find some decent ones.

Rurouni Kenshin RPG
        Okay, that's not the official name for it, but still, that's how everyone refers to it.  This game I've got to admit -has- to be one of the hardest damn things to understand.  I'm not very skilled in the japanese language, so therefore this is my first mark against me.  I love the series dearly, but so far the only thing I've figured out is A)  You can play one of two characters.  A boy, and a girl.   The plot is basically the same for either, your character apparently hasn't any memory, and is saved by Kenshin at the very first of the game.  He disappears.  The plot gradually evolves from there.  B) The layout of the game is pretty accurate and true to the locations in the Kenshin universe.  Though, I think it's rather rude to be wandering into everyones houses and stuff.  If a character is important enough, you get a picture (instead of just a name) next to their dialog box ( Like Megumi, or any other characters you've probably seen in the anime or so ).  I haven't gotten very far in this game, but I've heard it gets better.  I was never too good at RPG's either, this is my one fault.  For the RPG fans, it has enough differences from 'other RPGs', during the combat sequences you have an ability to, depending on your characters skill and ability, can read your opponents moves.  If you do a kick ass combo, your character does this 'I kicked ass' kind of speech.  Is it worth it?  There are nifty stickers and pictures that come with the game, and I'm sure it would kick ass if I actually knew and could read japanese.  Worthy of checking out if you're any kind of Kenshin fan.  As Sobakasu was the theme for the first video game, this one has a neat little sequence for the opening "1/2".  All and all, pretty spiffy.

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