Seiryuu No Miko
Real Name: Hongou, Yui
Age: 15   Birthdate: 10/26 (Libra)
Family: Mother and Father
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 162cm     Bloodtype: AB
Hobbies: Reading mysterynovels, music appreciation
Specialties: Schoolwork andphysical activities are excellent, can speak English
Voice Actress: Touma Yumi
Fan Parody Dub Name: Kate Sawyer
If Yui were in a gang, she'd be: Slash
Spice Girl Nickname: Psycho Spice

                 That girl we call Yui, the one who's been through it all from the beginning along with Miaka through thick and thin.  Unfortunately for her, she got the short end of the rope.  Everything from screwed up seishi to small fits of psychosis.  Her personality being the jealous type, she tried to take Tamahome away from Miaka at some point, but Tamahome overcame that and lost a great deal of respect for Yui   ( as if he had much before ).  Yui eventually overcomes her ability to be manipulated by Nakago.  In the 2nd series, she has a much nicer outlook and has hooked up with Keisuke's best friend, Tetsuya.

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