Real Name: Rou Chiun
Age: 21           Birthdate: 10/13 (Libra)
Family: ?
Height: 183cm       Bloodtype: AB
Hobbies: Tormenting others, sodomy
Location of symbol: Right Abdomen
Symbol: "Shi" clan
Power:Using a clam-shell to make others see illusions.
Notes: His symbol corresponds to the constellation of Libra
Voice Actor: Nobuo Tobita
If Tomo was in a gang, he'd be: Nakago's Bitch (Nakago: NOWAY O_O)
Spice Girl Nickname: Perfectionist Spice

              Tomo is an interesting sort.  His face painted with elegant colors of red, blue, and black.  Costume colored in a similar pattern, with some gold lining.  He has a very detailed explanation of what these colors represent in a very long winded speech.  The token homosexual of the Seiryuu side, he has a major thing for Nakago and won't stop at anything until he gets the right approval from him.  He has a very haunting laugh, and is also a follower of the every powerful Tenkou that we meet in the OVA series/ 14-18 of the Manga issues.

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