Real name: Chamka Tan
Age: 16 - Dead 200 years   Birthdate: 2/14 (Aquarius)
Family: Blood relations if any unknown
Birthplace: The Ha tribe, an ethnic minority, in western Hokkankoku.
Height: 173 cm
Hobbies: Hunting
Location of symbol: Left side of his back
Symbol: "Kyo" Void
Powers: Manipulating ice - any other powers are unknown
Notes: His symbol corresponds to the constellation of Aquarius.
Voice Actor: Iwanaga Tetsuya
If Tomite were in a gang, he'd be: Bullseye
Spice Girl Nickname: Feisty Spice

                           Tomite, the younger of the two Genbu Seishi that is captured on screen.  He gives me a very "Suboshi" impression, most likely because of his dedication to Genbu No Miko.  It almost makes me wonder what sort of lengths Takiko had to go through to find her seishi.  Most were composed of what seemed to be, none natives to the chinese countryside.  The area that they were in is very close to Russia/Siberia.  This may explain why Hikitsu has blond hair, or maybe even Nakago for that matter... for he was ostercised for his difference in race.  Even in a fictional world, there has to be more to life than just the chinese.  It was even mentioned that the writing on the Genbu shrine had been abolished for nearly 200 years as well.  This most likely places the time that Takiko and the gang were prancing around HokkanKoku to be probably around the estimated time of when the Mongols ruled parts of China... which would explain why she would need her seishi to protect that land.  These are all educated guesses.  Fushigi Yuugi is a fairy tale, but tried to keep within similarities to the real world and otherwise. 

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