Tokaki and Subaru
Real Name: Dourim Hahm
Age: 107 (Looks 17)       Birthdate: 5/1 (Taurus)
Family: Tokaki (Husband), and an adopted daughter
Birthplace: ?
Height: 163 cm          Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Cooking, Shopping
Location of symbol: Left breast
Symbol: "Ko"  rise
Power: She can freely control time
Notes: Her symbol corresponds with the constellation Taurus.
Voice Actress: Doi Mika
If Subaru were in a gang, she'd be: Fate
Spice Girl Nickname: Chrono Spice

Real Name: Lan-uan Hahm
Age: 109 (Looks 19)   Birthdate: 11/11 (Scorpio)
Family: Subaru (wife), and an adopted daughter
Birthplace: ?
Height: 183 cm            Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Picking up on women
Location of symbol: Left cheek
Symbol: "Kei"  star
Power: Pressure points, teleportation, using his earings as weapons.
Notes: His constellation symbol corresponds with Androemeda.
Voice Actor: Shiga Katsuya
If Tokaki were in a gang, he'd be: Shameless
Spice Girl Nickname: Old Spice

             Tokaki and Subaru are the pair to end all couples.  They've been together for who knows how long.  Tokaki being a major flirt, and Subaru being the overreacting wife, they make an interesting pair.  In his later years, Tokaki wandered the lands.  At some point he ended up in Tamahome's village and taught him martial arts (Which explains Tamahome's skill!).  When saving him near Sairou Koku, the old Master asked Tamahome to break up with Miaka due to the fact that no matter what you wish, the God cannot keep you together.  He didn't want Tamahome to make the same mistake Tatara had once.  Tokaki even went through the effort of having his adopted daughter try and make Tamahome forget Miaka.  Despite their everything they had done, Tamahome eventually explains he can't let go that easily, because he already loved Miaka too much.  After Tatara's battle with Miboshi, Subaru used her power on her and Tokaki to help the Suzaku Seishi fight the Seiryuu Seishi.  The younger looking duo kicked ass and took names.

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