Real name: Kasaru Tsuonie
Age: 110 (Appears 20)    Birthdate: 2/21 (Aries)
Family:  Had a Grandmother
Birthplace: ??
Height: 181 cm
Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Gardening
Location of symbol: Back of right hand
Symbol: "Ru"  Frequently
Power: Controlling plants
Notes: His symbol corresponds with the constellation of Aries
Voice Actor: Yamanoi Jin
If Tatara were in a gang, he'd be: Martha Stewart
Spice Girl Nickname: Greenthumb Spice

                      He fell in love with Susano, Byakko no Miko.  After they were separated, he protected the Byakko Shinzahou from whoever and whatever came along.  He was captured by the Seiryuu side, put in chains and questioned on it's whereabouts.  Sympathetic to Miaka, he handed the Shinzahou over to her instead of Yui.  Although a bit two faced, Yui befriended Miaka for a few moments to obtain the item, locking her and the Byakko seishi in a room, and calling Seiryuu shortly after.  Because he was away from the Byakko shrine, his old age was taking over his youthful looking body, making him ill.  He died shortly after a battle with the Seiryuu Seishi, Miboshi.  His spirit was then reunited with his beloved, Susano.

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