Real Name: Kou, Shu'nu
Age: 17                Birthdate: 4/18 (Aires)
Family: 5 Older sisters (Aidou and 4 others) Mother,  and Father
Birthplace: Konankoku, koshu, Taiho prefecture, Rekaku Mountain
Height: 178 cm        Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Brawling
Location of symbol: Right forearm
Symbol: "Yoku" wings
Power: All the arts of fighting, speed, and using the iron Tessen to cause the "LEKKA SHIEN"
Notes: His constellation corresponds to a "cup" constellation.  Nicknamed Genrou (Huan-Lang) before he joined up with everyone as a Seishi.
Voice Actor: Hayashi Nobutoshi
Fan Parody Dub Name: Captain Fanboy
If Tasuki were in a gang, he'd be: Grand Fangmaster T
Spice Girl Nickname: Paprika Spice

                  Tasuki, the man with the fan and absolutely no plan.  His temper tantrums and fighting attitude is what keeps the girls coming to him.  He's got the red hair, the studly physique, and of course those cute little fangs.  Much like many Ryouga-Worshipers, that is an aspect that makes the character just much more lovable than intimidating.  Being raised with 5 older sisters, no wonder his attitude is toward hating women.  Any man stuck in that situation would indeed be warped living that way.  Although, when questioned about his sexuality, Watase insisted that Tasuki was not gay (Despite the Yaoi dojinshi around Japan).  Then when questioned about Koji's relationship with Tasuki, especially when a certain parody section in the manga was brought up (Koji wearing Tasuki boxers, having Tasuki Posters, Tasuki this, that, blahblah), she explained that it was done for "Fan Service" more than anything.

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