Real Name: Sou Kishuku
Chinese Name:  Xong Gui-Siu
Age: 17             Birthdate: 6/28 (Cancer)
Family: Father, 2 younger brothers (Chuei/Zhong-Rong, Shunkei/Chun-Jing)  and 2 younger sisters (Gyokuran/Yu-Lun, Yuiren/Jie-Lian).  Mother died when he was 12.
Birthplace: Konankoku, Jyusou prefecture, Hakukou village.
Height: 180 cm        Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Money!
Location of symbol: Forehead
Symbol: "Ki"  Demon / "Oni" Ogre
Power: Martial arts and energy projection
Notes: The constellation that is associated with him corresponds to Cancer the crab.
Voice Actor: Midorikawa Hikaru
Fan Parody Dub Name: Steven
If he had a gang name, it'd be: Miaka's byatch
Spice Girl Nickname: Greedy Spice

                 Tamahome is the first of the seishi Miaka encounters.  He's a money grubbing opportunist type that changes his ways shortly after he finds his direction in life as the guardian of Suzaku no Miko.  This is when he starts to suck. ^.^  Okay, maybe I'm being a bit harsh... Tama-chan isn't *that* bad.  I just find that there are much more redeeming qualities in the rest of the team other than him.  The coolest moment in his career was when was EVIL and being controlled by Nakago.  It took a cool character to make him semi-cool.  He has some interesting qualities when he becomes Sukunami Taka, but that's a good 13 books from issue one, not to mention 52 episodes later.  Watase-sensei herself said that she made Miaka a lousy cook just to torture Tamahome.  Wahaha...

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