Real name: Bo Shunkaku
Age: 15            Birthdate: 8/26 (Virgo)
Family: Parents died in war,  older twin
brother, Amiboshi
Birthplace: Tenryou, San'un Province, Kutoukoku
Height: 168 cm            Bloodtype:A
Hobbies: Exercising
Location of symbol: Left shoulder
Symbol: "Kaku"  angle
Power: Uses the weapon known as the "Ryu-sei-sui" by psychokinesis
Notes: His sign corresponds with to the constellation of Virgo
Voice Actor: Ueda Yuuji
If Suboshi was in a gang, he'd be: The Daddy Mack
Spice Girl Nickname: Salt Spice

                Suboshi, the younger of the twins.  His temper triggered by his ability to overreact to any situation.  He is very protective of his family and his miko.  When Amiboshi supposively died, Suboshi took his frustrations and revenge out on Tamahome's innocent family.  Sure makes me want to invite him to parties.  Also in a fit of rage, he killed fellow Seishi Tomo for putting his dear brother in danger.  If you piss off Suboshi, you're bound to die or lose someone close.  Looks like someone needs to learn some people skills.

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