Real Name: Haku Kaen
Age: 19             Birthdate: 10/30 (Scorpio)
Family: Both parents, but when she was young she was sold to a brothel
Birthplace: Genson of the Nei Tribe, a satellite state of Kutoukoku
Height: 166 cm              Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Cosmetics
Location of symbol: Left Thigh
Symbol: "Bo" tassel
Power: Lightning, and electromagnetism in the atmosphere.  Knowledge of various sexual techniques.
Notes: Her symbol corresponds with the constellation of scorpio
Voice Actress: Tanaka Atsuko
If Soi were in a gang, she'd be: Nakago's Bitch
Spice Girl Nickname: Raunchy Spice

             Soi is one of the only few Seiryuu Seishi I have full respect and sympathy for.  Her past when she was sold to a brothel, and her present while she is completely in love with Nakago.  It seems so unfair that she was only looked at as a side piece of meat.  With Nakago always so busy with Seiryuu no Miko, she held her jealousy in.  Her heart much akin to Amiboshi's, she found that the love between Tamahome and Miaka was very strong.   I can safely say she's one of the few that did NOT die a virgin ^_^  After her death, Nakago carried her around for several weeks back to Kutou.  I'm sure if there was more comedy to it, the situation would probably be more like one of those Weekend at Bernies movies.

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