Real Name: Chou Ryuuen
Chinese Name: Tiao  Liu-Chuan
Age: 18             Birthdate: 3/10 (Pisces)
Family: Father, Mother, Older brother (Rokou), and younger sister (Kourin/Kang-Lin)
Birthplace: Eiyou, capital city of Konankoku
Height: 166cm        Bloodtype: B
Hobbies: Dressing up in female attire, being fashionable, flirting.
Location of symbol: Just above the heart
Symbol: "Ryuu" willow
Power: Superhuman strength
Notes: He adopted his sister Korin's name to live a portion of her life after she died.  His constellation corresponds with "Hydra"
Voice Actress: Sakamoto Chika
Parody Dub Name: Tiffany
If Nuriko were in a gang, he'd be: Ru Paul
Spice Girl Nickname: Felicia Spice

                  Nuriko, the *man* of all men, even when dressed as a woman.  I don't know what's WRONG with Miaka but to give up this guy is like a shame.  It's a huge shame that he probably died a virgin.  A man that good looking just had to be gay.  Well, correcting that almost near the end they attempted to make him BI, but I'm sure that was yet another fan service thing.  When questioned on if Hotohori and Nuriko were supposed to get together, Watase instantly replied, "But they're both MEN!".  She also commented on how if she were to make a Yaoi Dojinshi with her characters it wouldn't be with Tasuki and Nuriko, as some have seen, but rather Tamahome and Tasuki.  For some reason I think the woman really has it in for Tamahome.

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