Real Name: ?
Age: 25              Birthdate: 11/17 (Scorpio)
Family: Orphan
Birthplace: From the west - "Hin" clan
Height: 193 cm       Bloodtype: ?
Hobbies: Tormenting Tamahome
Location of symbol: Forehead
Symbol: "Kokoro"  heart
Power: He possesses the power of one and a half soldiers.  Psychokinesis, and magic.
Notes: His sign corresponds with the constellation scorpio.
Voice Actor: Furusawa Tohru
Fan Parody Dub Name: Evil Shogun Bob
If Nakago were in a gang, he'd be: Spike
Spice Girl Nickname: Shogun Spice

                        Nakago's cool attitude and looks come from being the complete opposite of Tamahome.  Blond hair and Blue eyes as compared to the Black hair and dark eyes Tamahome has.  His strength and power are much to be feared, as well as his attitude and manipulating ways.  He's mean and he's cold, which make him a very formidable opponent.  Although most generally have a huge dislike for him, Watase says that he's her overall favorite character.  Personally, I have a huge amount of respect for him, and understand his hatred.  I only wished that he took down the Emperor of Kutou with a bit more enthusiasm.

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