Real Name: Myoujuan
Chinese Name: Miao Nioh-An
Age: 22               Birthdate: 5/7 (Taurus)
Family: Orphan (Family was killed in major flood), was engaged to be married to Shouka (Shao-Huan), daughter of the local land owner.
Height: 199cm          Bloodtype: O
Hobbies: Taking care of animals
Location of symbol: Palm of left hand
Symbol: "Shin"
Power: Healing
Notes: His symbol corresponds with the constellation of Aquilla
Voice Actor: Ishii Kouji
Fan Parody Dub Name: Shaft
If Mitsukake were in a gang, he'd be: The Hand of Death
Spice Girl Nickname: Useless Spice

                   Mitsukake is... how should I put this... almost useless.  Despite him having one of the most USEFUL powers out of the entire Suzaku Seishi team, he rarely, if ever, gets to use it.  He's always one minute too late, or somehow can't use it.  What good is a power if he can't use it!?  Also he lacks something that would be very important to any storyline, and that is a personality.  What little personality he had in the manga, was cut to an even smaller part in the anime.  He ONLY talks before or after someone dies a miserable death.  It almost makes you wish Watase put forth the effort to give him something more than the quiet doctor personality, but then you realize that it would make the Suzaku Seishi too interesting, and would distract you from the other 5 pretty men.

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