Real Name:?
Age: (Probably really old)    Birthdate: 12/4 (Aquarius)
Family: ?
Height: ?               Bloodtype: ?
Hobbies: Making people do as he wishes
Location of symbol: Back of neck
Symbol: "Mi" Winnowing (?)
Power: Taking over other peoples bodies
Notes: His symbol corresponds with the constellation of Sagittarius.
Voice: Nakazawa Midori
If he were in a gang, he'd be called: Floating Freaky Dude
Spice Girl Name: Hanson Spice

               Miboshi, probably the 2nd least favorite of all the seishi out there, and sometimes even first on that list.  I'm sorry, but he just sucks!   Out of all the characters, this is the least favorite.  At least Ashitare was tortured into being a freak, but this guy was just cruel... picking on poor little Chiriko ;_;  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

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