Nuriko taped up
Nuriko's Fushigi Yuugi Scrapbook
It's been a long time since I've updated this page, so
I thought it really deserved a whole new makeover.
For some ungodly reason, I'd been told that people
somehow found my webpage among the many
great FY sites out there on this fine place called
the World Wide Web.  I, myself, started early in the
scene back in 1996-1997.  I haven't made any
real changes to the page since after Anime Expo
1998.  This really had become what those like to
refer to as a "Cob-webpage".  A new look, a new
feel, and a helluva lot more information - hopefully.
A lot has changed since 1998, that's for sure.
~ Nuriko 2/14/2002
World Map
To access the area of the world you're interested in, click on it.  All Four animal Gods are represented accordingly.  On the right there is a new section for those who would like to know more about Fushigi Yuugi and any random theories I can pull out of nowhere, along with a series summary - which will include episode by episode summaries, along with (hopefully) a comic to animation comparison to demonstrate what had been changed and what makes it different (as subtile as they are in the TV series).  Explaining before someone gets REALLY upset, the character profiles will have SPOILER INFORMATON to the series.  This includes everything from revealing tiny past secrets to even huge plotpoints that happen later on.  I cannot stress this enough - it may ruin your Fushigi Yuugi experience.  If you have only seen like 1-4 of this series, and really hate spoilers, you probably shouldn't look past this point.  This isn't the type of webpage for you.  However, if you're just bored and want to anyway, be my guest ^_^;.
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