Real Name: Saihitei
Chinese Name: Cai pi di
Age: 18                  Birthdate: 4/2 (Aires)
Family: 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother, 2 younger sisters (at least)
Birthplace:? (can we assume where he is now?)
Height: 182 cm-ish     Bloodtype: A
Hobbies: Reading, Fashion
Location of symbol: Left side of neck
Symbol: "Sei" Star
Power: Swordfighting
Notes: His constellation corresponds to part of the constellation "Hydra"
Voice Actor: Koyasu Takehito
Fan Parody Dub Name: King Joseph
If Hotohori were in a gang, his name would be: Sugar Daddy H
Spice Girl Nickname: Vanity Spice

                Hotohori, the Emperor of Konan and all that is beautiful... or at least in HIS book.  This is the boy who would be king, as it were.  Crowned at a dreadfully young age, he rules his country rather peacefully and with a weight upon his shoulders from family pressure.  After both parents kicked the bucket, he became the soul ruler of Konankoku.  Generally his thoughts being how beautiful he is, it's amazing he found it in his heart to fall for the dashing, childlike Miko. Although after Miaka made her choice, and Nuriko went straight, Hotohori eventually found someone to love as at least an Empress.  Her name is Houki.  According to Watase, she was created in a similar likeness to Nuriko for 'Fan service'.  After Hotohori's  untimely demise, Houki went on to give birth to Hotohori's son, Boushin.

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